Monday, November 28, 2011

Red Velvet and Houndstooth all over!

Hey friends,
I got to school a little over 2 hours early today to walk around our lovely campus with Mikey and get some lunch at Panera Bread. I'm actually blogging from my computer lab--first blog ever not posted from my comfy couch!
I wanted to take advantage of the daylight and get some pictures of my outfit taken (for once).Yay for not having to take the pictures inside our apartment today!
Houndstooth Coat: ModCloth 2009; Tights: Target; Houndstooth heels: Lulu's

Red velvet headband: ModCloth; Blue neck tie blouse: Ruche; Velvet skirt: Forever 21; Cardigan: Express

Ten minutes until class starts and I have a presentation to give! Wish me luck that I don't sound like a dweeb. :)



  1. Oh Emm Gee! Just jump like you did up there^^^ and they'll be putty in your hands. I can't! Anyway, you know how I have a side affair with houndstooth (what Chris doesn't know won't hurt him) you know I am in love with those shoes and the jacket! So adorable. Your style is so effortless and uncontrived. I love it! Good luck on that presentation. Knock em' dead tiger!

  2. Khalilah,
    The jump shot moment went like this:
    Me: "Mikey, take a picture of me doing an air shot."
    Mikey: "You're going to jump in heels? That's not possible."
    Me: "Um...I can do it. Just take the picture."
    And the results were pretty phenom! Mikey even did the bug-eyed thing when he looked at the picture afterward. He was so impressed with my jumping skillz. Hahahaha!
    Oh, I wore this outfit with you in mind all day! I know you love it too! I love houndstooth in other colors too. I have a vintage houndstooth pencil skirt in maroon, black, white and I forget what other colors, but I'm planning on wearing that one this week. It is NOT a fashion crime to wear a pattern back to back is it? Lol
    And thank you for the sweet compliments. :) Oh, and as you probably saw on your fb page, we'll have to postpone those "good lucks" till Thursday. :)

  3. I love the coat. I've been wanting one like that forever. There are so many fashionable items, such as jackets that I simply cannot wear because of the girls. =(

  4. Aww Jen =( Well, I know you're not alone. My friend posted and talked about that just the other day. I didn't know that lots of big breasted girls couldn't wear certain coats. That's sooo not cool! You could always just layer and still wear the coat open, like this one blogger talked about. She just wears like a blouse, a cardi and her coat over that, all unbuttoned.


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