Thursday, December 8, 2011

Swedish Dreams

Swedish Dreams

Swedish Hasbeens high heel shoes, $350
Swedish Hasbeens bright colored heels, $380
Swedish Hasbeens wooden heels, $250
Swedish Hasbeens leather heels, $138
Swedish Hasbeens platform clog, £145

The next pair of treating-myself-to-overpriced-but-worth-every-dollar-heels will be a pair of Swedish Hasbeens. I'm completely enamored with them. They remind me of the hundreds of times I watched "Heidi" as a child and she sang that "In our little wooden shoes" song. See, I need these shoes, for pure sentimental reasons.


  1. Ohhh these shoes are really adorable!! They are soo you! I can definitely picture you in all of these :) You must treat yourself to these as your Christmas present to yourself!! :).....oH and especially because the last link you posted has them on sale..Even better!

  2. I know right! I just saw that they came down in price...I'm like, "uhh...sign much?" ;)
    We are so bad with shoes.

  3. Oh I love them, especially the leather heels, the colour is gorgeous.


  4. Lol yes that's def a sign! Hahaha...we def are shoe obsessed..but hey there has never been a great outfit without a great pair of can wear an amazing dress with awful shoes and look horrible but you could wear a casual outfit with amazing shoes and look great! So that's my random logic for why everyone should invest in shoes. Lol

  5. Sarah,
    Hi! And yes the colors of these shoes are sooo amazing. I love the pastels!
    I tried to go to your blog, but it went to a "domain not found page". I'll try and find you by google, but if I can't I'll come back and ask you to leave your blog addy again. :)

    GREAT logic. Obs (obviously)!

  6. Sarah,
    Nevermind! I just figured out to switch the d & l around to read "almost delightful". Duh ;)

  7. Yes, sorry about that :) In reply to your comment left on my blog, I totally agree with you, it's a silly misconception that people have that everyone with tattoos is a thug! I'm glad you like the posts, I like it that other blogs share their tattoos on a guest post for my blog, if you're ever interested in guest posting you can always e-mail me :) xo

  8. Totally cute shoes!

  9. Sarah,
    I would totally enjoy doing a tattoo post on your blog. I'll email you sometime soon about working that out in the future! :)

    I know, these are to die for!

  10. I want those pink loafers. That is all.

  11. Those are my fave too, Khalilah! Samezies!


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