Tuesday, February 12, 2013


This is what I looked like on the eve and day of my 29th year, celebrating with booze and cake at Clash in Jersey, and eating dinner at the stunningly dark and utterly delicious Buddakan in New York City (my father-in-law is the best!).
both birthday dresses are from ModCloth (top is Bernie Dexter in Winter Wonderland)
shoes: Swedish Hasbeens Mimmi 
(my sister-in-law has the pics from the restaurant)

My birthday crept up on me this year. I almost missed it, quite honestly. Luckily, it takes zero time to drive down the road and order a Date with Elvis* from my favorite bartender/bar owner and friend, Bob. My buddy Sean from school and his fiance also met up with us; it was my first time meeting Joanna and as you can tell from the pictures, we hit it off really well. No offense to all my good guy friends that came out that night last minute (thank you!), but I don't think it would have been nearly as fun if Joanna wasn't there. I like girls who are loud, crazy, willing to dance to any song (and be the only ones on the dance floor), girls who are a lot like...well, me.  
Anywho, I only cried about three times, so all in all I suppose it was a good, normal fading-20's birthday. 

This post is actually kinda lame. Sorry. I'll try and have something better next time round. <3

*Date with Elvis is one of my favorite specialty drinks at Clash. A mix of whipped cream vodka (or marshmallow vodka--I can't remember what it says anymore), tequila, and margarita mix. It's pure yum.


  1. You look beyond adorable in all of the pictures!! I love all the ingredients in that shot but I'm not too sure about having all of then together!
    Love you!

    1. Thanks, sissy! The ingredients aren't for a shot, they're for a drink. And it's yummy. I know it sounds like the most random concoction and it wouldn't taste good, but boy would you be wrong. I'll make you one when you're done cooking that baby. ;)
      I love you!


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