Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eso es una mierda!

I just love this wool newsboy cap that I've had for years but seldom take out anymore. I made it a point to remember to start wearing it again by displaying it in plain sight.
It's still raining cats and dogs here so I didn't want to even touch my hair. Newsboy cap it is!
Hat: don't remember; Long sleeve: UO; Vest: Ruche; Skirt: Forever 21; Tights: Target; Shoes: old as dirt
I wanted to get a side picture to try and show the green of the skirt (since my lighting doesn't capture it at all), and look who's standing in mommy's outfit pictures again. :)
I picked up these adorable owl earrings at a boutique in Vegas right before we moved, but I've seen them on ModCloth, and look-a-likes at Forever 21, just fyi. 
My Danzig. And he most certainly lives up to his name, although he looks so sweet here. 
A couple highlights of my day:
  • I was in the computer lab at school this morning finishing off a writing assignment where I was describing a main character in the comfort of her own home, blah blah blah. I must have been so into the idea of being at my home, because I let out the biggest and loudest burp ever! It took me like two seconds to be like, "Holy shyza, I'm in the computer lab!" So I cupped my mouth in embarrassment and blurted out, "I'm so sorry!!" But the two girls to my right didn't seem to notice or care and just ignored me entirely. (Thanks?) So I turned around to the two guys dressed in suits (must've been giving a presentation) and said, "I'm really's a bad habit, I forgot where I was." And one of them responded with, "no problem", but with no laughable or sincere expression on his face. Between the four of them acting like it was no big deal, I felt even more awkward! Then to top it off, I have this bad habit of laughing to myself when I replay totally embarrassing scenes in my naturally I started giggling like a creeper in my little space, and of course felt that much more like a nut-job. I packed up and got out of there quick!
  • My partner in Spanish class and I each wrote up a half of a dialogue skit we have to act out every week using that lesson's vocabulary. This week was on airline travel. Well, one of the lines I wrote said that our flight was departing early, but unfortunately we were arriving in Aruba very late. I wrote out Kathleen's next line, which was to be, "that sucks!", but I didn't remember how to say this in Spanish, so I Google-translated it. Google said the Spanish translation was, "Eso es una mierda!" When Kathleen read that line aloud in class, my professor's mouth dropped. She asked us what we meant to say. I told her and she said, "No no no, that's not what that means." I was so confused...Google was wrong? So I asked her what Kathleen really said. Eso es una mierda apparently translates to "that's shit".  I busted out laughing (standard) and the professor sort of chuckled, but reminded me that I couldn't use that line in class again. No shit. Thanks for settin' me up, Google.
Off to bed, to bed I said!
Goodnight, dolls.

Love & bearhugs,


  1. lmao That's funny! If you ever need any more bad ideas to use, just call up my Mama! She'll help you out! hahah

  2. P.S.-Cute earrings!

  3. your hat is really cute. I can never pull off that style. My head just looks funny.

  4. Jen,
    Between your mom and my mom, I'm sure I could learn to say some things that would get me into a heap of fun trouble. :) And thanks on the earrings!

    I actually totally see you wearing this hat; it's right up your alley, too. I always think my head is too massive to pull off certain things. Like short hair. I look dumb with short hair.

  5. 1st know I am digging the hat. Those are my fave! I like the mustard yellow with the green & the owl earrings. OMG, bless your heart I LQTM about the burp heard around the world (or computer lab as it were) and the Google story. Girl you are too much. LOL!

  6. LOL! Khalilah, I had to google LQTM to find out what you meant. You know all the hip acronyms that I don't know. You were the first person I saw to ever use SMH. I had to google that then too! Glad I could make you chuckle. :) Do you have a newsboy cap? I've seen all your fedoras, but can't remember if you have one of these. You rock hats so well.
    P.s. I totally should have titled this, "The burp heard around the world + Eso es una mierda". I love your wit.

  7. Omg totally laughed out loud at your funny stories!! hahahah, what's really funny about the burping was you laughing aloud at yourself..because I totally do the same thing when I have an embarassing moment..then I'm even more embarassed when I'm like laughing alone and people are looking at me like I'm crazy hahahaha!! Rotflmao!! and the spanish story was hilarious too! What a day, LmL.

  8. Girl, I keep laughing at it still when I think about it! At least I learned a new Spanish phrase, that I'll actually use often. Hell, I've used it three times today. LOL And I'm glad I'm not the only weirdo who laughs alone! :)
    P.s. I miss you already! I need my Ashley fix. We have to do something next weekend.

  9. Roni-

    Great outfit. I think its my favorite one you posted. The poodle sweater is a close contender.

    Just caught up on all the blog posts I missed! Very entertaining and makes my entire day go by quicker. Thanks! : )

    Mike's tie is absurd. Not "absurd" in the true sense, but more of a hybrid of the words "ABSolutely balling out of control" and "URDu", which is a Pakistani language (those tie colors remind me of Pakistan).


  10. Thanks for giving a shit, Kiser!! haha I thought you trailed off to more exciting work. :P No really, thanks for coming back and catching up. I appreciate it! :)
    And thanks on the outfit compliments! Even though this one is far from my personal fave.
    I don't know how I feel about Mikey's tie having a Pakistani feel...hmm...

    I LOL'd at "Jaxballz"!

  11. Yep, I have about 10 paperboy caps. LOL! Thank you...I love hats. I would wear one everyday if I could.

  12. Hahaha, I LOVE this. I still remember the professor's look of total shock, and we were like, "what?" :)

    1. LOLOLOL!! I started laughing out loud just now when you reminded me of how clueless we both were after you said it. :) SO funny!


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