Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sharing things I love, from people I love

First and foremost, I love love love this little song and video that Mikey made me last week. I know I put it up once, but I don't care...here it is again. 
I am totally digging on my long time friend Phill's music page. You should check it out here. Just click on each of the cd-like covers and listen! 

I heart my girlfriend Jen's new blog where she's been blogging her butt off! It's called How To Love and I've enjoyed reading each post thus far. 

If any reader that lives in the Jonesborough/Johnson City, Tennessee area ever stumbles upon my little blog and you need to "get your hair did", then you've got to see my gal, Paige over at Inspire Hair Studio. She'll make you look good! Here's her facebook hair page (where you can see her personal work) and her blogspot with lots of hair info and tricks! 

Now this is really awesome...lol. My husband and his bff Mike Kiser have a band, Twin Keys and Murder (my idea!), and they made/make the most hilarious, if not the super coolest songs ever! I heard all of these songs played over and over and over last year, most often at like 5 am, while they sipped on a fresh bottle of Johnnie Walker Black...there's some good stuff. I can't get enough of "Hankering For Booty" myself. That one's a Mike Kiser original though. Here's the Twin Keys and Murder page

Inspiration much? I love love love my girlfriend Lindsay's amazing story of a total change in life style and body image. I've read this post (featured on Wolfe4Life Training and Nutrition's facebook page) a couple times and it always makes me so proud and happy. FABULOUS job, Linds! You are an inspiration to many people, especially women. 

My fellow fashionista-in-crime, Miss Khalilah, has a blogspot that I can't get enough of. I'm always there drooling over her adorable outfits and sky-high heels. ;) Her style is very office-chic, sexy and va-va-voom in your face most days...I lurve it! I read one of her posts a while back about not purchasing a piece if it didn't go with at least three other things in your closet...I actually tried to do that when I went shopping last week and couldn't believe how much money it saved me! I had never done it before, so thank you Khalilah for keeping my debit card from temptation! :) 

Finally, I cannot stop watching this adorable video of my own sweet nephew, Nathaniel, trying to talk to his Daddy. I told y'all that my sissy sends me daily pics and sometimes videos; this one is my latest fave. Isn't he just trying soooo hard to talk that it makes you burst with cutesywootsyness? :)
I hope you enjoyed my Sharing post! These are just a few things that make my heart melt, make me smile, or make me proud. 
As far as my day (now yesterday since it's past midnight on Wed.), like I said, it was great. I felt like I was walking on sunshine for whatever reason. I love when life gives you days like that. For absolutely no reason at all. 
Oh, this is random: I was high-fived by the kind Middle Eastern gentleman working at the convenient store that I purchased bubble gum at yesterday morning. Why? He told me I was beautiful and asked me where I was from. I said, "...America", but I could tell he was curious about my ambiguous ethnicity, so I said "well I'm Mexican...", to which he smiled with bright eyes and immediately high-fived my palm. LOL Maybe he really loves On the Border? :) It amused me nonetheless. 

See y'all later. <3



  1. Tears in my eyes. Seriously. I love that you mentioned me. I need to play catch up on all the blogs since you first told me about your site. - Linds

  2. Awww, dude I really felt inspired by your words in that post that you wrote. It's amazing and I think anyone that reads it can find a million reasons to smile and wanna high five you at the same time! You are somethin'! And you deserve everything on your Christmas list! haha

  3. LOL! I'd have to sell a kidney for everything on my Christmas list ;)

  4. Aww! See I missed out on this nice little post. You're so sweet Roni! I have now subscribed by email so hopefully I'll stay up-to-date. I do tend to read all of your posts. Just seems like I get to em' all late (like that one cellphone commercial where they're all "that was so 27 seconds ago"). Anyway, thanks for mentioning me and my little bloggy-wog. I am really try to keep up with it and draw more interest but I am finding it challenging, so I appreciate all the help I can get. I had made up my mind I was going to plug yours on my "like" page this week. Teehee!

  5. Hey no problem! :) I LOVE your blog! It has me HOOKED, girl!
    And yeah, I follow some fashion blogs that have thousands upon thousands of followers, but they all say it didn't happen over night or even in the first years, it just...happens. I just enjoy the few people that do read my blog (to include you), that let me know they're reading it and enjoying the content! I just want it to be fun and happy and pretty!
    And hey, THANKS for looking out and putting my little blog out there like that! That's mighty sweet of you!


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