Monday, November 21, 2011

My my, what a mauve-ulous Monday!

I am head over heels for this fabulous frock by UK brand Dahlia! Today was the third time I've worn it, and each time I've tried to style it differently. Today I wore it with black tights, my cream oxford pumps, a white & black headband, a dark turquoise purse, and cameo style earrings. I was supposed to give a presentation in one of my classes today so I wanted to wear something that makes me feel absolutely confident, but the professor never showed up! Instead I got to go grab lunch with Mikey and exchange some smooches. Win!
This dress is considered mauve online, but it's more like magenta in my opinion.
Dress: Dahlia via ModCloth; Tights; Target; Bag: French Connection '09
Bow headband: Claire's; Cameo earrings: Forever 21; Oxfords: ModCloth
OMG! I'm taking pictures of myself in the mirror!!!! 
 Here's something that made me LOL several times today, because I'm that weirdo that laughs out loud in public when funny stuff pops in my head. (I heart this website)
HAHA! Please tell me you remember this awesome line from 'that' movie in 2005.
Thank you to all my amazing friends that have been reading my little blog and leaving sweet comments here and on Facebook! It means a lot. And you too Mommy! I love hearing your feedback on the phone. Thanks for being my cheerleaders. I love you all. 



  1. We love you too dude!

  2. ROFL! Good ole' Napoleon Dynamite! I love that headband and the oxfords btw. You look super cute!

  3. LOVE that dress! It's so you, Roni! Just checked out Dahlia's site - thanks for sharing!


  4. Khalilah,
    Glad you got the Napoleon reference! LOLOL
    And gracias!

    Thanks!! I love me some peter pan collars and this one is pretty big, so it won me over. Then again so did the color...and the pretty gold buttons...pretty much I'm just ga-ga over this dress all around. And no problem, I'm glad you like the site. Dahlia has soooo many pretty dresses that ModCloth doesn't have up for sale right now. Not sure if you've ever shopped at ASOS either, but that place is another AMAZING spot to check out. :)


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