Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Nearing the end

I went to another class today, for the last time. Both my writing classes are over, and I'm a little bummed. My professors were such awesome and inspiring individuals when they spoke. I will miss all the analytical discussions we had over pieces of text. I hope next years writing classes will be just as fun and influential.
Today was a whopping 47* outside. It actually felt really nice, and my outfit kept me nice and warm. I wore a cowl neck, knitted sweater with a tank underneath, my red velvet skirt (again - I love it!), and a pair of really thick and warm socks over my tights. I found myself a little too warm at times and was glad this wasn't a long sleeve sweater. Keep it up, December - you're not on my sh!t list this year.
Sweater: Daffy's; Skirt: Forever 21; Tights: Target; Socks: H&M; Oxfords: Ruche
I've worn these ox-wedges more than any shoe I own this season - I highly recommend!
My sister sent me some adorbs pictures of Nathaniel today that I had to share. He looks so ready for kwismiss in his little outtie!
Nathaniel and mommy (my sissy, Monika)
"Mom, I'm just not impressed with this dude." (Look at those cheeks!)
Can you say "adorbsballz 2012"!?!! Sooo cute!
These pictures gave me the biggest smiles today. I hope y'alls days were just as smile-worthy. 



  1. First of all amazingly cute pics of your nephew, haha! So cute. Congrats on the classes, when's your last class?! Tommorow is my last final and I'm a bit nervous about this one we have gone over so much in a short amount of time in this literature class and the test will cover a lot of info. Ahh! I have been studying since I got home and will wake up early to study before school. I hope and pray all your finals are going well too, I'm sure you are doing great =) Miss you/love you/can't wait to chat this weekend ♥

  2. Natty my love,
    Thanks!! Isn't he the sweetest burrito baby you've ever seen?! Haha I hope his first word is taco or favorite foods! LOL
    My last class is next Wednesday, ugh! I'm ready for this all to end. The stress of tests is too much to bear. But thank you for sending the good luck vibes. I've been sending them your way too in my nightly prayers. :) You know I always think of my favorite honkey.
    I love you mucho mucho and can't wait for our chatty chat this weekend! I'm ready to talk so long my phone dies - standard! xoxoxo

  3. This is so cute, I like your skirt :)
    I follow you back dear, thanks for your support, kisses :*

  4. Sister I am totally loving those socks- must get!!
    Your classes being done means one thing- closer to being in Texas!

  5. lmao at Nathaniel's face with Santa. Classic!

    Dude! That outfit with those socks! I would totally have never thought to put the socks with it. Definitely original, I will give you that.

  6. Nathaniel is so cute! I hope that your classes next year are as good and enjoyable as the ones you have been doing. I love your outfit, those socks are such a great pattern and your skirt is such a lovely colour. xo

  7. Your nephew is adorable!! And I am loving that sweater of yours!
    Come to visit my blog and if you like let's follow each other!

  8. love those socks you are wearing. December has been really mild and I love it! I am not looking forward to 20 degree weather at all. PS that last pic of your nephew in the gift box, so adorable!

  9. Ladies,
    Thanks for the sweet words and comments! Jen, I can't stop laughing when I look at the Santa picture. So priceless! Francesca, thanks for stopping by! Amber, this is borderline Texas weather so I've been a pretty happy camper. I'm sure you have, too. And thanks for the Nathaniel compliment - he's my pride and joy for sure.

  10. Those shoes are super cute! I think you've been holding out because I don't recall seeing them in any of your posts before. Bad Roni!

  11. Khalilah,
    I have worn them in my posts at least three or four time now! One instance that comes to mind is my December 1st post where I wore that Christmas-y plaid dress and I was hugging the tree. Hah! Then again I just remembered wearing them in like my third post ever: Mikey and I were eating cupcakes in the pics. :)

  12. OMG. Adorable is right!! I want to kiss those cheeks!

  13. Paige!!!!! I missith you, my darling!
    Yes, Nathaniel's cheeks are TOTALLY kiss-worthy. He's such a chunky monkey. :)


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