Sunday, December 4, 2011

My style muses...

Let's face it, whether we want to admit it or not, we all get at least parts of our personal style from other fashionable guys and gals. We just find various creative ways to make it our own. Like I told y'all in my first post, my style primarily comes from my passion for the 50's & 60's eras (music, movies, housewives attire, etc) and a few other modern day stylishly quirky standouts. 
Here are some of my style muses, and really, people that I simply adore. 

My heart has always belonged to Lucy <3 I am ga-ga over her fun housewife-y dresses. I have a collection of everyday vintage and vintage-inspired dresses that I refer to as my 50's housewife ensembles.
I love embracing my girly side, so I'm completely in love with the extremely feminine styles of Jackie O. and Audrey. Many of my date night, dinner, holiday party and going-to-wedding dresses are reminiscent of these two ladies' styles. I'm just in dire need of finding some vintage pill box hats!
I couldn't find many style pictures of her, but I find Eva Gabor's character as Lisa in Green Acres adorable and charming. I have a huge soft spot for her.
Marilyn Monroe definitely had a very sultry style for that of the 50's era, and I definitely don't see much of myself in her style, however, I do love the glam that she embodies! I love this picture because it's from one of my favorite movies, "How To Marry A Millionaire", and I noticed that the vintage eyeglasses I bought a few months ago are pretty much identical to the ones Marilyn wore in that film. Plus this is one of the prettiest images of her ever, in my opinion. 
Mad Men is one of the most aesthetically pleasing television shows to watch, ever! Especially if you're a vintage lover. I probably feel as excited watching Mad Men as men felt watching Baywatch in the 90's.  It's magical! I love all the fashion from that show, but I'm definitely more of a Betty Draper kinda gal myself. I do have some Joan-esque attire in my wardrobe, but she totally wears it much more 'sexy' than I do...then again, we are on completely opposite ends of the voluptuous spectrum. 
Every now and then I channel my inner Bowie through my outfits. Not only am I obsessed with his music (I named my dog after him), but I love his out-there clothes, makeup and crazy hairdos.   
In more modern fashion, there's my beloved Karen O. (Everyone should be a fan of her band, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.) I'm not always a matchy-matchy kinda dresser, and neither is she. I love her edgy, yet feminine look.
And finally, there's Zooey Deschanel. I am smitten with her and have been since seeing her in Almost Famous. I love that in a few of her roles she is seen donning the same kind of outfits that she wears in real life. We have an extremely similar style and an obvious love for the same eras' fashion bits. (I am so addicted to dresses with lots of tulle -like the one on the far right!)
I have collected all these pictures over the years, so clearly I don't have -nor remember- any of the websites in which I found them anymore. I think it goes without saying that I acquired them all on the world wide web and I own none of these images. Apologies for not "officially" crediting (this is the first time I've not done it properly); I've made it clear that I'm fully aware of giving credit where credit is due if you have the location of the source, and simply stating that you don't own something if you use it and don't remember where it's from.  
Anywho, these are pretty much my style muses - I'm sure there are others. And I've added my own little funky Roni twists to the fashion by exploring new avenues and combinations of style. For instance, my child-like addiction to headbands (especially with bows) with every outfit - I have dozens, and it's become one of my trademarks, according to friends. Or my simple little day dresses with a pop of quirkiness that comes from my off-beat shoes. Heck, even my tattoos are considered accessories to blending in with tons of my clothes! Etc. Etc. Etc. 
Who are some of your style muses/influences/impressionable folks? Feel free to share or do a post of your own like this! I had fun sharing mine. :)

I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing Sunday. I know I did. I also ate a ton of nonsense, simply out of boredom, all day! Not that I'm complaining; it's that good boredom that I'm perfectly content with. 

Love & hugs,


  1. Zooey D, Audrey. Love 'em. And you KNOW I love the YYY. for sure.
    So far, my style consists of tees, jeans, and when I dress up it's like simple stuff. However, when I plan on losing the weight, it'll be a whole other story. I want to have this whole (and I've been wanting to do this for a while now, even before Oregon came into the picture, and now it just makes sense) girly mountain chic style. Maybe I'll do a blog on that. I'm gonna make a protein shake now. If Harley'll let me. Later.

  2. This post just gave me even more inspiration to go shopping. I pretty much threw away all of my clothes last I'm doing a wardrobe makeover..I got a pretty good head-start with all of the beautiful JC shoes I just purchased and now I definitely need to start on my clothes..I've been procrastinating because I absolutely dread the "oh I love this dress---(try it on)---oh no I hate this dress" phase I go through a million times at a store lol.

    Ohhh and have you ever seen Ghost Whisperer? Jennifer Love Hewitt wore some really great vintage dresses on there on pretty much every episode. I loved it!

  3. Jen,
    When you mentioned the girly mountain chic style my heart skipped a beat! I love that style and all the images that I've seen of girls portraying that style (mostly in my monthly catalogs from Urban Outfitters) came into my head! I can so see you rockin' that look! And you definitely have the personality and woodsy passion to back it up. And babe, you know I'll always tell you you're beautiful the way you are, but I know you want to lose weight. I was just going to say that you don't have to keep yourself from the clothes you love because you're not 'there' yet with your body. Mountain chic consists of pretty layers and some things oversized so you could totally pull that off right now and be comfy!
    Love you. :)

  4. Ashley,
    Doing a wardrobe makeover is the best! I remember several years back when I found my style, I had to completely revamp the closet! I was always a band t-shirt, ripped up jeans, and converse or flats kinda gal. I'd throw a cardigan over, just to have at least a little femininity, but again, I've always dressed for my personality and interests. Which comes a lot from music, and since I wasn't too comfortable wearing dresses back then (I was a huge tomboy), I dressed for one of the many genres I love: Punk. I looked like a little punk rocker for so many years until I found my girly side and then channeled my #1 love for the 50's through my clothing.
    I would love to go shopping with you and help you pick out clothes that you think depicts who you are. I actually have done that a lot with my friends throughout the year. I think I'm pretty good and styling people with what looks great on them! :) You'd be fun! I already have it in my mind how you would look and I love it. I'm just searching my head for what we'd call that style.
    And SO WEIRD that you mention Jennifer Love Hewitt in The Ghost Whisperer because no kidding, my mom called me yesterday and told me this:
    "Roni, I've been watching this show called The Ghost Whisperer for quite some time now, and I love it. For so long I've been thinking to myself, 'Jennifer Love Hewitt reminds me of someone and I can't think of who it is and it bothers me. Then I realized today that it's you!"
    LOL! My own mom didn't realize for however long that Jennifer Love Hewitt's character reminds her of her own daughter. Now I know I don't look ANYTHING like JLH, but my mom said that her style reminded her of me and so forth. I've never seen the show, but if you're the second person in two days to tell me this, I must see it for her clothes. I'm sure I'd dig it! :)

  5. Really you're outfits are so girly now, I can't even picture you being a tomboy. That's pretty cool though that you found your style. I still don't know exactly what my style is lol. I just adore dresses and skirts and heels and everything that is not jeans and tshirts and sneakers. Lol. I used to wear a lot of tshirts, jeans, sneakers growing up but since I've been buying my own clothes I usually try to veer far away from that. But I do like skinny jeans and color jeans. Just not the usual blue denim jeans......I got rid of a lot of my clothes when I moved to florida last year and since I've moved back I really haven't bought much so I would totally LOVE for you to come shopping with me. I would love to get your advice and help me pick out some outfits :).............AND oh you definitely must watch the show. Her style is very similar to yours and she owns this adorable little antique store in the show, you def have to watch it when you can :):)

  6. Omg I posted from my iPad.....idk why the name looks crazy but it's me ash. Lol

  7. Ash,
    Lol, yeah I was always a one-of-the-boys kinda girl, so I tended to dress as such. I could NEVER picture you in jeans with sneakers! Not even on your lazy day, haha. I picture you wearing at least something very girly. I love the colored skinny jeans! I also want some more colored corduroy skinnies! And girl, just tell me when you wanna go and we'll figure it out.
    Haha and that's funny about the ipad name you have on here. I was like "Who the heck?" at first. :)

  8. All of these fashion icons are a hodge-podge that = Roni! I love that pic of Marilyn you have. Btw, how'd you change your comments to "sweet somethings"? Spill the beans Eulo. LOL!

  9. Khalilah,
    I love "hodge-podge"! LOL And thanks! I took it as a compliment. :)
    Oh, girl I just figured out how to change the comments name several days ago from playing around. Go to your main "blogger" page, click on the little drop down arrow that's next to the orange button that represents writing a post and click on "layout", click on the "edit" option under the section "Blog Posts", there it's the 4th Post Page Option near the check boxes. You can change it to whatever you want!

  10. Yayy! Sorry I had to twist your arm there but this was a dire sitch-ee-ation, see? Thanks for sharing!

  11. I just went to your blog, whatcha gonna change your comment name to?! I'm stoked. I picture you naming it something along the lines of "Leave something fabulous" or "Fabulous feedback"...:)

  12. Yeah I don't even own a pair of sneakers to wear out n about lol i would be an embarrassment to any sneaker fanatic out there. Lol.. & oh the corduroy skinnies are really cute! And you could def pull off the velvet skinnies too! They are really cute. I love pretty much velvet anything now that I think about it. Lol....and we should def go early January because I def don't want to battle the holiday crowds when we go lol. As much as I truly adore and cherish the holiday season I cringe at the thought of shopping with the holiday crowds, hahah. But we can def do an online shopping day sometime this month :):) .....oh I figured out how to fix the name on here! Yay lol.

  13. Ash,
    The only sneakers I have are my running shoes!...but lately they've been collecting dust. =S
    Ooo velvet skinnies, you say?? I want some! Where'd you see these gifts from God? I think an internet shopping date sounds like a wonderful idea! Come over and we'll have that pink chardonnay I bought us and spend some money, all while on the comfort of my couch! Sounds pretty enticing doesn't it? ;) There is no way in hell I'm fighting the crowds at the mall for the rest of the year. My litas were an emergency run there. I was in and out though.
    Heading over to search the web for velvet jeggings or something...

  14. LoL yeah the same for me...and I don't even know where those are at now that I think about it ...but oh yes velvet skinnies, I've seen some on Nasty Gal and UO..def check em out when you have time..and yes that sounds like a really great idea!! We def have to set a date to shop!!...I actually ended up at the mall this evening returning this very unflattering top to UO and surprisingly the mall wasn't crowded at all..probably due to the rain though lol..I always say when its raining its the best time to shop bc there are never crowds :):)

  15. Ohh heres the link to the velvet skinnies........

  16. Thanks for the link to the velvet skinnies, Ash!!! Those are the cheapest I found. I searched last night and found some for over a hundred at Nordstrom and others for as cheap as $80, but they did have lots of great colors to choose from. Although I love the color of the link you sent me. Muchas gracias!
    And thanks also for letting me know the secret to the mall & rainy days - I am SO keeping that in mind! You are too good, girl!

  17. Ohh no problem, you know I've become a Nasty Gal stalker recently lol..I just adore evverrything they sell!..And no problem for the shopping def works all the time and especially during this time of the year :)


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