Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The magic of shoe shopping

Today started out with a bang. Literally.
I was at a stop sign, on my own street, headed to school when some idiot rear-ended me.  I got out of my car and told him I was going to call the cops. Long story short, he pretended to be cool with the situation, pulled up next to me and told me that we should go to the parking lot right around the corner and discuss things, when he gunned it and totally disappeared. Unfortunately for him, he didn't anticipate me catching a glimpse of his plates and immediately giving the details to the police officer I was on the phone with. However, unfortunately for me, the amazing Paterson Police didn't show up until 4 hours later, so who knows when they'll catch/find this asswipe. *I really don't care if I curse right now -- I have a right to be upset.*
I was upset, but not livid. And the only reason I wasn't screaming and getting fired-up-crazy was because this is the 2nd time in 9 months that I've been rear-ended by the cognizant drivers here. You'd think that would be reason enough to have lost my self-control, but it actually made me feel quite the opposite: a little numbness mixed with "you've got to be fugging kidding me...again?"And okay, I don't want to start classifying all Jersey drivers as morons, but both times I was at a stop. And the individuals behind me were at a stop! How do you still hit someone?!? People around this area just seem to be in a constant rush, a never-ending mad dash for some invisible finish line. I just wanna smack those people around and tell them to freakin' breathe and take it easy. SHEESH!
I ended up missing my class and just waited for the police on my couch. When they didn't arrive after the first hour, I called and asked if they had the right address. Then another three hours went by. And while my patience would have normally worn out within the first hour, I had already maintained some level of zen by looking at shoes online. Mikey has been asking for my Christmas wishlist (which one?! lol), so I figured I'd update them. I started working on each wishlist for different brands of shoes I want...I was CCC (cool, calm and collected) after I started doing that. :)
In case you come across a day that could render you pissed off to the millionth degree, maybe some deep breathing...and scouring of internet retail can keep you from punching walls too! 

I hope y'all had a great Tuesday! And Happy 1 month Blogaversary to my new "baby".
Umbrella, scarf, tights: H&M; Coat: Metro Park 3 yrs old; Glasses: Tiffany& Co. 
Top: UO; Dress: Metro Park 3 yrs old; Owl necklace: Vintage
It was raining today, so when I came back inside and opened my umbrella indoors, Mikey warned me about how it's bad luck to do that. I smiled and shrugged, "Well the day can't get much worse than this. Take the picture." :)



  1. That super sucks! The 2 times I've been to NJ I was appalled (and quite frightened for my life)! Each time we drove somewhere we were thisclose to getting in an accident. Also, when I worked for progressive there was a time when NJ was the only state they wouldn't insure (and they are THEE insurer for the sub-prime customers). SMH. So sorry that happened to you. But at least you still looked cute! I love the owl necklace. And again, HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY! =o)

  2. Khalilah,
    I totally remember you telling me about when you worked for Progressive and I happily remind Mikey about that ALL the time! LOL So as to convince him that as soon as we're done with school we need to move somewhere else. haha I do like/love Jersey, I just can't stand the drivers. I thought Vegas was bad! And yeah there's bad drivers everywhere, but I totally relate to how you say that you were frightened for your life. I see an accident waiting to happen everysingleday and I do my best to stay away from those speed racers.
    Thank you for the sweet compliment and the blogaversary wishes! YOU are SO sweet and thoughtful, all the time. I am very fond of you as a person and our friendship. :)

  3. Awww! Thank you sweetness! I really appreciate that! And ditto! =o)


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