My name is Veronika, but my nickname since birth is Roni. You can call me whichever you prefer, but I'm usually only called Veronika when I'm in trouble, or when I'm in a profesh-setting. 
I'm originally from San Antonio, Texas, but I left home when I was 18 to join the military. I spent 8 years in the service and got to do a bit of traveling. I was stationed/lived in Oklahoma & Las Vegas, so pretty much that's where all my best friends are, and I miss them terribly. 
I call my blog "Roni feels nostalgic" because if you ask anyone that knows me, or if you snoop through my journals that I've kept since I was knee-high to a duck, you'd see that nostalgia is what I'm often consumed by, missing happy memories of my past. I'm so thankful that I have so many amazing times to look back on! Even my wardrobe is a version of nostalgia as I'm very passionate about the 50's and 60's eras.

I am an embracer of individuality. I've been called a walking contradiction, because so much about me is random, that it doesn't always appear to make sense to strangers. Well, I am random. But it makes perfect sense to me. I am a total sweetheart, but I'm an even bigger firecracker. I love passionately, and I'm extremely protective. I love the juxtaposition of my twirly-girly dresses on top of my rebellious tattoos. I love taking off my cardigans and surprising eyeballs around me because they weren't expecting me to have them. My tatties say, "I'm sweet, but I have a wild side."

Central Park 2011 by Royal Flush Photography
Some people you'll see a lot of on my blog are: my husband, Mikey, our pets, my family members in Texas, and my friends when they come for visits, as they often do.

Leaving Las Vegas 2010 by Exposure Photography by Jason Talley
I'm a person of often bad luck, but I must say I got lucky leaving Las Vegas with the man of my dreams...and three pets (two dogs + a cat). My favorite being my little monster, Danzig (named after Glenn Danzig, original singer of the Misfits), whom I adopted as soon as I moved to Vegas in 2006. I was alone and wanted to come home to something with a heartbeat. He's been my favorite fur-ball in the world ever since. We're total bffs.

Danzig & I (Dec 2010)
Me & Bowie + Mikey & Jaxon

From Texas to Mississippi to Oklahoma to Ecuador to Curacao to Las Vegas to New Jersey/New York and now to Florida, you'll find that I never stay in one place too long. Tumbleweed for life.

Thanks for checking my little nook out! Stay a while, let's be friends :)


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