Thursday, December 15, 2011

Cry-Baby Walker

Paying homage to one of my fave movies of all time, Cry-Baby
[found here]
I can't believe it (my holiday breakdown) didn't happen sooner with all the running around, Christmas shopping for everyone online and hoping it arrives before we leave Jersey, finals and other stresses that develop. Well, today we managed to finish the last of the Christmas the mall. I promised myself I wouldn't go to the mall during the month of December, but we had to. There were a couple things we needed to buy, and unfortunately they wouldn't arrive in the mail until after we were already in Texas. And we didn't want to get raped with the ridiculous charges online to have items sent in two business days, so we sucked it up and headed to Willowbrook Mall, which to our surprise wasn't a nightmare at all. The frustrating part came when we were going back and forth on what we thought certain people would like, not knowing sizes, etc. I was in a sour puss mood the entire time. It was just so mind boggling to Mikey that I could be so miserable amidst all that delicious retail, but I just wasn't feeling it. I've been so stressed out lately and I feel like the amount of rest I get is never enough, yada yada yada; ladies, you know this story.
So we get home and the UPS guy has a delivery for us. I was expecting one of the gifts that I ordered for Mikey, but this big box was addressed to him, and he figured it was something he ordered for me. He goes to his office and opens it up to find it was the baseball display case that I bought for his vintage signed baseballs he's been collecting since he was a kid. He's had them stored away in a backpack as long as I've known him, and I know he wants nothing more than to display them proudly, so I thought it'd be a great gift. He felt really bad when he saw it and I just started crying because this is the third of his Christmas gifts that won't be a surprise at all. I know this seems really petty to cry over, but it was just my breaking point. I love the surprise of the gift giving at Christmas time, and unfortunately he didn't give me much to work with as far as his wishlist this year. I got him exactly what he wanted and so he likes to jokingly tease me that he already knows - that pisses me off! I did get him other things that he has no clue about, but this baseball wall mount was a big one that I was eager to see his face light up with next week...I just felt like Christmas would suck for him and it made me feel crappy, but he doesn't think like that. He felt horrible and begged me to let him give me one of my Christmas gifts tonight. I didn't want to. In my family we got to open one gift at grandpa's on Christmas eve and the rest with our family on Christmas day. That's it. So I like doing it like that, but Mikey has always been one to start begging for us to open them like weeks before! Wtf is up with that? Lol After him pleading for me to open a gift that way he could see me smile, I finally agreed with a sigh...his idea worked. I smiled and wiped those tears away. Breakdown be gone!

It's so funny the littlest things that can send me into tears after I've been going a mile a minute for weeks or months. I really needed that cry; I feel so much better. But that might just be the Chanel talking... :)



  1. Mikey is so sweet! And any Chanel can make a girl happy!
    I'm so jelly that you get all the pretty things in Tiffany blue & Chanel boxes. Tell Carl to send me something pretty & soon....else I might not come back east.

  2. Jen,
    He really is a wonderful husband. I'm a lucky girl and I wanna make replicas of him to hand out to my amazing friends, like you. haha
    I'll threaten Carl the next time I see him at Clash. ;)

  3. lol Ok. If you can find a blonder, slightly taller version of him (no offense, Mikey!), bring him to me! And please, let me know how the Carl-threating goes. hahaha

  4. Ohhh I'm telling Mikey you said he's a short, dirty blond loser. You're gonna hurt his feelings, Jen. How dare you!

  5. lmao I SOOO did not say that. I said that I like them blonder & super-tall, when it comes to looks. Other than that, Mikey is just fine the way he is. Don't try to trick me, punk! hahaha

  6. I love you too, nerd. Ima beat you when you come to Tejas!

  7. I think everyone gets a little crazy around this time of year. At least you got to smile when you opened that sweet gift!

  8. Amber,
    I'm glad to know it's common for folks to have these holiday melt downs. I was really happy after he gave me a gift. :) I felt just like a little kid that cries until they get a ball or something.

  9. Tear...for real (so sacchrine sweet)

  10. Saccharine: thanks for teaching me a new word! I most definitely just dictionary-d it. lol

  11. Awww that is so sweet. I totally get breaking down cause you want something to be a surprise. ONe year back when we were still dating I had the perfect gift for my hubby and he went out and bought himself one. I broke down crying cause I so wanted to be the one to give it to him.
    Hope the rest of your christmas holiday goes well!

  12. Haha, Melissa, that's a great-sob story as well! I think women just try to do so much as it is, and then during the holidays it's amplified until we explode. I hope your holidays are amazing! Thanks. :)


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