Friday, December 2, 2011

Bow tie obsession (& way too many pictures)

The insanely adorable bow ties that I ordered from Red Velvet Shop came in yesterday! I couldn't even wait to wear one of them to school today!  
As soon as I got out of class for the day, Mikey and I met up to walk my favorite path (the one I wrote about on Wednesday) and take lots of pictures of my happy-happy-joy-joy outfit. I must say, I was feeling really spirited today. Something was in the air...again. :)
We also discovered a new area we hadn't seen on campus yet: the backyard of the mansion. It was GORGEOUS and I tried to take a few pictures of the mansion itself, but the sun was right above it so the images are a little washed out. I'll try again on Monday (I'm obsessed with this locale - it's breathtakingly beautiful). We strolled through the grass and took some pictures in a small nook. Again, there were a ton of pictures taken so I'll try not to get carried away with posting them all. Just some. 
**I'm telling y'all, if any friends/family come visit, one of thee places you have to see is our campus!
~I love this little barn shed~

~My favorite place :))) It's the best once the sun's gone down~

~Do you realize how much I LOVE bows? Especially bow TIES!~
Dress, oxfords: ModCloth 2009; Wool cardigan: Free People 2010; Tights (green): Target: Bow tie: Red Velvet Shop

~Benches <3~

~The gate we saw leading to the moment my mouth dropped. I should have taken a picture of the massive yard itself~

~Little nook~
~Back of the mansion. I'll get pics next time of the little pool pond thingies on the deck. Pretty!!~

~And without the cardi. My face is already gettin' red from the cold, lol~

I have always been very passionate about supporting independent and/or small businesses. Red Velvet Shop is an online store (and is actually physically located in Springfield, MO - I want to go badly!) that is owned and operated by a sweet blogger and entrepreneur named Elsie (she's a fellow ModCloth fanatic like me, so we usually have the exact same dresses and shoes!), along with her sister and bff. They have vintage items + handmade pieces that they've created in the shop! The bow tie I'm wearing is in "pumpkin patch"; I also got the bow tie in "sweet tart" and bought Mikey the Mister Stripe's so cute! I encourage y'all to check the website out - you might find something you like! (Just an idea, and no I'm not a Red Velvet spokesperson or anything, I'm just a satisfied customer.)

Thanks for reading! 

Bear hugs,


  1. I love this dress and that adorable bowtie. Hmm, maybe I'll try to Khalilah-Fy a bowtie. To be continued...

  2. Thanks, Khalilah, doll. :) I'd love to see a K-fied bowtie! Make me one too while you're at it. Lol


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