Sunday, November 27, 2011

"You Get What You Give"

Do y'all remember that song ^up there^ from the late 90's? If not, here's the video to refresh your memory. 
It popped into my head tonight while I was showering, and I couldn't help but think of the title alone and all that that implies. 

If you want your relationships and friendships to be more successful, then put more effort, care, and time into them. If they really mean something to you, then act like it. And be happy for those people that you supposedly love when they're happy. Especially if you know they'd do the same for you in a heartbeat.

If you want to be noticed as a stellar worker, worthy of promotion at work, then stop complaining about doing those tedious little tasks and stop doing the bare minimum (uh-oh Office Space reference). Do your job with pride, whatever it is. One of the best qualities in a person is their work ethic, in my opinion. I cannot stand lazy people in the work place, and don't understand how some people get by with their sub par executions and attitudes. 

If you want to change your lifestyle, then stop talking about it and do it! Be-it working out, eating better or what have you. There are so many online forums that offer tips, or groups of people that are going through the same thing you are all the time, so if you don't have friends to offer encouragement (which is just not awesome) or if you don't feel comfortable talking to your friends, then there's a good chance you can exchange stories and advice there. 

If you want better grades in school, then study your butt off and do all your homework! This one SO applies to me. I say my prayers every night before I go to bed, and I pray for an array of things for each and every person I care about: all my family and friends. The other night I found myself praying that I'd get an A in one of my classes, but then I stopped mid-prayer and said aloud, "Well, God, I guess if I want that A I better start earning it, huh?" Last semester I studied my butt off! I mean, I was in my books everysingleday (I put those 3 words together for emphasizing purposes, lol). This semester I've slacked off in certain classes over others. This class that I was praying about is one that I've not given my full efforts in. I had to look at myself and be honest. Why should I deserve an A if I haven't been giving A-effort? You know what I'm saying? And then that got me thinking about how many people can actually do what I did and self examine...I know so many people that for the life of them cannot take responsibility. I don't understand that. It boggles my mind. Pride can be a butt-biter. 

Anyway, you get the idea of what I was on to tonight. And I completely understand that in certain circumstances giving all you can still doesn't turn out for the best. I know that some people work their butts off and still, their jerk of a boss will give them no such promotion, bonus, or even praise!'s sad. And I know that some people will put blood, sweat and tears into their relationships and marriages, and their significant other will still be a tool or toolette...just wrong. But all these crappy things will happen, I was just talking about YOU simply giving your all, no matter what, instead of griping about things that you've put little time into making better aka results stemming from the work you've put into something. 

Here's a picture that I found a while back on google, but apparently it belongs to this blog, and who knows where they got it from. 
I love love love this, and I agree 100%. Off the top of my head, the only people that can't really follow this verbatim are military service members and their families, but everyone else, this applies to you. And you can't really use your job as an excuse, because you can maybe transfer or find a new job if you absolutely-totally-completely hate where you are. If not, suck it up, buttercup! :) 
Jen, I love that you are such a tumbleweed and you just keep on blowing to new places when you feel like picking up and going. I'd like to consider myself along the same lines. I don't by any means hate New Jersey, I'm actually quite fond of it now (minus SOME of the drivers, lol), but I'm so eager to see where we end up next, and having moved around quite a bit over the last 9 years, I just can't imagine myself in one place too long anymore. :)

**Update** Using the plate number I was thankfully able to call out as the a-hole drove by, the police found the identity of the man that hit me and fled on Tuesday! I've got his name and address, and my insurance company is currently trying to go through his last listed insurance company so he can pay for my damages. I'm hoping that all goes smoothly and we don't have to end up suing him. I just want my Aldie (the Mini's name) handsome and looking like new again. :)

Goodnight, dolls! 



  1. Great post. Definitely helps to keep things in perspective. You mentioned that everything doesn't turn out how we'd like ALL the time. I wanted to add that even if it doesn't at least you know that it wasn't for lack of trying. I never do anything without intentions of being one of the best at it. I put 150% in everything I do. If I give my customary 150% and it doesn't come out right? Well, I know I am just not cut out for that venture because I tried my hardest and it just wasn't meant to be. But the key is really TRYING! Anyway, I hope Aldie is better soon. Glad they at least got the ball rolling. The 2 times I had hit and runs I was just SOL (the Black Dahlia STILL has those damages), SMH.

  2. Wonderful addition that you mentioned. I'm glad you brought that up. And you're so right, there are things that I will give my full efforts to and they just don't make sense for me, so I chalk it up to the fact that it wasn't meant to be. Me and 'it' weren't a good fit. Thank you for bringing that up! Great point.
    That sucks about you having hit and runs too. :( That stinks. But I do love your car's name. Lol "The Black Dahlia"...nice!

  3. Good post girly. =) But alas, all moving this must eventually stop moving, so next stop is Oregon, and that's it for this tumbleweed.

  4. Thanks Jen! :)
    Hm...something tells me there's still some tumbleweed in you yet, and you are not going to settle down in Oregon for longer than a couple years...tops! ;))) You still need to live for at least a year here in the northeast. We need to do nights on the town in NYC again..and eat hot dogs and curse out bad drivers!

  5. I can't eat hot dogs, silly!
    And I would love to live out there for a few years, and maybe I will, but I would have to rent out my house out in Oregon, but to my own 'rents. Read my latest post.

  6. I forgot that you can't eat hot dogs anymore! Oopsy. :)
    I'll go straight to your blog, I was there earlier checking to see if you'd posted today, and then I went down for an 8 hour nap! Well, I guess you can't even call it a nap in that case, more like my sleep for the night since I'm going to be up till I leave for class at 9 now. I have uber amounts of homework! :/

  7. OMG. I was up for 7 hours straight last night taking notes then I went to bed for 6 and now I'm up for 4 to take some notes before work. Uggh. I'm like a week behind, since my advisor is incompetent. Thank the universe that my dean isn't.

  8. Lol, we're both such a mess, Jen!


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