Thursday, February 28, 2013

home sick/mommy sick

Today, right now, I'm missing my mommy.

I can't wait till the next time I go home. I know my mom and I will do lots of laughing, talking till the wee hours of the morning, and get pints of Blue Bell ice cream to eat while we sit on the couch and watch movies. And of course, she'll make me menudo.
One day, I'll live in Texas again and she'll only be a drive away.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

the early November

Guys, here are some pictures that never made it to the blog because I decided to take that long break. These are from November, right after I made it to my first blogaversary and Mikey bought me a celebratory dress for the occasion. We were at school and there were tons of leaves everywhere so naturally, I played in them. Here are the photos.
Coat: Oasis// Dear Creatures dress via ModCloth// Cardi: Express// Tights: ModCloth// Brogue shoes: Endless
This is one of my favorite dresses to play with. It looks so different/lovely/perfect with heels! If I could own everything Dear Creatures puts out, I'd be the happiest girl everrrr.
I think that last one is a pretty neat shot, if I may be so boastful. Good job, Mikey. 
How many of you know that The Early November is--well, was--a band? They used to be one of my favorites, back in my emo days. It's still fun to play them in my car and reminisce on past times (especially with this song). Not only that, the early part of November is also my favorite time of year. The air just smells and feels better. And it reminds me of chilly nights in 2002 when I first began my adventure in the military (I was so young!). I wrote a little personal essay about that last year, maybe I'll share it one day. 
Anywho, I hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday. 


Friday, February 15, 2013

Starlet or Streetwalker?

(If you don't watch Fashion Police on E! then this post title is probably making you go "what the fu??")
Metallic coat: ASOS// Sweater dress: Etsy// Glitter collar: my pal Chryssi made it!// Knee highs: Target// Bait shoes: won in a giveaway on Scathingly Brilliant// Satchel: Marshall's

I wore this--what I initially thought as cute--little number last month to sort of pay homage to two of my favorite movies: Pretty Woman & Clueless. But boy, did people look at me like I was strictly a streetwalker (what kinda hooker have you seen wearing pink bows and baby pink flats?!). All because of about 2.5 inches of exposed thigh. I felt all kinds of uncomfortable wearing this at the grocery store after I felt many a'pairs of eyeballs shooting death stares at me, mainly female ones. Which, I don't understand. Why are women such bitches sometimes? I mean, I could understand if my boobs were out so much that newborn babies were tempted to suckle, or if this dress was see through and I was wearing a thong, or if I was winking at the men that these women clutched onto so tightly, but clearly I wasn't. I was simply holding the hand of my husband and picking out which cereal I wanted: Fruity Pebbles or Cap'n Crunch (I went with the latter, obviously).
When I see a girl in a cute, out of the ordinary outfit, I actually go up and tell her that she looks lovely. But that's just me. I'm not saying that strangers should line up to commend me on my great fashion sense (though I wouldn't turn fans away ;)) , but jeez louise, if you don't like what I'm wearing is it really going to make you feel better to stare at me like I just killed five kittens?
Really, it all comes down to this: if you don't have something nice to say then shut the fuck up and look somewhere else. Right?

Note: I am not at all mad today, I was just recalling my emotions. Sorry that I had to use vulgar language. It was necessary.

Happy Friday!! And remember, be nice to one another, girls. <3

Thursday, February 14, 2013


Who says you can't use an iPad case as a clutch?? Especially when it's a darling Ted Baker one with a center bow. Well, you can. I just did....and I don't own an iPad.
Dress: Ruche// Cardi, tights: Target// Bait Shoes (won in a giveaway!)// Ted Baker iPad case: Nordstrom// hair scarf: gift from Mommy

Happy Valentine's Day, ya'll. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This is what I looked like on the eve and day of my 29th year, celebrating with booze and cake at Clash in Jersey, and eating dinner at the stunningly dark and utterly delicious Buddakan in New York City (my father-in-law is the best!).
both birthday dresses are from ModCloth (top is Bernie Dexter in Winter Wonderland)
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Mimmi 
(my sister-in-law has the pics from the restaurant)

My birthday crept up on me this year. I almost missed it, quite honestly. Luckily, it takes zero time to drive down the road and order a Date with Elvis* from my favorite bartender/bar owner and friend, Bob. My buddy Sean from school and his fiance also met up with us; it was my first time meeting Joanna and as you can tell from the pictures, we hit it off really well. No offense to all my good guy friends that came out that night last minute (thank you!), but I don't think it would have been nearly as fun if Joanna wasn't there. I like girls who are loud, crazy, willing to dance to any song (and be the only ones on the dance floor), girls who are a lot like...well, me.  
Anywho, I only cried about three times, so all in all I suppose it was a good, normal fading-20's birthday. 

This post is actually kinda lame. Sorry. I'll try and have something better next time round. <3

*Date with Elvis is one of my favorite specialty drinks at Clash. A mix of whipped cream vodka (or marshmallow vodka--I can't remember what it says anymore), tequila, and margarita mix. It's pure yum.

Friday, February 8, 2013

last New Jersey winter

Oh, heyyy.
Well, I certainly didn't plan on taking a 3.5ish month break from my blog, but what can I say? Life just happens. A lot. And after a while, the guilt that normally encompassed me when I missed as little as three days of blogging disappeared.
I'm here right now because I want to be. I really miss having a sort of picture diary, versus just having my personal daily journal. When I was updating here so much I  abandoned my journal, and I always felt so horrible because, as you would imagine, I shared 'more' there. I miss all the friends I made here and the ways we communicated, but to be honest, I still don't see myself updating this thing as much as I used to (but who really knows with me?). I will, however, update when I can, therefore making this what I initially intended it to be: for me; for memories; just because; for fun. I don't like feeling like things I enjoy are chores and I think that's part of what happened before. Plus, aside from getting their phone calls and texts WEEKLY, I know my mom and sister want so bad to come to this website again and actually see what I've been up to. Our every-other-day phone calls are just not enough for them. :) So, Mom, Mona, this post is for y'all.
Today it snowed. And apparently it's going to snow a lot-lot more. Mikey and I decided to document our last winter/snowstorm here in Jersey. (Dear God, I hope it's our last one.) He recently got a job that will be requiring us to move to Florida before the start of summer. We're so, so excited! I'm eager to get back to the south end of the U.S. I miss not having four seasons. (Hey, I've lived in Texas, Oklahoma, Vegas, Ecuador, and the caribbean--I crave the hot-hot-heat!) But I'm very happy having been able to finally experience a white Christmas, random snowfalls on Halloween, gorgeous foliage sceneries in the fall (my favorite season), beaches a short drive away, and of course New York City and its tremendous energy (and exquisite fine dining) whenever I felt like it. New Jersey & New York, you will be missed. Now, bring on the blizzard!

A (class)room with a view. I love my school (stated on this blog for the billion&fifth time). I think I'll miss it more than any other place in Jersey and NY combined. 
"Wait, I forgot to put on lipstick--I look too pale!"...*runs inside for MAC Russian Red...*
...again with the hand on the head. I had a high bun under the beanie & felt like the hand made the big bulge less noticable. Wrong. 
Licking some snow off my lip, ha!
Today was fun. (Did I already say that?) I baked a batch of cookies and sat near my window, drew the blinds and just stared, dreamily, at the falling flakes. Snow and I have had a long, complicated love/hate relationship the last three winters. It's beautiful as it falls and absolutely charming in the way it decorates ordinary structures, but oh, dear Snow, why must you cause already-subpar drivers to drive even more like shit and scare the hell out of me while doing so, completely interrupting the moment I'm having while singing softly along to Beach House, so that I have to neurotically restart the song--about 6 times--because I didn't get to 'feel' my favorite part? I hate you for that, more than when you become the annoyingly disgusting brown slush that dirties up said structures and my cute Mini Cooper. But I digress. Snow, if this weekend is the last I see of you before we leave then I'll know that you came as a birthday (it's Sunday) gift to me, and I suppose I should say thank you. I know I'm sure your intentions have always been good. 

Was that weird? ^^^ I have had a couple glasses of vodka since coming back inside. Don't judge me, Mom. I needed to warm up, duh. 
Mom, Mona, and anyone else who will happen to see this post, I hope y'all enjoyed the wintry photos and the vodka-induced ramblings of a self-proclaimed tumbleweed
Until next time!

<3 a stranger. 
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