Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a copy of a copy of a copy

You may or may not be able to tell, but when I took these pictures the other day, I was headed to school and I hadn't slept in almost 30 hours. 
Mikey's been in Florida, working at his new job (and doing exceptionally well, I must add) for the last month and some change. I've been here in Jersey, finishing up my semester and living with his dad. Most girls can't handle separation from their husbands, I think I do it just fine. But I'm not most girls (and it also helps that he's not in Iraq this time--I admit, I didn't handle 130 days of that so great in the beginning, but that's different--there isn't much of an FPCON level in Fort Myers, Florida). I love my alone time and when I have it, I cherish it by spending a good amount of time thinking, reading, drinking wine, listening to music, taking bubble baths, painting my nails, writing in my journal, and watching a shit ton of Arrested Development (but you already knew that). I have my whole life to spend with Mikey, so there's no sense in me crying everyday that I miss him so much. It goes without saying that I do. But I've also always been abnormally independent. It doesn't mean I don't love as much, I just do it differently I guess. Why am I even saying all this? To show how strong I am? I don't think so. Quite the contrary I suppose. You see at night, that's when everything becomes a bit more challenging. I'm used to Mikey sleeping next to me. I guess in that aspect, I've grown very dependent. In bed with him, I sleep better. Like a baby. Since he's been gone, I haven't had the best sleep. I've been averaging about four hours a night during the week--if I sleep at all--but come the weekend, I can be in bed by nine or ten p.m. and sleep well past noon the next day. (Maybe school is just stressing me the fudge out and that's why I can't sleep during the week? Who knows.) I recently purchased a bottle of "Sleep Aid Maximum Strength" at Target; the lady at the pharmacy counter told me it's really just Benadryl and that she recommends it over Melatonin (which is what I usually take) if you're having honest to goodness trouble sleeping. It obviously works like a dream, but I've been trying not to take it every night, so as to give myself the opportunity to fall asleep naturally. I was godawful tired tonight, so I resisted the sleep aid and what do you know? It's 4:37 in the morning and I have class at 9:55...
If any of you have suffered from this ruthless bitch, Insomnia, and have any remedies that might work, feel free to send them my way. 
Vintage 1950's dress from The Attic in Las Vegas (it was a gift from Mikey on our 1 year anniversary)
Gem stone floral necklace: Anthropologie 2010
Mel by Melissa "Apple" Bow Jelly Sandal (mouthful)

In other news, Spring has finally sprung in New Jersey. It's beautiful, especially on FDU. And oh yeah, I suppose it's been a while since I posted (shocker), so I have new hair. Hiiiii. K bye.

Love, me.

P.s. I start my week long road trip to head south to Florida next Friday after my final exam! I'm making a few pit stops along the way to see some old bffs, my mother-in-law, and maybe meet up with some girls who I adore from IG (I'm spontaneous-and crazy-like that). Can't wait!
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