Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Having a moment with nature

I don't think I've told the blog world about how much I adore the landscape and sheer beauty of my campus.  I've taken pictures over the last year, capturing its 'new' look with each season come, and shown my facebook friends just why I'm so in love with it, but not here yet. I'll eventually do a post sharing some of my favorite pictures that I've taken of our school (Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ). 
But right now I wanted to talk about what you can't see in the pictures (maybe some of you can, in fact, I know some will be able to see what I see). 
Every Wednesday I have a writing class in the mansion, and every Wednesday I get to walk down this incredibly peaceful path to get there. I love the way the trees climb high on both sides of the one-way street, and the way the air touches my face and then makes its way through my hair. I love the way this path alters its appearance throughout the year, as the leaves change colors, fly in circles before falling, and then come alive again in spring.  The scenery on this entire campus is always presenting itself in a brand new light of attractiveness to me. Each time I find myself captivated and moved to...something going on inside of me, I wish that I had Mikey or a special friend there to share it with. It makes me really, really happy to drive and walk through FDU. 
Here's a picture I took today while I was having one of my usual moments. (I've always found light posts simply charming.) 
This was my caption for the picture on facebook. It was everything I was feeling right then and there, and I wanted to get it out and share with my friends:

I have never felt more at one with the trees, the sky over my head and the air around me as I do every time I walk down this path. I know it doesn't look like much, but I'm completely taken away with it, each time walking with my head up and sometimes my eyes closed. One of these days I'm going to take a bad fall or bump into someone, but maybe I won't. Maybe nature will look out for me since I've taken such a fascination to her beauty. That undeniable beauty, even with these bare branches. I love it.

When I get to my car after having walked this stretch, I frequently smile and breathe in silence for a minute and think about the scene in the movie "Garden State" where Natalie Portman talks about Zach Braff being "in it". I seem to find myself "in it" quite often. 
*"In it" basically means having those strong, deep moments where it's almost like there's something magical and really significant going on in your head, heart, body, etc...aka "real shit" (what I jokingly refer to it as). By the way, if you haven't seen the movie, you need to. 
I wish that everyone in the world had a little place (or places) that made them feel the way this quiet stretch makes me feel. It truly is magical, and I am thankful for it. It humbles me with every step and let's me know just how small I am in this nothing is that big of a deal while I'm taking these strides. I could go on with this, oh, could I. But I'm going to stop this post here. 
I hope you enjoyed.



  1. I LOVE that you have moments like this and you feel like that. It makes me hope that you realize how important you are in this world and how every step you take in this world has an impact. That is why I recycle, compost, and try to buy clothes & products that are sustainable, recycled, and green. That's why I recently converted to vegetarianism, because I'm doing my best to leave as small as a footprint as possible. I know what I'm doing is a lot compared to most, but it's not enough. But the great thing is, we can all, always do better. =) If you ever need any ideas or tips, I'll be more than happy to help.

  2. Oh & I love Garden State!

  3. Jen,
    I definitely feel at one with the world and thankful that I have a life and breath to be apart of it. I'd be lying if I said during every "moment" I've ever had it made me want to recycle and go green. I mean, I try and do stuff like that here and there, randomly, not like a change of life style thing. If I see a recycle bin, I'll throw my papers there. If I can buy recycled spiral notebooks and folders, I'll do it, sure. But when I'm having these moments, it's something else going on inside's like really nothing to do with that. I'm not bashing what you said in any way! I just can't explain it without it sounding like I am...I hope you know what I'm trying to say. These moments are about FEELING the life in the trees and in myself and us co-existing together, and feeling the earth inside me, and God and all this other spiritual stuff. I do agree with what you said, it's just not what's primarily going on inside me when this happens. I hope that makes better sense. But yes, I do usually, without even knowing, by clothes, bags and shoes that are eco-friendly and vegan. I have a few pairs of shoes like that, that I would have never noticed a difference! And they were cheaper! Score! :)
    Oh dude, and I so remember watching Garden State in your old dorm room with Michelle. Awww I miss those days.

  4. I know exactly what you mean.I have those moments all the time. I guess it's just the maternal instinct in me to want to protect the beauty, too, though. And I get mad when I see people abusing my earth, my home. So, you now know why I'm so crazy about being such a hippie. =) (lmao as I'm typing this, the Shins are singing "and they're all standing up for their rights....")

  5. Yeah, I'm more of an at-one-with, spiritual Earth are everything I am + the one that's standing up at the podium saying, "If you love it, let's preserve it, assholes!" lmao! I love you!
    The Shins...ahhh <3

  6. Ha! Jen I was just posting to say that I was so happy she referenced Garden State. That is one movie, Roni, that I am obsessed with!!!

  7. My absolute favorite scene in Garden State is the swimming pool part, when Zach Braff talks about home, calling it "the place where you put your shit" after you've been gone for a while. It always sends chills down my body and makes me get a lump in my throat, because it's so devastatingly true. I LOVE that movie!

  8. You make me really want to skip down that road. Your school is beautiful.

  9. Khalilah, if you ever come out here we can totally do a fashion duo photo shoot on my campus! OOooo idea!


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