Sunday, February 17, 2013

the early November

Guys, here are some pictures that never made it to the blog because I decided to take that long break. These are from November, right after I made it to my first blogaversary and Mikey bought me a celebratory dress for the occasion. We were at school and there were tons of leaves everywhere so naturally, I played in them. Here are the photos.
Coat: Oasis// Dear Creatures dress via ModCloth// Cardi: Express// Tights: ModCloth// Brogue shoes: Endless
This is one of my favorite dresses to play with. It looks so different/lovely/perfect with heels! If I could own everything Dear Creatures puts out, I'd be the happiest girl everrrr.
I think that last one is a pretty neat shot, if I may be so boastful. Good job, Mikey. 
How many of you know that The Early November is--well, was--a band? They used to be one of my favorites, back in my emo days. It's still fun to play them in my car and reminisce on past times (especially with this song). Not only that, the early part of November is also my favorite time of year. The air just smells and feels better. And it reminds me of chilly nights in 2002 when I first began my adventure in the military (I was so young!). I wrote a little personal essay about that last year, maybe I'll share it one day. 
Anywho, I hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday. 



  1. Sissy, I got your comment but for some reason it's not showing up here. My Sunday has been pretty good. I finally got my butt back on my treadmill after 16 days off it! Eep! I love you.

  2. I definitely had an Early November phase and the boy I liked at the time had Ace Enders call me from a show - I nearly had a heart attack...good story? Haha. Anywho. LOVE the dress. I want to buy one of their dresses so badly, they are all adorable. That last shot is also pretty sweet. Good job Mikey :]

    1. That's so awesome!!! I was so in love with Ace back then. I remember having this exclusive video or whatnot of them playing in backyards...he was so dreamy. And then he went through that awkward, early-20's phase where he didn't look "so cute" anymore, but still, I loved them. I have a picture with their drummer (can't remember his name) from a show they played in Vegas--I was in the front row swooning. ;)

  3. oh i have almost bought this very oasis coat so many times! its so lovely, and that dress..ahhhh dream dress. i am yet to purchase a dear creatures piece but i so want one dress in my wardrobe that is that beautiful! you look stunning and these photos are lovely! xx

    1. I got the coat for $30 last year!! I wanted to go back and get the baby pink one but they sold out within a couple days.
      Thank you for your sweet words, Rachel! You sure know how to make a gal feel purrrty ;)

  4. I love the mustard colored tights you wore with this dress! Love the entire look!


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