Saturday, December 24, 2011

Texas. The motherland...for me, anyway.

Hey darlings!
I feel like I've been away from the blogosphere forevers. It's only been ah-day.
Mikey and I arrived in Texas late last night and watched tv with my mommy till 2 a.m. (I love doing little things like that when I'm in town!) Oh, and she had my favorite Mexican dish, menudo, hot and ready for me as soon as we walked through the door!!...I had two a bean and cheese taco...and a few bites of a carne guisada taco. Don't judge me, I never get this stuff (real Mexican food) up north. It's like crack to me when I come home for visits.
Today we spent the day with my mom, sister and our nephew Nathaniel! This is the second time we've got to see him - he got SO big in 5 months!! The second after I walked into the room he was lying down in, I squealed so loud with excitement, moving towards him really fast with my hands out...he squealed sheer terror of me. :(
But then he had a nap and we were buds. <3 Looky - he's got the double jointed arm thingy I have that everyone thinks is so freaky! We're twins. :D
I am a big-time momma's girl
This was Nathaniel's reaction to surprising his mommy with some unexpected baby vomit :)
Me, sissy & the best baby boy ever! I love this picture. 
He's wearing a "My Auntie rocks" onesie. :)
Grandma plantin' kisses! He is completely surrounded by love. <3
I gave Nathaniel an old school Misfits hairstyle, lol. Mommy and grandma didn't like it, but he seemed to. 
Then I gave him extreme-bed head! hahaha 
Well, I didn't even realize it until I transferred all the pictures from my camera to my computer, but I took 130 pictures of this little stud today. I guess that's what happens when you don't live anywhere near your only nephew. He's definitely my everything, and all that that entails. 
Tomorrow I'll post pics of my other family members not shown above. Like my amazing brother, his girlfriend (who is prego with my soon-to-be niece, Makayla!!), my step-dad, and my sissy's boyfriend/Nathaniel's daddy, Gilbert. They were all working today. 
Coming right back to do the outfit post for today, then I'm getting some much needed rest! It took over an hour to do this post because the internet at my parents' house is ssslllllooooowwww. 
Happy holidays to you all. I truly hope that y'all are surrounded by people you love.


  1. I love that last pic and I love "Bed Head Nathaniel". Adorbs!

  2. Aww thanks, Khalilah! :) I personally love bed head Nathaniel, too. LOL He was totally smiling from ear to ear like he knew I gave him some funky hairdo that momma didn't approve of.

  3. lmfao at his pic where he was crying because of you! That is the funniest pic! I can't get over it! Even the kids are here laughing with me! So, anyway, I totally feel you on the menudo & good Mexican food. I get it all the time now, so I want this stuff called Gold Star Chili back home (even though I don't eat meat anymore. This stuff is GOOD).
    Love yah!

  4. HAHAHA! Jen, I can totally see you and the kiddos laughing at little Nathan's hilarious face.
    Glad it made y'alls day. :)
    Oh, is Gold Star a Mexican restaurant?

  5. lol No. It's a Cincinnati thing, with "Cincinnati-style" chili, which is just a chili-sauce. They put it on pasta, hot dogs w/cheese, onions & mustard. Gold Star is one of the most popular chains in town & my fav. If you ever visit when I'm at home, I'll take you there. There are a ton of cool places back home I'd love to show you.

  6. Oh okay, I figured it was a chili rest. but didn't know if it also served beans and rice since we were on topic. :) Either way, I'm a HUGE chili fan and I'd LOVE to go to your fave spots if I'm ever in your hometown. Remember, I gotta do my trip to James Dean's gravespot one of these days!! That's in Indiana, I forget the city at the moment though.


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