Wednesday, August 8, 2012

my first giveaway! ♥

Remember when I first announced my plans for a giveaway in May?? Probably not, since that was ages ago now. There were some legit reasons that made this take forever to make it here today, but I'm glad it's finally giveaway time! 
It's not a lot, but these little gifts were all picked (and paid for, lol) with love by yours truly. Again, just to say thank you for visiting my blog, leaving the sweetest words, and making me so happy to be apart of the most supportive and inspiring blogging community. 
Here's what will be inside your "With Love, Roni" package (along with a couple not-pictured extras to be added before I mail this out):
Meri Meri cupcake cups! Simply because they're super cute :) 48 count 
Cute polka sunnies from Urban Outfitters
Retro coasters in 3 designs! From Francesca's Collections
 Your choice of either a teal, pink or multi glitter peter pan collar! Made with love by my dear friend, Chryssi of Chryssi-Lou (her store is currently closed). 
Your choice of two adorable rings (also made by Chryssi-Lou) - one for you & one for a friend! I'm going to give the rest to some of my buddies :)
And this lovely Patty clutch by one of my favorite Brit-brands, Irregular Choice! It comes with its own dust bag. 
more pictures of it...
Now for the easy part: You must be a follower of this blog to enter. Leave me a comment letting me know which glitter ppcollar and which two rings you'd want if you win! Don't forget to leave your email address so I can get in touch with you :) *this is international and ends August 24th*
Again, many thanks for following my story! <3


  1. Yayyyyyy your first giveaway! This is so cute : ) And wow what great things in the package! I don't know which collar I love more--maybe the multi? And those little rings! I'm digging the blue and yellow owls.

    Thanks so much for letting me know about your giveaway. I'll tell all my people on twitter and facebook!


    My Billie

  2. Congrats on your first giveaway hun! These prizes are just SO awesome! I love those sunnies and adoreeee those retro coasters! :D

    If I was lucky enough to win I would totally go for the multi peter pan collar, simply because I think that it would go with more of my outfits. As for the rings, I would definitely go with the lilac and baby blue owls.. heheh! :)

    Thanks for letting us know about this giveaway, you're the best!

    - Felicity. xo

  3. Ahh what a perfect giveaway Roni! I can't get over how cute each and every piece is *_* If I was lovely enough to win, I would definitely get the pink collar and one pink and one blue owl ring <33 You can reach me at adeleastaire [at] yahoo [dot] com

  4. I remember done of these items! I said i wouldn't but i must... You know my email, i would like either the turquoise or pink. If i happen to win, surprise me! With the ring as well, i love cute owls.
    Love you!

  5. Oh roni, you are ging away so many things and I cannot participate due to the italian legiskation!
    Have a grreat day, I just wanted ti greet you, the..back on vacation!

  6. great giveaway! I would love the blue and pink collar necklaces. I could never get enough glitter haha and the crabby rings are too cute.

  7. I'm already following! This is seriously one amazing giveaway! I want that bag so much!!!! I would want the teal collar and the silver owl and teal owl rings :) I LOVE teal!

  8. Did someone say free stuff? Hook me up yo! I would pick the multicolored collar and the yellow and blue owl rings. If I dont win this giveaway Im gonna be seriously pissed ;)

  9. wow, what a great giveaway! thanks!! those peter pan collars and the clutch are so pretty!

  10. 102 followers >> Awesome lady!! I love your blog :]

    A giveaway!?! *crosses fingers. These items are all too cute. I really like the multicolored collar and the teeny owl and crab rings :]

  11. Hmmmmmm.... I like the multicolor collar and the plain silver and turquoise owl. I've missed you Roni!! I'm so glad you're back! Now I have some catching up to do.. xoxoxo!

  12. Yaaaay giveaway time! Ok so I need to do a giveaway so bad! If I won your giveaway I would love the teal collar and purple owl ring! Both are super cute!

  13. OK so I'm testing this out last time I tried to post something on your blog it didn't work.... ut you know I follow you blog as often as possible since it may way of stalking you since you gave up FB... anyhow I love that your doing this I would love the teal peter pan collar and the purple owl ring and you'd prob be the person I'd give the other to so you choose the color for the second ring since I'd just send it back to you anyway so next time I visit I could make you were it with me since your still slacking on getting your white rabbit missy... anyhow I love you and I still have a package I keep forgetting to send your way... I'll have to remember next time I'm in Degas to send it already....

  14. Wow! Such amazing goodies! I didn't know there could be so many adorable things in one package! If I win, I would choose the multi-colored collar and the yellow and blue owl rings. You have the cutest blog, dear! I have so many posts to catch up on! So much cuteness! Oh, and my email is! Have a lovely day! :)

  15. Oh me me me please let it be me ;) I adore all these goodies. What a wonderful generous giveaway!well you know I most definitely follow you (happily)!!!
    I would love the plain silver ring and the teal collar if I were to win. Fingers arms legs and toes and heck even eyes crossed that I win ;) xxxx

  16. oh my heck!!! im LOVING the new layout!!! and the super awesome giveaway!!! if i win I'll gift my lil goodies right along!! lol!! oh and the shop is open again!!! and i will be adding more awesome stuff soon!!! LOVE YOU RONI MONSTER!!!

  17. WOWEEEEEE look at your fancy new layout! Pretty badass! I would love to enter your giveaway! I can't choose which collar or ring I like the most! Maybe the teal collar? And those colourful owls are THE COOTEST THING EVER. HOOT HOOT. I would pick one for me and one for you. AAW FRIENDZ. Imma send you an email tomorrow because YOU'RE COOOOOL. K bai :)

  18. Love the new layout Sweetness! I would love the multi colored collar and the small silver owl and the little blue pitcher buddy! Awesome giveaway girl! Hoping I win!!!

    xo Jessa


  19. I'm glad I came across your blog, so much lovely stuff.

    If I were to win, I absolutely love the teal collar. I also think that the grey crab and blue owl are adorable.


  20. I love the multi-colored collar and pink and turqouise owl rings! Your blog is super cute, I love it!

    -Twinkie :)

  21. I'm loving that Irregular Choice bag. Sooo cute!!

    I would love the multi-colored collar and the silver crab ring & purple owl ring. :D


  22. I just discovered your blog, love it! And love this giveaway too, so would love to enter.

    The teal peter pan collar is my fave, and I love the plain owl ring, and the purple one! (not sure I could give one away to a friend!)

    My email is catfyson(at)

  23. What a fantastic giveaway, I feel bad cause I have only just found your blog and am now entering your giveaway so please forgive me. I love the teal peter pan collar and the plain owl ring and the turquoise owl ring.

    1. Lol, don't feel bad! I'm glad you found me. :)

  24. i'm your newest follower - love your style xx

    I'm holding a giveaway on my blog too x

  25. Oh my lord, this is such a cute giveaway! I'd love the teal owl ring, and the little squat owl one as well - it's so sweet :') Think I'd go for the multi-glitter collar! PS: I simply can't get over the retro feel of your blog nowadays; it looks so cool! :D ♥

    Sarah ^.^

  26. I literally stumbled upon your blog via Instagram, feel in love just from your header and followed before I saw this amazing giveaway!
    I love the multicolored collar, turquoise and silver owl ring.


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