Saturday, November 26, 2011

North Carolina trip in pictures + outfit posts

We just got home and I am Tiiiiirrrreeeeddd! Must. s l e e p. soon. 
First, this post.
Thanksgiving Day ~outfit~
from the bottom of the stairs
Dress: Trollied Dolly via Ruche; Heels: Seychelles via ModCloth

Mikey & I...oh, and our dogs, Bowie & Jaxon

My brother-in-law, Zach, sister-in-law, Sami, & Mikey (minus their sister Vanessa)

Day after Thanksgiving @ Wrightsville Beach ~outfit~
Dress, leopard headband, belt: H&M; Blazer: Hot Topic 2007; Tights: Target; Heels: Seychelles via Endless

Walking with the fam & all the dogs along the beach
candid shot of Bowie & I  :)

Back at the condo...

My father-in-law, big Michael, Zach & Mikey

My mother-in-law, Doranne, Sami & I at dinner (I have a pic of the guys, but it's too dark)


It was a great trip! Short, but a good time nonetheless. And I actually got over 8 hours of sleep before we did the drive back home, so I surprised Mikey by volunteering to start off the drive. And yes, we had Chik-Fil-A on the way home, too.  ;)
Happy Saturday night, friends! I'm gonna watch some British comedies and maybe grab a waffle at the diner with Mikey here in a sec...guess I'm not that tired anymore...not when I think of waffles. 

Bear hugs! :)


  1. I like the beach outfit. =) Glad you had a good time. Our house is full of Christmas cheer already & now I'm watching Rudolph before work!

  2. Omg Jen!! Do you realize that Rudolph is my favorite Christmas movie OF ALL TIME??!!!! I have watched it every single Christmas since I was a kid! I can't miss doing my little tradition or something feels way off.
    Thanks, I liked my 'beach' outfit too. I stood out like a sore thumb, lol, everyone else was in shorts and a beat-up tee.
    I am loving Christmas cheer in the air. It really is the best time of the is Halloween of course! ;)

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  4. Yum, waffles! Chris has been trying to convince me that we should buy a waffle maker. I am adamant that we can't have one in the house because I will be about as huge as the country is wide. Anyway, I love your fun little Thanksgiving outfit. It's totally different than my shrunken sweats, Chris' thermal and over the knee rainbow argyle socks. =S

  5. HAHAH!!! Oh, Khalilah, you are hilarious! I would probably be the size of a house too if we got a waffle maker, but that still wouldn't keep me from getting one! Nom nom nom :)
    And your Thanksgiving outfit sounds wayyyy comfy! There's no shame in that! But ummaa where can I get a pair of those rainbow argyle socks??? They sound legit!

  6. I have had them for years! I think I told you before how I despise my former ballerina hideous feet. Hence, my obsession with funky socks. I have had that particular pair for years. People always end up buying me funky socks because they know I love them. Those rainbow argyle ones MAY have come from Spencers.

  7. I hate my feet too! In fact, I hate feet period.
    My mom bought me these cool monkey sock slippers...they're sooo cool! I think she got them at Marshall's or Ross, but they feel like socks but they're house shoes with a big monkey head on them. :)


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