Monday, December 5, 2011

"What will they say Monday at school?"

First off, who knows what the title of this blog refers to??? :)
Mikey and I had a computers test today that we completely forgot about, so we didn't study a drop. Now we're just waiting for the scores to see who got the better grade. This whole having a class together this semester has really shown me his competitive side. It's funny though.
Since we got out of class early after completing the tests, we of course decided to do outfit pictures. We've been getting so good at taking advantage of doing them on campus, since it makes for beautiful backdrops.
One of my other favorite parts of the campus is the back entrance side, where you drive under a stone arch bridge and the whole area, again, is surrounded by pretty trees.

I hate my face and pose in this picture (I told you, I'm so awkward with taking pictures of just me, even with Mikey as the photog), but I wanted to stand in the middle of the street that I dreamily drive down every time I come through this back way.
Absolutely comfy oxford pumps, from Naturalizer (2010 collection)
There is something so dreamy about stone arch bridges, to me. I find them classic and lovely, and want to stand under one and plant kisses on Mikey while we slow dance...just like in the movies. 
Between the charming light posts and dreamy stone arch bridge, it's no wonder why I'm madly in love with the aesthetics of this school -- it's like a magical wonderland to me! Here's an interesting fact: the man who co-designed Central Park (Frederick Law Olmsted) also designed my school! 
I love this picture and how it kinda captures my fascination with the bridge. Good job, Mikey! :)
My most lovable & cozy cardigan, from Anthropologie (2010 collection)
Blue velvet bow from American Apparel <3
Mikey makes fun of the faces I make that ruin pictures. Like this one on the left...I look constipated or something.
He held his arm out and took a picture. He was pleased, so I competitively took the camera and reached my arm out to give it a shot. Mine are usually off-centered, so I think I did a good job...if you don't count the fact that I chopped his hair off. 
Here's a picture of my little mani that I did yesterday. I got the idea to add fun little polka dots from my friend Khalilah, who is always doing her own cute manis.
I hope y'all enjoyed the view of another part of my campus at Fairleigh, and didn't mind all the pictures. We just take so many and I find things that I like, and want to share, in each picture (most of the time). 



  1. Awww! I LOVE the bow in your hair. So adorable! And you know I am diggin' the nails. How awesome! I am kind of jealous of the wonderful backdrop you have and the fact that you Mikey to photograph you. I am so over doing my own stupid, bootleg, swap meet louie pics, HMPH. LOL! How'd you do on your test btw?

  2. Yay! Glad you approve of my nails, hahaha. I thought they turned out cute. And of course, the colors are just so random (the usual).
    Dude, I finally had to start bugging/reminding him about taking the pictures if we had even 10 minutes together at school, because I don't want ALL my pics done in our apartment. We have great lighting, but for some reason it doesn't show as such in my pictures. Plus it doesn't help that I simply use my cell phone as my main camera. Lol Make Cj take yours, or a co-worker!
    And I'm not sure about my score on the test yet. Unfortunately these don't get graded on the spot (through the computer) like the tests I took in the Air Force. But if I pass, I'll let you know! ;) Mwahaha

  3. I'm sure you'll pass! Let's just beat Mikey. LOL! Chris is not the best pic taker. I think the only thing he hates more than actually being the subject in a pic is being the photographer. He won't focus on the details that I need to portray. I really don't like asking anyone at work to do it. I don't want to feel like I am pestering them. Hmm, maybe I should ask for a camera w/ a tripod for Christmas and just take pics myself.

  4. Ronnay!
    It's Natty checkin in :) Just wanted to show some love and let you know I spent the last 15 mins getting updated on your blog as opposed to analyzing poetry for my lit class. Hahha! You look so cute! Everytime I read this or talk to you it makes me look forward more and more to a visit. Oh and I love the nails, how fun. Ironically they are the same exact red as mine right now, except mine are a red sparkley glitter... Rivetting I know! Hhahah, anyway. Hope to have part 2 of our chat sometime this week ♥

  5. Khalilah,
    Mikey is actually a horrible picture taker! (Okay, I'm being harsh) But I agree totally that he doesn't hone in on some little things I want captured in the photograph. I guess it's a guy thing? Just today I was reminding him of the things I wanted and I felt bad because he IS a good sport as my newly named photog. Lol But he was hinting at getting me a true professional camera + tripod for Christmas too and I while I DO want that, I was unsure of if I'd even know how to operate one of those profesh ones. So I told him not to get it. :/ Not sure if that was a smart move on my part...hmm...*re-thinking telling him to get it for me now*
    That being said, I am saying YES to you asking for it for your gifts! We deserve our pictures to be just as clear, crisp and "artsy" as every other bloggers'! ;)

  6. Natty!!!!! My love!
    I'm so thankful that you've taken the time to catch up on my little posts instead of doing more important things! LOL Thank you, friend. Although, now that you have an account on here would it be bold if I asked you to "officially" follow me by making me look cool with another follower added onto my list? ;) It's in the top left corner if you want to. haha
    We definitely need a Roni/Natty visit, so we can be as loud and crazy and into each other as we want! Lol Steph gets her alone time with you, so I want mine. *little kid pouty voice* Then of course, I want us 3 together again!
    As far as the nails, girl I just had mine glittery last week! I go glitter-cuhrazy! But you've convinced me to go back in a couple days after I'm over this look. :)
    One more thing, how the heck did you make that heart? I didn't know you could do that here. My mind is blown!
    I love you and can't wait to chat it up soon. I'm thinkin' Wednesday??

  7. I "uh-dore" this outfit! It's like dorky librarian, which is totally up my alley! Totally cute pics!

  8. Thanks Jen! :) I do love dressing like a dorky librarian every now and then! The "sexy librarian" doesn't really work for me...even though that would rock! lol

  9. I'm sure you probably won't, but do you remember what I got from Anthropologie last year, when I was with you?

  10. Damn, I'm really trying to think about it, but I definitely don't remember, dude. What was it??
    I do remember what you got me. :)

  11. idk. lol thats why
    i asked

  12. Rebekah,
    THANK YOU! Yessss!!!! Grease IS the word that you heard. :)


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