Tuesday, December 13, 2011

rich terracotta & mocha

These pictures don't do this dress any justice. In fact, I wasn't pleased with these pictures at all, but it got cold since the sun was going down, and we were rushing to get home...we (I) really need a profesh-cam. *hint hint, Mikey*
This dress is beautiful, comfortable and was just plain divine to wear. I did feel pretty in it all day long, because I noticed I was walking with a totally different strut today! Khalilah, I thought of you!
Do I even need to talk about how the neck tie is my fave? How 'bout those sleeves?! Or the pleats? <3
I didn't even really need the little crop-ish jacket. We have been SO lucky with the weather here in New Jersey. I'm praying it never gets any colder than this ever ever again.
P.s. These awesome tights are one size fits all, but are a little on the looong side, so when I forget to pull them all the way up to my boobs they bunch up at the knees like this.
Jacket (w/faux fur): Jack by BB Dakota via ModCloth (2009)
Dress: Ruche; Belt: H&M; Tights: ModCloth; Seychelles peeptoes via ModCloth  
I was trying to show off my adorable flower ring from Ruche.
Not surprising at all, because we have about a dozen or so of the same dresses and shoes, I was doing my daily blog reading one morning while this dress was on its way to me from California and I saw the adorable Elsie wearing it to work that day. It's so funny that no one ever has the same outfits as me here in my little Jersey world (or anywhere I go for that matter), but in the blog world me and the ladies that I've come to adore for our similarities have damn near the same wardrobes, and we've never met. :) I bet we'd all get along so well if we ever did meet IRL (in real life). 
So my friend/classmate asked me today what I was going to try and get done during winter break. Without even thinking I told her I needed to get back to running. I haven't gone for a single run in months! That is totally unsat. <--Do people outside of the military say "unsat"? I'm actually really curious, because that's a word me, my friends and supervisors used almost daily, and now that I think of it, I've never heard anyone on the outside say it. Either way, it's just short for unsatisfactory. 
But yeah, I need to get my butt back into marathon mode. I miss running everyday. It made me feel really good and energetic...it was my decompressor. I've felt completely the opposite lately and I know it's because I'm not active, and that's something that's been really positive and stress relieving in my life...it makes me happy, so I know I have to get back with it.
I know not everyone else is in school right now, and you don't get winter vacay from your jobs, but are there any things that y'all are planning to accomplish in your own lives right now that you've sort of let slip to the back burner? 

Sweet dreams!


  1. Nope, I do not think I have ever heard a civilian say "unsat". I love it though! I love that dress too. I wish I could pull pleats off. Those tights are fun too. I remember them from the outfit with the navy blue but I am glad you gave a close-up this time. I knew they were awesome! I have not seen too many items that I have in other blogs but I was pleasantly surprised at how many shop at the same places and how many thrifty chicas there are out there. I love finding people with similar interests. And I sometimes feel like I am an alien that someone just plopped down in the Armpit of America the way people stare sometimes. Its just clothes, sheesh! If I think someone has on an awe-inspiring outfit I just freaking tell them. LOL! But yeah, I have never really been a runner per se' but I did decide I wanted to start running. I want to ride bikes too (but I am scared to be the first black chick to meet foul play while on her customary morning bike ride O_o).

  2. First off, I love the blouse. Secondly, I've already got my butt back to the gym. Third, we never said unsat at my squadron. Hmmm. Maybe it was just yours. Oh well.

    Love yah!

  3. thats a crazy cute dress. I think it photographed quite well and those tights are pretty darn awesome. Shame they are so big but they still look cute on you.

  4. Khalilah,
    I'm surprised you haven't heard Cj say it around the house.
    And thanks, but I'm totally sure you could "pull of pleats"! I don't think there's anything you couldn't.
    I can't even imagine living where you live. :( It sounds like everyone just freaks out at the slightest sign of you being different. Especially fashion wise! I remember visiting my girlfriend in the smallest town I've ever seen in Tennessee and we were both dressed up to go out; we stopped at a gas station and everyone and their mother was just staring at us! Like with no shame at how rude they were appearing. I finally had to say, "What the fuck is everyone looking at? Acting like you've never seen someone dress nice. I came from Vegas, betches and we always dress up." I realize that wasn't very classy of me, but I was annoyed as crap!
    It's never too early to start running or getting in shape in general, so good for you! Run, bike, do what you want! I'll pray no one hits you or anything while on your bicycle. Lol :)

  5. Jen,
    Thanks, babe. And it's a dress! I realize it looks like I tucked it in though, especially since I added the belt for some color. :)

  6. Amber,
    Thanks, sweetie. I like pulling them up to my boobies, they feel like what I imagine a fully body spanx suit to feel like. It hides food babies.


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