Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bad hair day, yes, but how 'bout that razzmatazz?!

I really, really, really didn't feel like doing up my messy mop today. I was just not feelin' it. So I threw it into a sloppy bun (I usually think those are cute, but mine today was far from it), put a bow clip in and walked out the door. 
Mikey was dressed to thrill. He had to give a presentation in one of his classes and he wore his new tie I bought him from Red Velvet Shop. I think he looked adorable today, and apparently so did everyone else, to include guys! He got lots of compliments on his entire get-up. I had to take credit of course since I do his shopping. ;) After all, a fashionable wife is a fashionable life...maybe, I don't know, I just made it up. 
I love this DKNY coat that I picked up at Daffy's last year for 50% off. My favorite thing about it is the color. It's not quite red or hot's razzmatazz! Do y'all remember that crayon? I used to love coloring things razzmatazz when I was a kid.
Dress: Etsy; Scarf: old; Tights: We love colors; Shoes: Lulu's

What a dapper lookin' fellow!

Excited-for-sushi pictures...
Sharing some shizz:
Inspiration for the day found at my lovely friend Jamie's blog, Bella Vita. She's such a philosopher and I was touched by her post today about the beauty in aging. Feel free to read it here if you want.

I'm not sure what websites, if at all, y'all use to edit your pictures, but I wanted to share the two I use in case y'all wanted to try them. They're both free:
  • has a bunch of fun filters that I like toying around with. Plus they have an app that I downloaded to my phone when I wanna get "artsy" with my mobile uploads. You have to make an account though, not a huge deal, know.
  • also has lots of filters and definitely more options to crop pictures, add text, play with frames, make collages (like what I do on here often), etc. Also, you don't have to make an account, so there's no signing-in bullskit, which I appreciate. 
Like all shopaholics, I receive a ton of emails from various places that I blow money at. Today I got an email from Urban Outfitters, and they're having a super awesome sale of "up to" 70% off. I checked and there's some good stuff, so you might wanna go stalk...I am.

That's it for now. I gotta finish Christmas shopping for my familia. I can't wait to see them in Texas!!! Just 2 more weeks exactly!!



  1. P.S.-You haven't done your tattoo post or your "today I thought of you" posts in a while. Just a reminder.....

  2. Twins! We were both commenting on the others blog at the same time!
    And yessss!!! I thought of that in my car today! I need to do an "I thought of you" post. I've just been balls-busy since school is coming to a close. Blah.
    Also, I haven't done the tattoo post yet because bitches are lazy! LOL I haven't gotten a single email with pictures of all the tattoos and I personally don't have the time right now to pick them out myself, which I usually don't mind doing.

  3. haha. Well, I like the idea, but I'm still kind of leery about my art on someone else's page. But I'll see what I can do about having Steph take pics of my ink. It's all in places I can't reach very well, ya know.

  4. Okay, I get "someone else's page", as in a stranger, but dude it's me. And you have complete access to my page and I'll link you and everything. It's not like I'm going to put pictures of you up and trash talk you. hahaha And at this point, I'm like "who cares who sees pictures of me, blogger is public so everyone and their mama has the potential to run across all this info about my life." And you share really really personal stuff on your page, I don't think awesome pictures of your tattoos are out of line or pushing the envelope. Ya dig? But yes, gimme those pictures, bia.

  5. Yes, yes. Very true. I'm gonna do it. But tats are art. And people can steal those and re-use them. And my friends did them. So, I'm gonna give you all the ones except the ones my friend did.

  6. Jen,
    Dude, I didn't even think about it, but yeah I wouldn't want people stealing my tattoos either. I've known someone that was looking for a tattoo to get online and found one on someone else, and literally got the exact.same.thing. I didn't say anything, because people's tattoos are their business, but I certainly wouldn't have done that. When I do my tattooed beauties post, I'll put on there that, while it's clear we may not be the first or only people in the world with these specific tattoos, we'd appreciate it if people didn't copy ours in their exact appearance if they like them and want one. That work, you think?

  7. Yes, ma'am. The only tattoos that I have that are exactly like anything else in the world are my Jack Skellington tattoo (because hello, its from the movie) and my John Lennon tattoo (because it's his self-portrait that he drew himself). That's it. Everything else, a tattoo artist has drawn up themselves, or I designed.

  8. Oooh I want a picture of your Latin (I think that's what it was) script! I love that tattie.

  9. You always have the cutest outfits!!!!! I love your tights...I think I'll get some too hehe

    by the way..have you tried ?? It's great...pretty close to photoshop...good enough to be a free photo editor :)

  10. Leticia,
    I have not tried the site you mentioned. I didn't even know it existed. Next time I do outfit pics, I'll definitely give it a shot. Today I'm staying in my onesie all day to do homework. Lol
    And thank you for the sweet words, friend. :)

  11. Oooh, thanks for the little tippy-tip on Urban Outfitters. Also, the photo editing deals. I will have to check them out. You're such a well-spring of knowledge. =o)


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