Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Heartsy Fartsy

This is pretty much an outfit post.  I was going to talk about something that made me break down really bad tonight, but I don't think I'm ready to post such personal and very serious topics yet...I want this blog to be my lighthearted, happy place.  It's my sweet release from the other side of me that gets frustrated, stressed, hyper and often times hot tempered.  I will say this, it has nothing to do with Mikey. He didn't do anything wrong. :) It's just an awful situation that has caused my family a lot of heartache over the last three years, and while it might make it easier for me to let it out on here, I wouldn't want to disclose personal information and have one of my family members feel uncomfortable. I'm sure you understand. 
Moving on to the happy, lighthearted stuff...
Here's my "Heartsy Fartsy" outfit I donned at school on this feels-so-good-outside-Tuesday. 
Cardigan, Skirt, Wingtip flats: MC; Tights: Target; Tank: don't remember
I also wanted to share the picture my sister, Monika, sent me today of my nephew, Nathaniel (remember, he was Pubert Addams on Halloween?).  I bought this onesie from our store at school at the beginning of the year before Nathaniel had even made it to the world yet.  He was born in June, and he was about a month old when Mikey and I met him this summer; he was SO tiny! I've been so jazzed for him to wear his FDU onesie and represent Auntie Roni and Unckie Mikey's school!! He wore it today at four months old..it's a size 6 months onesie! lol Nathaniel is a little chunkster.  :) 
Doesn't he look like a baby genius in that FDU get-up? I think so. 
Well, I'm about to watch Sons of Anarchy with my hubby and neighbors. 
I hope everyone has a wonderful night. 



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