Sunday, December 11, 2011

Two times in one day... far as changing outfits goes.
This is my Sunday outfit post. I won't add pictures of my outfit from yesterday, because there was none, unless you count my pink onesie that I wore while doing homework on my couch
Today we woke up at 9:30 and started our day of running around and visits. We finally got to meet baby Jagger, the son of our friends Bob & Elyssa. Jagger is sooo cute...and gassy! We loved him, and for me, it's always so incredible to meet the little person that two people I know created. I love when I can see BOTH my friends or family in the child's face. Jagger was the perfect mix of his mommy and daddy. He'd turn his head one way and he was all Elyssa, and then yawn and look just like Bob. We got to hang out with them for about three hours - I even got spit-up on! :D 
Afterwards, we grabbed some lunch at our favorite diner (I had my usual: waffle + 2 eggs over medium) and bought a few remaining Christmas gifts for my family.
Blazer: H&M; Blouse: Ruche; Boots: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Paint: Nordstrom (sold out - get them here
Excuse my wrinkled blouse (I left the blazer buttoned anyway), I just wanted to show the awesome inside lining.
These shoes are heaven in 5 inches and splattered in paint!
After shopping, we went home and napped for an hour before heading to Pop Pops' house for his 80th birthday! :) We had some yummy ice cream cake and just watched the football game with him. He's such a sweetie and I don't even feel like he's only Mikey's Pop Pops anymore. I love him like my own. From there we went to dinner with my father-in-law and his darling girlfriend Marilyn, and my sister-in-law Sami.
Outfit numero dos...
Reindeer sweaters rule!!: H&M (last year)
Ooold American Eagle button up underneath
Candy Dipped Brogues: ModCloth 
Today I dressed casually both times, just changing my tops and shoes. Even running errands I found my Jeffrey Campbell Litas truly comfortable and effortlessly easy to walk in. I'm falling more in love with this shoe every time I look at it. I recommend any pair of Litas to every girl. There are endless colors and patterns to choose from at Solestruck
Okay, I'm coming right back to post some randoms from the weekend...


  1. I love the sweater, and the blue shirt and the jacket. The candy colored oxfords and platforms, however, I can't do. I love that you can pull them off though! You have this knack for being able to mix things that most people wouldn't think of pairing together & it works!

    Oh and I did listen to your song for you! It's cute. I do prefer "James" however. You must do me a favor now. Listen to "Not Your Fault" by Awolnation. It's awesome & like my party song now. =)

  2. @ Roni: Girl you were NOT playing in that paint splattered piece of heaven! Get it girl! And you know I always love a good bow and a good blazer...loving the lining in this blazer. It looks like you guys have awesome weather (well at least better than ours). Thanks for the heads up on Solestruck. That's my next stop. =o)

  3. both pairs of shoes are awesome! I especially love the modcloth pair. Oh and I'm so happy your like Over The Rhine. They are they best.

  4. Jen,
    I'm listening to your song as I type this. :) And I do love "James" too! Honestly, I love almost every Camera Obscura song I've ever heard. I'm admittedly addicted to them at this point.
    Thank you for the sweet things you said, love! I appreciate that. And I love mixing things together, taking the risks of "Oh shit, does this actually work?" And then saying, "oh well" and wearing it anyway. Lol
    P.s. I LOVE this song. I've heard it before, somewhere.

  5. Khalilah,
    I no kidding thought of you by wearing this old blazer! I could see you wearing it too.
    Oddly enough, this has been a pretty chill December, compared to last year. But it is getting colder unfortunately. I was freezing my buns off last night in that outfit.
    I'm glad you checked out Solestruck! That is a fantastic website. They have a huge selection of so many nutty brands of shoes.

  6. Amber,
    Thanks, doll!
    I can't believe I had gone my whole life without their sound in it. They're good thinking music, and I love my thinking music. So thank YOU for putting me on to them. :)


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