Monday, November 7, 2011

Just another manic Monday

Hey friends,
I just wanted to write really quick while I'm taking a tiny break between copious homework assignments.  Speaking of these little breaks, do any of you have certain things you have to do to clear your mind when you're this snowed under? Do you go outside and breathe fresh air every couple hours or anything like that?  One thing that I do regardless is drink glass after glass after glass of water throughout the day, but when it comes to the times that I'm gonna be pulling a homework-all nighter I find it especially important to continuously fill up on H2O. Why? Because it keeps me getting up to use the restroom and therefore, I'm constantly getting to stretch and feel good enough to go back and get the work done...does that make sense? Because it totally makes sense for me and it's a must-do every Monday night.  The other thing I do every half hour or so is pushups! I love my pushups. They totally clear my head and make me feel rejuvenated and wide awake, especially when I'm starting to feel the sleepy eyes come on.

Anywho, this weekend we drove down to D.C. to see our good friends, the Hampes; they were our apartment neighbors when we lived in Vegas.  We became so close with them that Mikey was Byrl's best man and I was one of MeeMee's bridesmaids at their wedding last July.  We LOVE them.
Byrl is in the Army now, stationed in Kentucky, and recently began suffering from severe migraines.  He didn't think much of it at first but it turned out he had a huge cyst growing on his brain! :( Byrl, MeeMee, and their son Rayden, drove to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and last weekend Byrl underwent brain surgery.  Mikey and I are only 4 hours away from D.C. so we knew it was without question that we'd visit our dear friends.  We had a blast seeing them again! And thank God, Byrl seemed to be doing just fine. He is walking with a cane and gets motion sickness fairly quickly, but with prayer and time I know he'll be feeling like his old self again.  The Hampes were staying in a big house that comfortably holds room for 20 different military families that are also staying on the base for medical attention.  It was really sad and hard to see other military members in their early 20's missing limbs and being taken care of by the family members that flew out to help them get around and eat.  Not that I needed the reminder, but it made me once again aware of the sacrifice our military members make every single day.  They are the real heroes of this world, and we should all be forever thankful that they fight for our freedoms.

On that note, I'm going to leave you with some pictures of our time with Byrl, MeeMee, and Rayden.
Goodnight and sweet dreams, y'all.
P.s. I didn't get a picture of what I wore today because I jumped into pjs and napped for three hours as soon as I got home from school -- I knew it was going to be a loooong night.


  1. Stephen told me earlier about byrl! i'm so glad the surgery went well, and we'll definitely keep him and the family in our prayers!!!!


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