Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the different Roni's...in pictures, of course.

Todays outfit: Half granny/half school girl...a whole lotta sassitude!
Playful Roni :)

Since we moved to Jersey I've been meaning to take a small stack of clothing to a tailor, this skirt being one of the pieces. I've got a couple things that need to be taken in about an inch or so, nothing drastic, but I bought them a little big because they were on sale! (Duh)
Alas, after almost an entire year with this particular cutie I decided, "screw it, I'm taking the tags off and hoping it stays above the hips." No panty shows today, woohoo!

OH! I wanted to share a lipstick I bought yesterday at CVS. It's from the CoverGirl Lip Perfection line. The color is Euphoria (burgundy/wine). It's absolutely the most suitable fall/winter hue I've ever seen! Not all these pictures truly showcase the immaculate color of the lipstick, but trust me, I have two other shades from this inexpensive line (Darling & Eternal) and I swear by their long-lasting, creamy applications. A couple girlfriends fell in love with the colors and quality, too. I'm telling you, it lasts allll day! Get you some!

wanna-bee billboard-noob Roni (but seriously, get this lipstick)
Confident, trying-to-look-serious Roni
aand the other true(r) side of me...dumb faces, always caught off-guard, shy and totally awkward in front of a camera by myself Roni
closeup of blouse& skirt. the blouse has the most adorable ruffle detail on the collar.
Coat: Metropark (so old, the store's not even open anymore)
Skirt/Socks: ModCloth
Oxford heels: Seychelles Clue via Endless
Purse: Tignanello My mommy gave it to me :) 

Sorry for being such a narcissist. You wouldn't even believe how many pictures we have to take just to get a few that are dece (decent). I honestly suck at solo-subject picture taking. 
Here's Mikey and I though. :)
And one more self absorbed shot...for the road. But only because I've always wanted one like this:
Holy shet, now I'm not only uber conceited, I'm totally professional and stuff. No really, I just have always liked the way these kinds of cams look in front of mirrors. Don't ask me why. And I actually never twirl my hair. Ever. I also don't intend on picking up photography. I just needed a new regular camera, and this is the one our friend recommended to Mikey.

**I feel I must clarify that I am not a self-absorbed bimbo since some of my blog friends don't know ME in real life. Not that people that enjoy taking lots of pictures of themselves are bimbos.**

Alrighty, we're gonna go ahead and grab some late night din-din. 
Y'all have sweet dreams!

Love & bearhugs,

P.s. 2 more days till Texas! 
P.s.s. Tomorrow's my last final!! T.G.


  1. lol at you.
    love the stockings.
    I think I must get those shoes now....even though I have a closet full of cute shoes that I never wear. I have the cutest blue heels that have never been out.

  2. Thanks, babe.
    Get the shoes! They're so pretty and comfy. They didn't have a 6.5 at the time, but I wear either that size or a 7. I wish I would have been able to get a 6.5 as these shoes run a tad big. I use inserts at the heel and a little t.p. at the toe! ;) Shhh.

  3. I love this outfit, that skirt is amazing!

  4. Love those tights and that lipstick shade looks really great on you. So you are going to Texas for Christmas?!! So lucky! The weather is going to be so much nicer.

  5. Awwwww I love reading your blog..I was feeling kind of down because I had a rough day in court with my daughter's father..I hate all the dramatics around Christmas but it is what it is..BUT your blog totally made me smile. I feel an eeency bit better now =)=) ..Oh also I finally suckered in and bought the black leather JC spikes! I miraculously found them on Jildor and had to get them..they're on backorder everywhere else til like april..so lucky me!! ♥

    BTW ..I love those tights and that skirt!!!!!!!! I am totally style stalking those and looking for similar pieces ;)

  6. Amber,
    Thanks! ModCloth has 2 more colors (blue & gray) of these "a leg up socks" if you want some. And yesss! I'll give Big Tex a big ol' bear hug for you when I arrive in the motherland tomorrow. :)

    I hate that you had a dramatic day! I'm sorry, love. But I'm happy that I helped in ways I didn't even know about. :) Also, I'm so jelly and totally happy that you got the spikes!!! So amazing and wow, can't believe you even found them. But you're obviously a dedicated shoe stalker...like me. haha Looking forward to January 6th!! ;)

  7. lol I def am a shoe stalker hahahah...it's getting really bad too lol..but yeah I'm def looking forward to the 6th too :):):):):):)

  8. You're super cute and I'm loving your style girlie!

  9. Awww, Roni-Pants no one thinks you're a narcissists OR self-absorbed. But what we DO think is that you're stinkin' adorable! I love those tights and shoes, btw. This whole look is too cute for words. Oh, you look great in that lipstick, btw.



  10. StylishedForever,
    Thanks, doll, that's so sweet. :)

    These shoes are everything I thought they'd be! (With the exception that I normally wear a 7 in Seychelles and these ran a tad bigger than normal.) And thank you so much!

    Haha! I just didn't want anyone to think I was. You're the bestest though! Thank for the sweet words -as always- love. ♥


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