Thursday, November 3, 2011

OMG free SHOEZ: if you want them, they're yours!

Remember yesterday when I told you that I'm a shopaholic? Well, not only do I sometimes not wear my clothes more than once, but I also buy things that often times don't fit me (since I do 95% of my shopping online), and while it is really easy to just send it back for a different size, sometimes I just don't feel like it! Lol I figure I'll give the clothes, or shoes in this case, to someone who'd enjoy them, so that's what I'm doing in this post.
I'm in between a size 6.5 and 7, but I usually buy a 7 in heels so my foot has enough room to slide forward without my toes being crushed when I walk. These size 7's are a bit too big for me which is why I'm offering them up. If you're a true size 7, maybe almost a 7.5, these might work for you. Or if you are a wide size 7, these should fit perfectly.
Here's more info:
~These beauties have never been worn out, just inside the apartment the two times they've been tried on.
~They are by Mixx, size 7, Red Suede with a sweet little bow on the goring in front of the shoe.
~The heel measures precisely 4.25 inches in height with a little less than 0.5 inches of a platform which makes these shoes fairly difficult to walk in if you are not used to walking in high heels. My sister-in-law wears heels a decent amount and even she couldn't last a night in these without the platform. I have heels that measure 4 inches with no platform and I walk in those just fine (once all through NYC and didn't have any problems) but these wouldn't work for me even if they did fit. It's amazing what that little 0.25 of an inch does! So please only take them if you know you can "walk the walk", so to speak. :)
First come, first served and I'll ship these out to you on Monday. I promise you'll adore them and they're perfect for the holiday season!
Shoes - Mixx c/o Lulu's 

I hope they find a home today!


***UPDATE: The shoes have found a home with Jenny E.!!***


  1. I totally knew you would and thought of you but I know you're a 8.5/9.


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