Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Just In...

Mikey knows I haven't been shopping, like at all lately ($30 at UO and $30 on an uber cute bag from Oasap don't count, guys), so in efforts to live up to his motto, "A happy wife is a happy life", he dropped a $100 bill into my hands just now and told me to buy a pretty dress. Immediately I went from blah, just sitting here watching Family Guy at 3 a.m., to "OMG I know just the dress!" And then I remembered that I have leftover tip money from bartending this weekend and bragged about how I was going to get two dresses. Mikey was like, "Whoa, I forgot about that money, I'll just take this back." I must have blacked out but the next thing I knew I was giving Mikey a severe Benjamin Franklin paper cut across his left nipple. There may or may not have been blood drawn and girlish cries from Mikey, but yes, I kept the hundy and am hitting up Etsy for some vintage.  :D
That is all. hour later....
I just purchased these two beauties from Crush Vintage:
Pretty 50's gingham dress in camel with appliques on shoulder and skirt. 
And this insanely adorable 50's pink cotton lace dress.
Look at that low, scooped back! Guh <3
I think I did good. :)
Okay I really need to get to bed now. Sweet dreams, pretty birds!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Inspiration through the act of eavesdropping

Today I came across a note I'd made in my phone from back in March. It was from when I was in Texas visiting my step dad at the hospital. I was sitting in the waiting room, twiddling my thumbs and there were these three older ladies chatting while they waited for the bathroom. I don't remember the topic at hand or why one of them said this, but I hurriedly quoted her in my phone after she said these insightful words:

"There are two types of dreamers: the ones who wait for dreams to come true, and the ones who make dreams come true." 
Nov. 2010 - I found these old photos and thought they seemed appropriate
I've heard almost-similar versions of this quote, so I have no idea who originally said it. I was just compelled to store it in my notepad for down-the-line viewing and self reflecting, and it happened that I saw it tonight and felt like sharing it with y'all. 
I wish I could say that I was a thousand percent more of a dream maker, but the truth is I am a bit of both. I am a dreamer and wishful thinker, an "if it happens, then it'll happen" kinda human, but I'm also extremely aggressive and hardworking for what I want out of my life. And hey, it's been a good balance for me thus far. However, I like the quote because it reminds me to be the maker when I've caught myself twiddling my thumbs, wishing and waiting, longer than one should. 
Can any of you say that you're total dream makers? Or are any of y'all halfies like me?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day fangover

I got absolutely accidentally-wasted a birthday party...for children. *facepalm* Thankfully, the kids had all gone home and all that remained were about six of us adults enjoying way too much sangria and Skinny Girl Margarita. I hadn't been that boozy in quite some time and the part I always hate is the next day, hearing the stories from Mikey of things I said and did. SO embarrassing. But, I did have yet another steamy vampire dream involving Bill Compton and Eric Northman - I tell Mikey about all of them and he's so over True Blood taking over my dream world. 
Funny thing is since we finished watching all four seasons of the show, we've both found ourselves wearing more black than usual. For instance, our dinner date last week...
^haha, blurry arm 
I went super crazy trying to do the wing or cat eye look with my liner; one wing is much longer than the other side and I didn't care to fix it. I'm ridiculously clueless when it comes to makeup. 
Oops, I guess Mikey didn't wear black on this particular night.
Dress: Ross (2010)//Cole Haan pumps via Nordstrom//Bag: Thrifted//50's glasses: Speakeasy Vintage

On a serious note: I hope y'all had a great day and before you go to bed, don't forget to remember thosewho aren't here to enjoy BBQs, Bud Lights, and family fun: those whose lives were lost fighting for our freedom. Thank you to each and every man and woman serving in our country's military, no matter what branch they've enlisted in. 
Alright, I'm gonna continue eating straight out of this gallon of Rocky Road ice cream. 
Goodnight y'all.

A proud Veteran.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Open Emotions dress

I've had this pretty number for well over a year but have never really worn it, mainly because the cutout is so revealing (for my taste). But we were going to a club to celebrate my friend Lissi's birthday last weekend and I basically said "F it, I'll be ballsy." What I wear to clubs is what I wear to school and the grocery store and date nights and get the picture. I have no club clothes. So, I figured this little cleavage showing (pun intended) dress might be the closest thing to 'club gear' I'd ever worn. 
closeup of the cutouts and floral design
Dress: ModCloth (old)//Heels: BCBGeneration (thanks sissy!)

Initially, I spent the majority of the pregaming session at Lissi's house with a pillow covering my chest. I guess because we were in a well lit room and I wasn't ready to be so exposed. But I soon got comfy with a couple Ciroc and pinapple drinks at Ultra Bar. Still, it's an awfully darling dress and I'm going to find the guts to wear it more. Plus, Mikey really, really loved it. 
A few photos from the night...
I have more pics, but I really need to start getting ready for work! I bartend till 3 a.m. for another Collective night tonight. Be back Monday!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Road trip: Annapolis

(subtract the "guilt" part)
You might remember my excitement, a couple months ago, when I found out that two of my oldest BFFs were moving within road trip distance from me: Michelle now lives 3.5 hours away in Maryland and Andy lives 1.5 hours away in a quiet New York town. 
Michelle and I used to spend many a nights curled up on the couch together watching rom-coms (even though I don't care for them too much) and consuming about a billion calories till all hours of the night. You know, best friend stuff. I've missed living close to her for the last six years and it had been three years since I last hung out with her...until I drove the short distance to see her (and my goddaughter, Jordyn!) last week.
We spent the day having lunch at a cute restaurant, grabbing homemade cookies, and walking around Annapolis. 
She loves me, I swear. She's just more interested in that choco-chip cookie.
I hadn't seen my goddaughter since she was 2 months old. Luckily she took an immediate liking to me, but kids always do :) She even commented on how she loved my tattoos, LOL!
When we got home she wanted to put on a dress like her "auntie Roni." Also, at one point Jordyn was in her carseat rambling on to me about my husband and her husband. I didn't understand, so Michelle laughed and interjected, "she calls headbands husbands". I guess somewhere along the way Jordyn thought the two words sounded alike, even once innocently telling her grandmother, "you need a husband." Naturally, the coincidentally single grandmother didn't realize Jordyn meant a hair accessory, but the guileless comment got a good laugh from Michelle and her hubby. So cute!  
As for the evening, we did what we do best: watching movie after movie and stuffing our faces with grape twizzlers, M&Ms, sour belts, etc. I'd missed nights like these with my bestie. 
the next morning goodbyes
She may not be five-minutes-away-kinda-close anymore but it feels so good to be a drive away. 
The end :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

where I've been

I've been here. at home. doing nothin' most days, but little fun stuff here and there, too. and it rules. 
I hadn't much felt like opening up my laptop for the last week plus. I'm sure y'all can understand. As much as I love blogging and reading blogs, at least once a month I go through a phase where I require a little getaway from the Internet (using Instagram on my phone is the one exception). But like clockwork, by like the third day of my absence from Blogger, I start to get this gut wrenching, icky guilt feeling for being MIA. I hate that, but at least I know I'm not the only one that gets "the guilt". I guess it's a blogger thing. 
It's just that I get uninspired with myself OR don't have much to say OR I have a lot to say, I just don't feel like "getting real deep" OR I wanna get deep and have all the words picked out, but I don't have the energy to type it all out here and then check for errors because that's what my real diary/journal is for...ugh. Silly me. So I just decide to close the door to my online life and come back when I'm feeling less of a mess, boring, or simply too lazy to type. 
It's been two weeks now since school let out; here's what I've been up to: I did a road trip to see my best friend and goddaughter, celebrated a couple birthdays with friends, met one of my Jersey-Blogger friends for lunch and shopping, started running again after a 7 or 8 month hiatus, continuously slept in till unmentionable hours, and stayed up till 5 am on several nights watching True Blood with Mikey - we're caught up and SO ready for season 5 to start on June 10th. 
I plan on getting back on schedule tomorrow. I just wanted to update y'all before anyone thought I was actually missing :) 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

summertime margarita dates.

Mikey and I have really enjoyed this first week off of school. We started True Blood and are already on season one week! We're totally committed when we start new shows. It's quite sad. 
Also, you'd think summer would be the worst to begin binging on enchiladas and tacos, but we've been eating a ton of Mexican food and enjoying some margaritas before dinner time, which means I get sleepy by about 4 p.m. (Granny alert!) 
Mikey came up to me when I finished getting dressed today and said, "You really like that hat, don't you?" I knew he was hinting at my overkill wear of it. But I love hats, more so this one. It comes in handy when I don't want to do my hair...which is damn near every day. Perhaps it's time to look for more bowler hats in different colors. If y'all spy a good one, feel free to email me the link :) 
Shirt: Gap//Jeans: AE//Bag (old): F21//Hat: UO//Heels: Irregular Choice
I almost forgot I had these shoes!
I want to share my enthusiasm for a bit. Mikey will be a college graduate after this summer! He starts school back up in seven days and only needs two more classes to get his BA. I'm SO proud of him! I'm also happy I was able to convince him to walk the stage, as he initially thought it wasn't "a big deal" to do so. I almost had a heart attack. After all the years it took us to finally get our butts back into school, it is a MEGA BIG deal to walk that stage. I can't wait to see it happen. And Lordy, I can't wait till it's my turn, but I still have about two years. Blah.

Monday, May 14, 2012

So true...

Some relatable funnies for your case of the Mondays:
I freakin' love this feeling.
It happens...
couldn't find the source
This couldn't have been more true when I finished watching Lost (and Saved By the Bell in the 90's). Something in me has never been the same. 
It's the 90 year old in me that would much rather sleep. Don't take it personal.
I hope y'all are having a great start to your week. My friend Ashley and I are planning to finally see "Think Like A Man" today - I hope we get to! If not, I'll be watching True Blood all day...or sleeping :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

another bird print outfit post

Don't mind my lion's mane. 
Dress: Dorothy Perkins//Tights: Target//Bowler hat: UO//Belt: F21
This bright, fuchsia-like lipstick is my new favorite color from the Covergirl LipPerfection line that I've blogged about before. It just screams summer and "wear when having a good time." Best of all, the color lasts longer than a lot of my more expensive brands. This one's called Divine, if anyone cares to know :)
So....I've got my first giveaway coming up! I can't wait to share the details once everything gets put into place. It's just my little way of saying THANK YOU (seriously) to all my readers/friends (and any new folks that wish to come aboard the Roni-train). For the last 6.5 months I've really appreciated all the "sweet somethings" and encouraging words y'all leave almost daily - they're like gifts and oh, how I wish we were geographically closer! But yes, stay tuned for this. 
For those that have done giveaways before, please let me know what y'all use to randomly pick the winner. I know of one site, but I like options. Thanks!
Have a great weekend!  

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wayne's World! Party time! Excellent!

Hey friends, 
Guess what? I just finished up my last two finals today - "school's out for summa"! I don't like to jinx myself, but I think I did really well. *fingers crossed* Let's hope I can maintain my "honors program" track record.
Here's a look back at the last couple weekends and all the fun I've had:
These two pics are from a night I bartended at Clash two weekends ago. A group of rappers, R&B singers, hip hop artists, and rock bands put on a 10ish act/set hosted by a nice fellow named Lemar; together the entertainers make up what's called "The Collective". I've worked a few of their shows at Clash and it's always a fun time! 
Me, Murdakkh, David Bowie (I call him that - the owner of Clash)
One of the great things about bartending is meeting cool chicks! 
Last Friday night:
Our good friend Isaac turned 29! We celebrated at a club called Studio Four. I DD'd. I was required to pull off on the side of the highway three times on the way home. Isaac obviously had a great time.
Isaac, Mikey, Sammy
Don't worry, I only had one drink.
Me, Lissi, Jessie = blurry wives
Friendly Visits: Couples edition
Remember how I said I'd wake up on Cinco de Mayo and have a margarita for breakfast, or something daring like that? Well, I didn't. In fact, I slept in really, really late and then met my old Air Force buddy, Luna, and his beyond amazing wife Lindsay at a pub in New York! It was so lovely to catch up with them (over margaritas). Lindsay greeted me with the most aggressively wonderful bear hug I've ever had. :) I love when my friends marry women that I fall in love with, too. 
*outfit posts coming soon for a couple of these days*
Our good friends Kiser & Kenyon were also in town, scoping out potential wedding venues.  I got to see them Monday night when we all had dinner at Kiser's parents' house; afterward Kiser and Kenyon came back home with us and spent the night before flying out Tuesday morning. 
Luke, Mikey, Kiser = Bffs since preschool.
Kenyon, me, Megan = wives & a fiance to said bffs. 
All in all, it's been a busy but enjoyable last couple weekends. I'm just glad I don't have to juggle homework amidst the fun for the next couple months! Weee! 
Summer plans include: 3 weeks in Texas with mi familia (Nathan's turning 1!!!), road trips to New York and Virginia to see some bffs, and perhaps a road trip to Connecticut to see one of my favorite blogger buddies, Amber? :) 
What do y'all have planned for the beachy season?

P.s. I loved getting to learn about some of y'alls girl crushes! 
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