Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Because God knew we would need each other

Today I thought of you: Natty
I missed school today because when I woke up I was overcome with headaches and that sweaty-clammy feeling like a fever would turn up, so I went back to bed...quite happily actually. lol! I ended up sleeping the day away and woke up thinking of you. I guess because of the way I was feeling last night when I had my big cry baby-breakdown. I went to bed last night in a funk (I don't like when that happens) and it must have still been lingering in my subconscious; it's been a while since I've felt such a way that caused me to cry like that, so I still feel hints of it right now...and I don't like feeling like that. 
That's where you come in. I wish I still had you so close by, because you always have the right words to say when I can't really get them through to myself. You are one of the most positive people I know and I love that about you! You carry yourself with such a heavenly grace and you're completely devoted to the ones that love you. Our friendship is pure and unconditional. 
I love our conversations...that are never under 3 hours!! :) They are filled with nothing but pain in my belly and cheeks from laughing so hard. I love when we have our "Who does that?!" convos, lol, because I know that when we share stories of disappointment, it only goes to show us that these are things we never have to worry about from the other.  Ever.  
I can't believe I once said that I didn't think you and I would be friends; Steph always jokingly reminds me of that and I have to tell her that I was referring to the fact that you and I seemed to be two totally different people back then. As in, I was always out going to rock bars and rock concerts...I had tattoos and came on a little strong; you were the same sweet Natty as you are today.  I just thought we wouldn't have any commonalities. Boy was I wrong! You and I are the same person at the core - we have the same morals, ethics, and expectations in what makes a successful relationship/friendship, and the same ability to laugh (with each other) about situations that we could potentially be crying about. You and I were destined to become friends when we did. I needed to calm down a bit and you got to let out your wild side with me (haha!). It was a perfect balance! 
I miss being roomies and watching cartoons and girly movies...eating cake with every meal! I miss our experiments with cooking - usually big fails! haha I miss sharing clothes and shoes!! <--big time! Or the many times we locked Danzig in the pantry...or outside the house on a cold winter night. Wine nights with board games were such a delight! I miss singing George and Clint songs together...dare I add Taylor Swift to the mix? Oh, and how could I forget "Hollywood Trickery", "his coat's gettin' dirty!", or our endless laughs at Flavor of Love. All good times. :)
Most of all, I miss our heart to hearts, and the hundreds of times we confided in each other with things we knew we could only fully talk about with each other, because of that true level of Understanding that we both thankfully exhibit. 
I'm very thankful that you have always been a genuine confidant to me. And I'm super lucky to have you in my life. I titled this post after the frame you gave to me on an occasion that I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember. But it has a picture of you and I from the George Strait concert in February of 2008 and it says, "Friends: Because God knew we would need each other". I've always loved those words and know with all my heart that God intertwined our paths for a reason: to give us one of the most fulfilling and wholesome friendships that makes a life complete. 
Well, I made a video for you tonight to one of my favorite songs from when I was a kid, "Deeper Than the Holler" by Randy Travis. While Mr. Travis likely wrote this as a romantic love song, I don't see why one couldn't hear it as a friendship-love song! The lyrics are so sweet and it was the first song to come to my mind when I thought about a background tune. :)
*As with the last video I put on here, if you want to see it in full view, you have to click on the bottom right that says "youtube" and expand it from there when it opens up*

I love you, Natty and I know this goes without saying, but our friendship really means the world to me. 
I can't wait to see you again someday. (Hopefully for George's next concert!)



  1. Roni,
    after reading this post and then watching the video I am at a loss for words! You truly articulated this friendship so well. It was and is the perfect balance :) I have always said that you bring out the most carefree side of me ever and I know that I need that, and I love that it's so effortless when we are together! Life gets so crazy, busy, and when people move they tend to move on and lose touch. Amazingly I see our friendship growing stronger and deeper ("than the holler"!!!) despite the distance and time; it's such a blessing in my life. There's so much I miss from our blissful roomie life but I always find comfort in knowing that I can still call you at the drop of a hat for an urgent matter (or dream analysis lol) and we talk it out/laugh hysterically at it, just like old times. I can always count on you for an honest opinion but more than that you have always been on my side, in my corner, cheerleading section x 10, big time encourager and I can't tell you how much it means to me. I remember so many times when I was going through something and you helped me through it and I always hoped that I was as good a friend to you as you have been to me. Well, I'm sure you know I could go on and on (for approx. three hrs actually!) lol, but I just want to say that I love you and you and Steph are like sisters to me. It breaks my heart to know that you have been hurting this week. I will be praying for you but just know that I am always available to talk...I don't care what time it is! If you just want someone to listen, or if you just want me to talk :) I'm here. I'll be as much there for you as I can whenever I can. You're my honkey always ♥

  2. Even while writing touching words you manage to add that hint of humor that I've always loved! And I can totally hear you saying the things in parenthesis in your high-pitched voice! LOL The voice we do when we're in the same room. :)
    Funny enough, after I wrote this I didn't feel any of those yucky feelings lingering anymore! That's the great thing about moods, something like writing about a person who makes you laugh and smile can totally bring you back to the Happy Zone.
    Thanks for the beautiful response to this. I appreciate every word.

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  4. I love that you ate cake with every meal. - Linds

  5. Haha can you blame a girl?! Cake is the shiznit!


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