Monday, June 25, 2012

Texas: poolside

"cousins day" at my sister's pool

girls day with my oldest girlfriend in the world, Jack
summer nights. swimsuits & beers. the life. 
I head back to New Jersey tomorrow. It feels as though my trip went by incredibly fast, but when I look back on all these pictures (I took somewhere around 800) I realize I did so much in the last 3ish weeks. I saw everyone that my heart misses when I'm away from here. 
Oh, guess what? My cousin Mercedes, that I told y'all about two posts ago, is flying to Jersey with me tomorrow! She's going to spend a little over two weeks with Mikey and I. This will be the first time she's left Texas and I want her to have a memorable, and perhaps eye-opening experience. It's nice to go away for a while, then come back home and recognize -with almost new eyes- all that you appreciate about where you come from, what makes it special. Having "places visited" under your belt is also something of an accomplishment to look back on and cherish forever. I plan on showing her all my favorite New Jersey towns and of course, "The Big Apple." 
I'll be back on a normal posting & reading schedule this week. Have a lovely Tuesday, friends! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

cat lady & a day for fathers

I just had to buy this dress when I saw it at Zara a few days ago. Cat print and light weight summery dress?! Yes, please. 
You might notice I've been wearing these oxfords a whole lot lately. Not only do I absolutely love them since they go with everything, but I only brought two pairs of shoes to Texas. I try not to over pack anymore by working all my outfits around one pair of flats and one pair of heels. 
Texas skies are like no other.  
Dress: Zara//Shoes: Endless//Bag: ModCloth

I wore this for Father's Day lunch with my entire family yesterday. We celebrated my brother, step dad, grandpa, uncles, and soon-to-be-brother in law. All wonderful fathers, grandfathers, and a great-grandfather. 
my grandpa
my niece, Makaila
my parents with their grandbabies
sister's family
brother's family
Hope y'all are having a lovely week! And a HUGE thank you for all the sweet and thoughtful comments. They make my day! Also, if you wanna keep in touch via Instagram (I update it almost daily), you can find me there under my blog name.  :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

keeping promises

Most of y'all that have been following my blog for even a few months know that I joined the military when I was eighteen. That was ten years ago this coming November. I initially signed up for a four year enlistment. At the time, my cousin Mercedes was eight years old, and naturally, really sad that I'd be leaving and only coming back to Texas for visits. But she (and I) thought I'd be home at the end of those first four years, so she wasn't worried about me ever missing her high school graduation. Well, the four years flew by, and not knowing where I wanted to go with my life at twenty-two years old, I signed up for four more years. I remember Mercedes, then twelve years old, being so bummed that I wouldn't be coming back like originally planned. In my second enlistment I met Mikey, who is now my husband. Together we decided to get out of the military after our enlistments had been fulfilled and go to college. Although, upon officially breaking my ties with the service, I didn't go back to Texas; I headed to New Jersey, where we currently reside. Getting older and realizing that my plans to permanently come back to Texas had likely changed, Mercedes thereafter only asked that I'd make it to her high school graduation. In fact, she had always made it clear that seeing her walk the stage was something I had to be present for. I repeatedly said I wouldn't miss it, but somewhere along the way, I'd honestly forgotten about my promise. It just so happened that on this trip, I flew in the day before Mercedes' graduation and I got to sit in the stands and shout (like a maniac) many congratulations to her. Even though it had slipped my memory to be there, I feel it was just meant to be. I'm the only one in our entire family who doesn't live in San Antonio, so it's always incredibly heartwarming for me to make it to events that my family gathers so joyously for. 
me, my sister & her awesome fiance
my nephew & my cousin
Mercedes, or "Mercy", as I call her
The pics I took of the rest of my family are blurry. Here are my uncles, aunts, cousin, & my mommy.
I had four slices of this cake. No shame. 

I hope y'all are enjoying this lovely Friday. Have a happy and beautiful weekend with the people you love! (I'll keep trying to post/read your blogs as I get internet service.) <3

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello, Texas

Howdy, y'all!
I'm at my sister's apartment right now borrowing wifi. I really don't have internet capabilities at all when I'm at my mom's so I wanted to take this opportunity to get in a post and read some blogs. I hope all is well with y'all!
Here are pictures from last Thursday when I flew into my home state. 
How cute/perfect is this shirt to wear while traveling?!
shirt, bag: ModCloth//shoes: Endless
Saying "buh bye" to my hunnie bunnie at Newark airport. 
1. Wine buzz on the plane 2. My nephew was so excited to see me
3. Sister & I eating tacos (YUM) 4. Enjoying a Mexican treat, chamoyada
Upon my arrival into San Antonio, my sissy, her fiance Gilbert, and my nephew Nathan took me to get some real Mexican food. (New Jersey fails so hard at it.) 
I had been craving one of these finely shaven ice treats (in a variety of flavors) that Mexican people love dousing with chili powder and something called Chamoy. It's a brilliantly delicious concoction of sour, salty, spicy and sweet. It's an acquired taste for some, but I've been eating it since I was a child. 
 For dinner, I craved more Mexican food so Gilby hooked us up, even adding a sugary, refreshing pitcher of Kool-Aid. My first day in town consisted of a five hour food coma; it was magical. 
I do wish Mikey could have come with me to Texas, as we always come together; however, he is currently enrolled in summer school. On the bright side, he'll be flying into Texas on the weekend of our nephew Nathaniel's first birthday party! That's pretty much why I'm here for three weeks - I wanted to spend plenty of time with Nathan leading up to his big milestone of a birthday, and of course, I wanted quality time with my four month old niece, Makaila. I try and take advantage of family time as much as I can, when I can. 

Have a lovely week, y'all!

<3 Roni

**Up until a week ago there had been a little set back with one of the sites I'm purchasing from (for my giveaway), but it finally got squared away (I think) and I've already begun purchasing more pretty, whimsical items that are all going into the gift box that will be part of my giveaway. Official deets to follow when I get back from Texas. Didn't want y'all thinking I forgot about it.**

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

jelly fishin'

With summer unofficially here, I'd been hankering for a pair of jelly sandals (like the ones most of us wore when we were cool kids). Well, last week, when I purchased my vintage dresses, I also found/purchased a pair of jellies that surpassed what I was looking to find! 
I got this skirt on sale for $6 in the kids section at Target. It's a kids large but fits like an adult small. Either way, it was a win for me since I like bows and pin stripes. Sorry you can't see them.  
Shirt: UO (mega old)//Skirt: Target// MelShoes via Endless
 Awkward twisting of my right foot, just so you can see the wedge. I'm such a trooper. 
These bubble-gum beauties are Mel Shoes, the "recently launched diffusion line of Melissa, [Shoes]" and they come in five attractive colors on one of my favorite shoe sites, Endless. Mikey loved them so much in pink that he told me to order the black ones, too! I am also jonesin' for the nude colored ones that look a little pale pink on the site. If y'all are looking for an all day comfy (I've already tested this to be true), jelly sandal that adds just the right amount of height at 3.5 inches in the wedge, then this shoe is for you! Not only is it the ideal summer sandal, but it's justifiably safe for rainy days, too, i.e. you won't ruin your pretty shoes aka every girls worst nightmare! You just wipe off any excess water or spots with a cloth or your fingers (like me) and you're good to go! I already had to test this out, too. 

I'll do my best to blog as much as I can while in Big Tex. Some of y'all might remember my mom's tortoise-slow internet service ;)

Have a wonderful day, friends!
<3 me

Monday, June 4, 2012

"Bobby socks and a ponytail"

Accidentally took these pictures before I put on my red lipstick. Forgive the drabness of my face. 
I've been wearing quite a bit of red and brown lately; I love the new-to-me combo! 
dress blogged before here
Dress: ModCloth//50's Vintage Glasses: Speakeasy Vintage, Montclair, NJ//Lace socks: American Apparel//Oxfords: Endless
I've been chatting a lot with my friend Bob, the owner of Clash Bar, where I bartend. We've been chatting about my longtime dream of having a sock hop party. A couple of dude friends from Clash know of old doo-wop bands that we could get to play the night if we end up setting this thing up. It'd be so magical to have a band play all my favorite 50's & 60's songs, but I'd be just as happy with a DJ and everyone in attendance dressing up in their "American Graffiti"-esque best. I'll let y'all know if it happens. I hope it does, as I've been talking of going to/having a sock hop since I was about four years old. Of course there'd be a million totally bitchin' pictures.
I hope y'all are having a lovely week <3

P.s. Post title comes from this doo-wop song
P.p.s. I get to see my family in Texas on Thursday!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Little Sister ♥

me on left, Mona on right
My sister is the best sister a girl could wish for. She's absolutely wise beyond her years, the best keeper of secrets, my favorite person to watch 80's movies with, and all around brilliant. She's also a phenomenal mother to my favorite little boy on the planet. It goes without saying that she'll make an amazing wife to my soon-to-be brother-in-law. Today I'm thankful that she's been blessed with 25 years of a happy and healthy life. 
Happy Birthday to my little sissy, Monika! 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Miss Moody Pants

I wore this exact outfit a few weeks ago but forgot to photograph it, so I'm wearing it again today. The jacket's just for the pictures since it's too hot out now. Also, I really love this dress despite it being humungous on me (I'll get it tailored eventually); Knitted Dove products run large, but they're too pretty not to buy. The belt does the trick for now; I just make sure I've gathered and tucked the excess material away before it appears really noticeable. 
Taking today's pictures was an emotional roller coaster for me (and Mikey). I was being a total B. I didn't feel very photogenic outside, even though looking at these pictures now, they're not so bad. I ended up throwing a bit of a tantrum and caused the photo sesh to end rather quickly as Mikey couldn't deal with my 'tude. So I attempted photos in my closet. You're about to experience a smiley-pouty-smiley Roni. Don't act like this doesn't happen to you. ;) 
 Tantrum in progress. (Pretty embarrassing!) This is where Mikey walked away.
LOL I was feeling really bad about being a little brat & took this emo pic. I look like such a sad puppy!
Then Mikey walked in with a smile and a plate of food. That's it! I was just hungry!
Now I'm smiling like I mean it. 
Knitted Dove dress via ModCloth//Metallic Coat: ASOS//Mint Bow Wedge: Jeffrey Campbell via ModCloth (old)//Bag: ModCloth//Bow Belt: Forever 21

Now that I've proven that I haven't entirely outgrown my terrible two's and everyone feels bad for Mikey, I hope y'all enjoyed and have a great weekend!! 

Bratty Roni
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