Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sharing inspiration from Bella Vita by Jamie

Hi dolls,
It's Saturday afternoon now, but I've been up since before 8 am and anyone that knows me knows that is so not my style (if I don't need to be up for school/work). I'm finally feeling delirious enough to go back to sleep - I also only got about 4ish hours of sleep last night. 
I'm just here to share a post that was such a good read, I was compelled to encourage y'all to read it too. The first inspirational thing I came across today: "Follow the signs", from my darling friend and hillbilly philosopher, Jamie. :) 
I hope you take one whole minute out of your time to read it. It's wonderful and I know you'll enjoy it. 



  1. So sweet V!!! Goodness, I have wonderful friends. Love ya and your style.

  2. Love you too, doll! I love how you call yourself a hillbilly philosopher! It's sooo cute, quirky and YOU. I totally dig your style as well.


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