Friday, November 4, 2011

"Wear It With A Smile"

Mikey wrote me a song tonight that I just had to share with the world.
It's absolutely adorable, and once again he's reminded me that I'm such a lucky gal. :)

Here it is:

Mikey chose all the pictures and created the video all by himself. :) Again, this was totally random and he just turned an ordinary Thursday night/early Friday morning into something truly special. 

**Photography courtesy of Exposure Photography by Jason Talley in Las Vegas, NV. These photos were taken the day before we moved from Vegas (5 August 2010) on Fremont Street.**
*Outfit deets: all dresses and shoes from ModCloth*



We just watched the vid here on the blog and for some reason you can't expand it to view full screen; if you want to watch it as such you have to actually click on the box that says "youtube". Even there the quality of the photos is pretty grainy in full screen, for some reason. It doesn't look like that when we watch it from iMovie on my Mac. Sorry :( But I hope y'all enjoy it! 


  1. I think so too! He did a great job and it was very thoughtful. I want to give all my girlfriends a "Mikey" for Christmas! :)


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