Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The better to see you with

Hello pretties!
Today Mikey and I went out and impulsively purchased new glasses for the both of us.  He actually needed them. I didn't. My Air Force issued frames (the ones you always see me wear) were still good for another year or so, probably longer since I'm such a careful Catherine. BUT I'm not complaining. I about had a heart attack when I saw the sea of frames with hints of Tiffany blue. 
Mikey got some adorable brown Ray-Bans with hints of green. He looks so cute! Lenscrafters had quite the selection! We were very impressed aaand we got each pair + fully loaded lenses (we did the full shebang on them) for 50% off!!! We got a heck of a deal. It was still a pretty penny, and sure we could have done it way cheaper with different brands and basic lenses, but we wear glasses all day everyday; these will pay for themselves within a week. Guilt gone! :)
Here's a picture of us from late 2008/early 2009 (can't remember) when we got our first pairs of glasses together. We were so excited this day too. I got some cheapO brand, red and black frames (cute, but they only lasted about 9 months before they broke), and Mikey got his favorite pair of glasses to date: his army green Converse frames. They only recently broke. He was devastated
And here's what I wore today: (I was sort of channeling some inner 70's vibe)
Blouse: Anthropologie; Vest: Ruche; Jeans: American Eagle; Woven flats: ModCloth; Tie-dye beanie: Forever 21
Goodnight darlings. 


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