Thursday, December 1, 2011

Feelin''s December 1st already!

I cannot believe how fast this year has gone by! I hate when that happens and my birthday is right around the corner again...taunting me with old age. 
Here's what I donned on this beautiful first day of December...I was feeling uber holiday-festive. I felt like a walking Christmas present, lol. 
I love the side ruffles of this dress!! So different!

I'm addicted to plaid, especially Christmas-y plaid, and I enjoy how form fitting and flattering this dress is. I almost broke two necks today in this thing. It was hilarious! 

I'm loving this not-really-December weather! It's perfect, but I added a long sleeve undershirt to keep warm since this is a sleeveless dress. 
Dress: ModCloth 2010; Tights: ModCloth; Shoes: Chelsea Crew via Ruche; Sweater: Gap
Here it is worn sleeveless. Sorry for the "Why so serious?" expression. I was caught off-guard. :)

Did anyone else feel that "it's the most wonderful time of the year" feeling today?? I love December! 
I hope you all had a lovely day. 
And a shout-out to my girlfriend, Khalilah Jones, who had a photo shoot and interview for a fashion feature today! She's incredible, and so is her blog. She not only posts daily pictures of her chic ensembles, but she provides the 'science' behind why each piece works to complete the look! Do what you want, but I recommend any fashionista follow her blog. She'll give you suggestions and helpful tips if you're in a rut about how to spice up some of your seemingly boring pieces of clothes (she helped me with a dress I'd forgotten about!). I'm proud of you, girl! Can't wait to see the pictures from the shoot. 

Mikey just went to play his weekly game of basketball with the guys. I'm going to sit on this couch with my blueberry crumble pint of ice cream (OMG YUM) and watch Malcom X since I finished the book this week. :)



  1. Very sessy lady!

    (I had to leave a comment! It looked so sad with "0 darling comments! lol)

  2. LOL! Don't leave me a pity comment!!!
    P.s. You haven't posted in like two days! Write about your love for John Lennon or something. I wanna see a post!

  3. lol I was just thinking about posting something. I've been busy. I will later.

  4. Cutest little tree hugger I've ever seen. LOL! I am obsessed with Christmas-y plaid too. It looks haute with the mustard yellow.

  5. Khalilah,
    First off, thanks! I was definitely feelin' tree hugger-esque that day.
    I wore plaid 4 times last week (including the weekend)!! Is that overkill?? They were all different colors and I just couldn't help but be driven to wear plaid plaid plaid!! It's definitely in the air. :)


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