Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friendly visits: Andy

Andy is one of my best friends in the world. I met him back in the early 2000's when I was stationed in Oklahoma. He was part of my first Air Force family. It's been 4 years since we've seen each other, but I swear, one of my favorite things about true friendships is no matter how much time goes in between talking or hanging out, it's like nothing has changed when you're reunited.
And Andy has a sweet little baby now - Aiden. Needless to say, I'm in love. Pretty sure he's crazy about me, too. :) 
Andy and his family are going to be living under 2 hours away from Mikey and I now. I'm so excited! My bff Michelle and her family are also moving to the east coast in 10 days...two of my oldest Air Force besties will be under 5 hours from me in either direction. I'm so happy about that. I hope it means lots of road trips. 
Have a great weekend, friends! xo

Monday, March 26, 2012

From my phone

I update Instagram more often than Blogger. Here's what I've been up to/wearing lately:
The day I chopped off my hair ~ wearing: Etsy dress

Wearing: cardi, belt & bag: F21// Lace top: Free People// Skirt: ModCloth// Shoes: Poetic Licence
Trying on fedoras at Target ~ wearing: dress & cardi: F21
BBQ @ my father-in-law's. I'm wearing the anniversary gifts Mikey got me: dress: Modcloth (old)// Custom bag w/our pictures: gift from Mikey// Heels: Seychelles from Mikey 
I loved my anniversary outfit.
Dress: ModCloth// Bow bag: F21// Necklace: NY&Co. 
Melissa's bday party in Hoboken
Dress: H&M// Bowler hat: UO

The last picture is from the night a group of guys told me, "That hat's gonna get you laid tonight" and I responded with, "Yeah, probably since I'm here with my husband". 
I still owe y'all pictures from when my girlfriend Stephanie was in town. Those will come soon. :)


All is well

I'm home (back in Jersey).
I was absolutely, wholeheartedly touched by all the sweet words, prayers, thoughts and good vibes sent to my family. We felt it 100%. THANK Y'ALL. My dad (who is actually my step dad but has been my 'dad' since I was 9) went home from the hospital last Thursday and was watering the grass as soon as he got home (I snuck a picture of him doing so from the guest bedroom)! The doctors said he made a super speedy recovery and should go back to his normal routine, so he did just that. I credit all your prayers for his wellness. The circumstances for me to go home were pretty lame, but it was wonderful to (finally) meet my niece Makaila and of course spend some time with the ever-so-quickly-growing Nathaniel.
The proudest auntie ever. 
I got to spend a lot of alone/quality time with my mommy and see my brother and sister everyday. Of course the whole family got together at Grandpa's and had a big dinner, so I also ate lots of foods I can't get in Jersey. Though highly stressful at times, the trip ended up being joyous as well...and then I got sick while in town and flew home yesterday with a sinus headache which in turn gave me an extreme earache when the Captain said we had to fly even higher to avoid turbulence. Today, I can hardly hear - it feels as though I'm wearing ear plugs - and it feels like I'll never stop blowing my nose, but I can't wait to get back into my own normal routine. Lots of school work to catch up on and of course, plan for my friend Andy (whom I haven't seen in 4 years) and his newborn son to stay with us on Thursday! I'm convinced my life just doesn't have the time to slow least I get to see one of my old friends and meet a new baby! :)

Lots o' love,

P.s. I can't wait to catch up on y'alls blogs, too! Y'all know I always miss them. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


I woke up to a phone call from my sister today telling me that our father had a stroke and is in the hospital. In all the 10 years that I've been away from home I've never had to go back for an "emergency visit", but I'll be flying to Texas tomorrow and staying through Saturday. My mom of course told me that he's doing a little better (as in, he is trying to talk) and for me not to spend so much money on a ticket or miss school to fly down there; it's like she feels bad for interrupting my life and doesn't want to worry me since I'm so far away...but I can't not go. Mikey reiterated what I already knew, that you can't put a price on seeing family in times like this. Honestly, I was afraid to interrupt my school too and get behind etc., but I wouldn't be able to live with myself if anything worse..became of this. I hope he is getting better and I know my mom will need the help at home taking care of him since she is currently applying for a new job and might have interviews to go to. My brother and sister have new babies and full time jobs, so I know I can be of help and I'd be more than happy to do it. Please send prayers for my father to get better and to be able to talk soon, and for my mom to get a job where she is happy and treated with respect. I know she'll need that more than ever now if my dad can't go to work for a while.
Thank you. Sorry for sharing such gloomy news with y'all....I just believe in the power of prayer and good vibes in general, and if any of y'all (my friends) pray, then I'd be thankful if y'all could send some my family's way.


Sunday, March 18, 2012


Will post as soon as I don't feel like this:
Miserably yours,

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3: the charmer

I'm really happy to know I haven't been boring y'all with all the mushy love stuff. I'm still in anniversary mode, so thanks for letting me play it out :)
Third Anniversary ~ aka two days ago
We wanted to try a new restaurant in Jersey since we're always so quick to head into New York for a romantic evening. Mikey went straight to the ultimate source for fine dining: his dad. My father-in-law suggested the Highlawn Pavilion or its fabulous food and million dollar view of New York City; we loved it. The gentleman seated next to us thought we were celebrating my birthday since we "look too young to be celebrating three years of marriage." We've gotten that a lot this week - I'll take it as a compliment. 
I enjoyed 3.5 glasses of champagne. Yummmm
Sorry for the (lack of) picture quality. This is after I clicked the "enhance" option on my mac. The lighting in these restaurants, as I'm sure y'all know, is really dim and romantical, so my phone couldn't put up a good fight. Lucky for me, Mikey finally found a new camera online and it's on its way now! 
I'm a sucker for a good filet mignon or fish, but this night I was in the mood for a hunk of beef. The filet was absolutely scrumptious and I ate every bite. Mikey's big steak had even more flavor...I stole several bites of his...without asking. For dessert I ordered 3 small variations of creme brulee and we were surprised when our waiter came out with candles on both of our dessert plates. There were even cute pieces of dark chocolate with "Happy Anniversary" inscribed on them. How thoughtful!
After dinner stroll around the pavilion. 
And here we are before we left the house earlier...
Mikey wore a handsome, plaid sports coat that used to be his dad's. He looked adorable.
I donned a pale pink floral trimmed dress w/grey heels, cardi & necklace. I love pink & grey together!
Dress: Annie Greenabelle via ModCloth//Cardi: Ruche
Heels: Kenneth Cole//Necklace: NY&Co.//Earrings: Betsey Johnson
You can't tell in these pics, but my hair is as short as it was during our first anni. I was going bananas trying to style it before we went out. I cut it really short last week because it was just totally dead from having bleached it last year. I HATE short hair (on me), so I didn't want to wear it down this night. Thank God my hair grows as fast as weeds. 
Anywho, thanks for reading! Y'all have a lovely night. <3


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1 & 2

Before I learned that my friend was going to be in town last week, I had initially planned to do all these cutsey posts leading up to my anniversary post from yesterday. Clearly I just didn't have the time between showing her around Jersey and New York. Today I want to share pictures from the first two anniversaries Mikey and I shared (just because I love reminiscing oh-so-much), and tomorrow I'll post about what we did yesterday. Cool? Cool. 

First Anniversary ~ 2010
Dinner at Yolie's Brazilian Steakhouse, Las Vegas
After dinner that night, Mikey and I drove to where we shared our first kiss. Don't laugh. It was at an Arby's drive-thru...we weren't even in our cars, or waiting to get Arby's food for that matter - we hate Arby's. We were sitting down talking, under the drive thru sign after it had closed for the night (there was a bar next door, that's why we were there). We went back for the first time since that kiss and shared another. 
Then we went home and took a bunch of pictures...
Outfit photos! And I wasn't even blogging at that time.
coat: ModCloth// dress: 50's vintage tennis dress from Mikey// flats: Bakers
Second Anniversary ~ 2011
Thanks for the right picture Ashley
We actually celebrated two days for this one. The day before and going into our anniversary, we had a lovely (and always delicious) dinner at Il Cantinori in NYC, followed by midnight shots at Clash Bar with friends. Il Cantinori is my favorite restaurant in the world for the food, service (aka royal treatment since we're related to my father-in-law), and because of the celebrities that pop in and out while you eat. Well, not every single time, but enough. Unfort' Mikey and I didn't get a dinner picture that night, just the one of me enjoying my wine. 

On our actual anniversary day, we visited the Museum of Modern Art, walked around NYC and had lunch at Monster Sushi. It was a beautiful day and we had a lovely time. 
Left: Sushi date//Right: MoMA fun
And then we went home and did what? Why, took pictures of course! 
polka dot dress w/floral centerpiece: H&M//far right pic says: "Dis be my bwatty face" Lol
Our 2nd year of marriage was 'two' much of a good thing. Get it? ;) 
I hope y'all enjoyed the trip down memory lane (again). 
Have a lovely night, friends. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heartsy Fartsy Anniversary post

Today is mine and Mikey's 3 year wedding anniversary! Before we head out to a romantical day of exaggerated I love you's and a million too many kisses, I thought I'd take a trip down memory lane and share some pictures from our "big day" in Las Vegas. It was actually a very low key style wedding. We want to have a big to-do one in a few years. 
Definitely click on the pictures so you can see them b i g g e r. It works like magic. 
Getting ready at home...
Left: My sister tying my ribbon and me pointing out her cleavage.
Middle: My mom fixing Mikey's rose thingy.
Right: Mikey & I being goofballs

Walking in circles downtown. We'd forgotten the location of where we were getting married. Oops!
In attendance...
Left: A bunch of wedding saps! :)
Right: (back row L to R) Chryssi, Mona, Stacy
(in front L to R) Mikey's mommy & my mommy 
aaand it's official! We're stuck together. 
 Our mommies
Sitting in front of the waterfall...
The last three years have truly gone by in a beautiful blur of memories. Despite the lovey dovey pictures of us that I post on here, we argue like any other couple and I'm a major pain in his ass (I can admit it), but we really make each other happy and honestly bring out the best in one another. That's what matters. He makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world EVERY DAY. That's a fact. I thank God for giving me such a patient man. Lord knows, that's one of the main reasons this works! ;)

With love,

Monday, March 5, 2012

Oh, heyyyy

Wow, pretty sure that was the longest break I've ever taken away from my blog. Sadly, I don't have much time to spend right now either. This is the last week of school before Spring Break and my professors aren't going easy on the homework they're dishing out, so I must get back to it. Plus my friend Steph gets in on Wednesday, and I don't want to be engulfed in too much work while she's here. So yeah, I will be catching up on all your blogs between breathers. (I miss them terribly!) Also, I see I have a few new readers...that just made me smile! Thank y'all :)
Just so I don't leave my poor blog with the sound of crickets for another day, I want to share a video that I've been watching lit-er-a-ly 5 times a day since my sister sent it to me last week. As quickly as Nathaniel (my nephew for those that don't know) is growing, I can tell this video is probably a month or so old since he doesn't look like this anymore. I can't stop laughing at how he pretends to cry on and off, looking so confused, because his cousin Bella is throwing a super loud tantrum. Get ready to plug your ears.
I hope y'all had a great weekend and here's to a great week at your places of responsibility! (I'm raising a pretend glass.)

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