Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blog Etiquette

Since so many of my friends and I are new bloggers I thought I'd share some blog etiquette that I just found while reading up on the topic right now.
Basically the two main points that came up in almost all discussion pages on 'rules of conduct' for blogging are:
1) Give credit where credit is due!!  - Apparently this can't be stressed enough, so friends, if you've taken text, a picture, an idea from another source, DO NOT forget to credit that source with a link or at least a mention of origin on your blogspot.  Plagiarism isn't acceptable in school, go figure it's not cool in the blogosphere either. :) If you can't find the source/author/photographer or whatever, just write that you don't remember at the moment, but try and find it and update later when you do. The point is to not give the impression that it's your words, work, idea, picture, etc, if it is in fact someone else's. Not hard, right?

2) [From the readers perspective] Don't leave negative, mean or unnecessary comments on someone's page - This pretty much should go without saying, but as it stands some people were just not brought up with the ever so popular notion that "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all".  It's okay to disagree on a post, but if you must comment, do it with tact.  There is a fine line between arguing your point and just being plain rude and nasty.  If you simply don't like a post because it's boring or 'not your thing', move on with your cyber life. Easy.

Again, these were just two of the main objectives I took away (the underlined and bolded words; everything else was said by me - paraphrasing is easy). But here are the two pages I took them from (here and here), where you can find more "Blogtiquette" to read up on, if you wish.


P.S. The one etiquette I personally have trouble with is "being too long winded", but of course all my friends know that it's really hard for me to keep anything under a short story so I guess that's gonna be my rule-breaker. You, the readers, are just the ones that will decide whether you want to stick it out through the whole blog entry or not.  :)


  1. It's something I see a lot with facebook, people being so negative. Most of the pages I "like" end up having a lot of negative responses on their status updates. I treat blogs and people's facebook's like I was in their homes. I don't post anything negative and I sure as heck don't curse (unless they do on a regular basis). When did people start being so rude? - Linds

  2. Omg I know! I see it on fb, youtube comments, forums, blogs, and other things where the topic was usually meant to be positive and all these yahoos are coming up with the meanest, nonsensical, outlandish things to say! For no reason at all! I'll read the entire chain of how the sequence of events lead to that and it never warrants the horrible things people seem to conjure up straight from their assholes! It pisses me off dude. And my girlfriend and I just had a two hour long convo about how it seems that with every year (in recent times) people are just getting worse and worse. I don't remember the internet being such a breeding ground for hate like ten years ago. You know?


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