Monday, November 14, 2011

"with insomnia, nothing's real"

It's 4:34 on Monday morning...I can't sleep, as clearly hinted by my Fight Club reference.
I might as well take this time to fill you in on my weekend, since I've been blog-MIA since Thursday.
Friday was Veterans Day, and being a veteran myself, I was super stoked to have been able to take part in the New York City Veterans Day Parade. It was an experience like no other. It was very humbling and emotional. Even when I was in the military I couldn't really hold in the tears when a stranger thanked me for my service. It's the best of the most important compliments one can receive, in my little opinion. As the Fairleigh Dickinson University float, piled with veterans, slowly made its way down 5th Avenue, I wore a perma-smile from ear to ear, waving hello to sidewalk patriots with my right hand, and showing my USA pride as I waved our country's flag with my left, all while mouthing "You're welcome" to those verbally and pictorially showing their gratitude via poster boards. I've never made eye contact with so many people and had my eyes watering up at the same time in all my life. It was truly a magical day that I will forever look back upon with pride and honor. Here I am on 5th Ave before the parade officially kicked off. Note: I actually HATE wearing sweat shirts. 
And here's an awesome picture I stole from my friend Rourke's facebook page, but you can also find it here.
Mikey was supposed to be in attendance with me, but he was on a bromantic weekend getaway to Kansas with his bff Mike Kiser and MK's daddy, Mr. Bill Kiser (who is a total sweetie pie).
Now, I think I've made it pretty clear that I love my husband and think the world of him, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy my alone time when he leaves Jersey for a couple days every now and then. I LOVE my alone time and I live it up to the fullest: I glue myself to my red recliner, with snacks at an arms reach, the dogs guarding the front door, the cat at my feet and all the Netflix I can handle! I love Me-time! Saturday night I decided to get out of the apartment and headed to my favorite little rock n' roll dive bar, Clash Bar. Mikey and I have been going here since the weekend we moved to Jersey [last year]. We formed a great friendship with the owners and I actually bartend there every now and again. This Saturday the bar was so packed that as soon as I walked in from the outside cold I was immediately smacked in the face with a heat that made it hard to breathe! I looked and sure enough Bob was swamped with people waving bills to get his attention for some booze. So I put my purse down and started pouring drinks. I went there to sit and have a few Iggy Pop Punches (my favorite house drink at Clash) and ended up working the whole night, but I had a fabulous time! I love talking to strangers and hearing their (usually) wild stories.
Today I slept in really late, had two bowls of cereal, one bowl of Cocoa Krispies and one of Captain Crunch Berries, watched some Real Housewives of Atlanta, and made myself egg and cheese burritos for dinner. Today ruled as well.
Mikey is home now -- and in bed like a normal person. I suppose I'll try and close my eyes too.
I hope y'all have a great Monday back at your places of responsibility!



  1. I wished I loved me-time, but after about two hours, I'm bored. PS - Thank you for your service ;) - Linds

  2. You are welcome ;)
    The only times I go through boredom fits (and they REALLY are fits, ask Mikey) is when life starts feeling routine and mundane. I freak out dude! I'm like "Mikey we need to get the fudge out of this house right now and do something, anything or I'm gonna have an anxiety attack!" It's really serious. I hate to feel bored. But when I have my me-time, I am in pure boredom heaven doing such petty little things like couch-potatoing it up.


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