Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Fair Lady

[Pictures from when my cousin Mercy was in town in July.]
This lovely day was spent at the Meadowlands State Fair and only cost us $3 a person. I just love when fun stuff is cheap. 
And this was the part of the night where I cried. This white bengal tiger got to perch up on this rotating globe while "The Circle of Life" (yeah, the Lion King song) played and he sort of did this waving thing with his hands. Doesn't sound sad, I know, but I'm just a baby for sweet moments. And that song is just ridiculously touching. 
Don't you dare act surprised that there's another one of these pictures. My goal this summer was to make it where y'all can't even think of funnel cakes without my face popping into your head. Did I succeed? 
Romper & flats: ModCloth// Ruby Street Little Kennedy Bag: Kate Spade (it's on sale now - go figure. Sorry Mikey) Sunnies: ASOS

TGIF! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend, friends! <3

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I ♥ the UK

Ever since I was a kid, I've had this incredible fascination for anything British (especially the accents). I think it started when I was about nine years old and my step dad introduced us kids to the BBC network, specifically on Sunday nights. It became a sort of tradition for so many years that we all gathered around the "telly" to watch "As Time Goes By", "Are You Being Served?", and my personal favorite, "Keeping Up Appearances" starring Patricia Routledge as the snooty yet charming (and hilarious!) Hyacinth Bucket - her last name is one of the many running jokes on the show as she insists it's pronounced Bouquet. It was recently taken off Netflix, but for the last year-ish I had rewatched all the episodes I remembered enjoying so much as a child. Pure nostalgia and absolute bliss while watching it. If you run across this show somewhere and haven't seen it, do get to it. 
Don't mind the broken fence in our backyard - folks have not seen it when backing up. 
Dress: ModCloth (old)// Tee: Metropark (even older)// Hat & sunnies: UO// Shoes: Irregular Choice

So this outfit was worn a couple months ago, during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee actually. I had gotten the shoes for the occasion and because, they're just cute really. My Mini Cooper completed this look ;) One day I will live in England! For now, it's cruising around like a bad ass in my Mini while listening to British pop music - The Smiths are/have been one of my favorite bands ever - and telling arseholes to get out of my bloody way.
Anywho, I've found myself lacking in outfit taking photos lately so, since this never made the blog, I figured this could do until I remember to start whipping out the camera on an almost daily basis again.
Welp, gotta go mimis now! It's way past my bedtime and I've got an early class. Happy hump day!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wrightsville Beach (and giveaway winner!)

[School starts tomorrow! *yipes*]
For someone who used to despise summer (pasty people usually hate the sun), I definitely embraced the heat this year, and scored my first tan in the process! (It's nothing major, but it's a huge deal for me and all my RL friends have taken notice.) Here are some pictures from our recent trip to Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina that will make us all wish for sand in our cracks, salt water choking us half to death, obligatory jumping photos, funnel cakes, and me to stop wearing this red one piece bathing suit.
The night I stepped in a grisly pothole because I was too focused on scarfing down this baby
 That one day I wore a bikini for the first time in two years *gasp*
 Mikey & his mommy 
 Mikey with the "candid" flex shot
Last day in town was spent playing in the water for 8 hours...and chugging drinks in between. 

There's still time to get your beach fixes in if you haven't this summer!
And now for the winner of my first little giveaway.......drum roll........sweet little Miss Jazz of Jasmine Jewel's A Gemini!! Congrats, Jazz. I'll email you right away. Thanks to all who entered; I hope we're still friends ;)
Have a lovely week, dolls! xo

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bits of Texas: Nathan's 1st Birthday!

In honor of tomorrow, the 25th, making my nephew another month older, I decided to share some heartwarming pictures from his first birthday party in June. I remember for months and months leading up to this big deal event, I'd gone over the emotion of it all it in my head and anticipated a show of water works; I'd cry just thinking about him turning a year old (!!) and how fast these last twelve months have gone by and how the three times I saw him last year were some of the most wonderful moments I'd ever experienced...but in the midst of being surrounded by such happy family members and friends, and Nathan making everyone laugh as we sang happy birthday to him, there was just no room for tears, not even the happy ones. Just smiles.
 My sissy ordered the cute Mickey Mouse treat boxes and personalized thank you cards from Etsy
She and I made all the Mickey-shaped rice crispy pops and cupcakes (+homemade frosting) together! 
 Not trying to be cute - whoever took the picture didn't give me a chance to swallow my food
 Nathan's daddy
Brother's family (my neice, Makaila)
The following 2 [blurry] pics are screen shots from a 10 minute video Mikey took of the cake situation
Haha, he's like "What the hell just happened?!"
Oh, but he loved his smash cake. He was a beast! We are SO related. 
 "Hey! Bring that *bleeping* thing back!"
 Proud aunt & unckie to these two cutie pies <3
Sorry about the photo bomb. It was hard to select only a handful of my faves from a 200+ stash of happy stills.
Enjoy your weekend, pretties!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


This vintage-inspired beauty was listed as the Cherry Valance dress on ModCloth a couple years back and being the huge Outsiders fan I am, I just had to get her. The only thing I was missing when I wore her this time was my cherry red hair. *le sigh* I really do miss it.
Last summer...

Two days ago...
Normally I would have worn a different bag, but I only brought this one for the trip.
Dress: ModCloth// Bag: Kate Spade Ruby Street Little Kennedy//Flats: Old Navy

The picture quality is a bit shit and I look extremely disheveled. These were taken after we'd been out in the sticky, icky humidity for hours drinking Budweisers and telling stories on the condo balcony. The waves crashing not far in front of us were the most soothing sound you could hear on a Monday night. My friend Chappie only lives a couple hours away from Wilmington, so she drove up and spent the day with us; it's been so wonderful seeing her twice this summer! 
Two things: 1) Two years ago today Mikey and I moved from Vegas to New Jersey...crazy how time flies. 2) Fire engine red hair was a drag to maintain, but what if I went to the shade in the last picture of this post? Yes, no, maybe so? I thought it was pretty and it didn't bleed on my pillow cases so that's a plus. Anywho, I hope y'all have a happy humpday, loves. <3

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Case of the Mondays

It's been a while since I did this kinda post, and y'all seemed to get a kick out it, so here goes...

The story of my early-20's life: 

Also add martinis:

A few F bombs headed your way...sensitive types, close your eyes or scroll down really fast

For those with 'the Book':

The most appropriate magnet on my fridge:

I hope your day at work (and your life, really) is this awesome:

I'm so glad my friends can handle their alcohol:

So so so cute/funny:

And finally (my personal favorite), the real reason I decided to take a break from the 11 year, nonstop nightmare of a full time job:

I hope that these helped soften the blow of your back-to-reality Monday and maybe made you smile or laugh a little. I'll be at the beach for the fourth day in a row. I know, I know. I'm sorry. You're with me in spirit...and cosmojitos.
Seriously, y'all have a happy day <3
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