Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crayola & splattered paint

As soon as I got myself dressed this morning I looked in the mirror and immediately felt like I was channeling my inner box of crayons...if that makes sense.  Oh, and I LOVE coloring and I require the absolute biggest box of crayons Crayola offers. I am a psycho like that. 
Anyway, this dress is old. It has a bunch of different colors in it, and at the bottom it has that appearance like someone just shook a paint brush over it. It's pretty neat and I sort of just put this outfit together as randomly (and quickly) as possible, but I'm quite pleased with the colorful results...and with the fact that I finally wore my green knee-high socks that have been in the drawer -unworn- for over a year! 
*Jen, these are the boots I bought when you visited last year. I've never worn them and it boggled my mind today as to why not, because they totally rule. :)
Another picture of me eating a sandwich makes me think of:
"What is it with you and fixing f**king sandwiches?" Lol. Bad Santa.
Dress: Metropark 2009; Cardi: UO; Tights: Target; Socks: ModCloth; Boots: Wild Thing

Well, I want to write about one of the things we talked about/I learned today in Perspectives class, but we've got to run and grab some ice cream (for when we watch Sons of Anarchy tonight)! 
I'll end the post here and be back later...maybe. :)



  1. I totally get the Box of Crayons reference. You look way too cute. And I LOVE those boots. I am going to try out the socks over tights thing. Oooh, maybe for my photo shoot I'll wear my houndstooth tights with some kind of cute socks over them (I am wearing a pair of dusty pink booties w/ a dusty pink sweatshirt that says DOLL across the chest). I think I may have to work that out! Thanks for the idea. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ICE CREAM!!!! NOM NOM NOM

  2. Thanks Kha-LOVE!
    These boots I got in the mall at a store called Wild Thing. They have like club high-heels (you know what I mean?) and hooker boots, lol. These were some that I could actually see myself wearing, and I don't have any shoes like this so I thought they'd come in handy when I'm not dressing abso-girly!
    And heeyyyy!! I didn't know you were gonna give up any deets on your photo shoot outfit(s), that's why I didn't ask, but your outfit sounds LOVELY! You had me at "dusty pink", ahhh, me love. I am digging the idea of houndstooth tights with some socks over, to take away from all the pattern that they are by themselves. And errrmm, I love how you're wearing a shirt that says, "Doll" aka Dolled Up For the Day! ;) See what I did there? haha

  3. You should write another post today! And I love those booties! And I LOVE your cardigan! That's my favorite color! and so are the socks!

    One time I wore this long sleeved royal blue sweater dress with a black belt with the boots I bought with you out. It was awesome. I just saw on the Victoria's Secret fashion show these awesome hot pink booties I'm buying myself for Xmas. I'll do a New Year's outfit post just for you & I KNOW you'll love it!

  4. Jen,
    I am about to go down for like a 4 hour nap, then wake up and do some hw, babe. I wanted to write a post tonight, but I'll save it for tomorrow. I love my Perspectives class. It really expands the mind and gets you thinking about so many things. It pretty much is like Philosophy, but not as much work, I think.
    And your outfit sounds cute! I wanna see some outfit pics on your bloggy! I'm stoked for that NYE outfit though. Can't wait! I love you!

  5. The NYE outfit is gonna be like a black dress, that octopus brooch, that leopard print hat (both of which I mention on my blog), and these fab hot pink booties, which I cannot find. Help! Got any ideas where I can order shoes online?


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