Thursday, November 17, 2011

13 things I'm addicted to: Fashion edition

*In no particular order, because I'm random like that. Oh, you can go ahead and file this in the "About Me" category too.*

1) Shopping!

2) Collars! I can't get enough of a dress, blouse, jacket with a pretty collar. Peter pan collars are my #1 favorite. 
I love this lacy bib-like collar: ModCloth 2010

3) Hearts! Prints, tattoos, drawings, stickers...I heart hearts on everything.
Trollied Dolly hearts dress: Ruche

4) Bows! Bows in my hair, on my clothes, bow ties...I have like 6 pairs of shoes with bows on them. (Look at the size of this bow, front and center of my dress!)
Yellow tweed dress: Anthropologie 2010

5) Any movies or shows set to appear in the 1950's or 60's era. Sure the story lines are usually great, but I'm strictly glued to the screen for those lovely dresses and the awesome music. Mad Men is a weakness of mine.
Mikey & I looking Mad Men-esque at a wedding. 2010
Dress: BlueVelvetVintage

6) Polka dots! But I think all girls are addicted to polka dots.
Pink & polka dot 2fer dress: ModCloth 2010

7) Red hair! I read an article several months ago (when I had my bright red hair) where all these actresses were interviewed about what their natural hair color was and why they dye it so frequently. Many of them were natural blonds that have been dying their hair brown or black for many years. Their reasons for the hue swap were different, but a lot of them said they just felt that people took them more seriously as a brunette, or they simply felt mother nature issued them the wrong hair color at birth, so they just pay a little money every 6 weeks to dye it accordingly. I started dying my hair red in January and I gradually went redder and redder before going completely fire engine red. The way I felt with that color and the way people responded to it made me feel like I should have been born a red head. I just felt so much more like my sassy, feisty self with it. I've been a brunette again for about four months, and I'm so bored now that I've felt such a revival after having gone red!
See, I went from red to really red! Both outfits from ModCloth

8) Vintage! What I love most about vintage stores as opposed to thrift stores (I do enjoy thrifting when I have the time; I've been doing it since I was bout 6 years old) is that someone has already gone out and picked the gems for you! You just get to sift through treasure, rather than in some cases, junk. Most vintage shops are owned by someone who actually works there on a daily basis and goes out in search of the best of the best vintage products. People like Johnny at Speakeasy Vintage in Montclair, take the extra steps to have the pieces they find washed, dry-cleaned, and fixed up by a seamstress if there are small imperfections. I was really impressed by his commitment to selling damn near perfect vintage!
50's vintage tennis dress: The Attic, Las Vegas

9) Lace! There is just a timeless elegance in anything lace. So pretty.
Lace 2fer dress: Ruche, also sold on MC

10) Granny shoes! Also called oxfords, wingtips, saddle shoes...or even bowling shoes, if you're my brother. I'm very much obsessed with these and no, owning many pairs never gets old.

11) Girls with tattoos! Love them. I'm pretty much drawn to conversation anytime I meet a pretty girl with colorful tattoos. I feel like we're all part of our own [cool] little club. *hold still for my Tatted Beauties post I'm going to do in the near future*

12) Retro/vintage-inspired swimsuits!
Swimsuits: Esther Williams via ModCloth

13) SHOEZ in general! This should probably just fall into the category of shopping. :)
Irregular Choice shoes, NYC
This one day Mikey spoiled me!

Clearly there is more to me than just shopping and worrying about pretty clothes. I just wanted to do a little post like this for the new friends I'm making in the blog world who are also fashion addicts and have similar tastes. I know I personally love seeing blogger's outfit posts and their "things I love" posts, because it's likely I'm digging the same stuff, and it's also interesting to see how much you have in common with people who are otherwise just strangers to you.

Have a great rest of your day, friends!



  1. I feel like I should also have been born a redhead. I'm going to post a "things I love" blog tomorrow, with my fav redhead, Florence Welch.

    Oh and btw, you in that red polka dot swimsuit: hot mama! Mikey better keep his eye on you!

  2. Thanks lova! Mikey was with me when I wore that swimsuit! haha We were both hammered on the beach in Destin, FL. You can tell in my eyes. :)
    Yeah dude, let's both go perma-red stat!
    I'm also gonna do a Music edition of certain bands, songs, albums I love post soon. I can't wait to red your Florence post. I flippin' love her, although not nearly as much as you. haha
    Thanks for reading, doll! I love you

  3. Gosh, we have so much in common. Besides all the froo-froo and prissy things you like I would like to add RUFFLES! I am obsessed with them. Oh and I think I am mildly obsessed with leopard print too.

  4. I love ruffles! I forgot to add them, oopsy!
    And omg I do love leopard print when I see other ppl wearing it but I'm too hesitant to buy it for myself. I don't know if it's You know what I mean? The only leopard I have right now is a headband! Lol baby steps I suppose, but I love how you rock it so well!

  5. I was gonna wait til Dec. 31st. You know, start the new year with a new do.

    I might do a fashion blog, but my style is kind of weird. It's either rock n' roll jeans and tees or classics, like a simple black shift dress with black tights & heels with pearls. Or anything with stripes!

  6. Jen,
    I have my hair appointment tomorrow morning bright and early (8:30 am). I wasn't playing when I said I needed to do something with this mop! :)
    Fashion blogs are cool, you just have to post what you wore everysingleday, even when you feel like you just slumped it up for that particular day. Lol that's why although it was tempting, I didn't do a "fashion" specific blog. Or you can do a fashion blog where you make style templates of what you would wear to a certain event/place/thing. Just an idea. And your style isn't weird! That was my style for like two decades! haha Band tee and jeans with chucks or skater shoes - that was always me back when I was a big tom boy. :) And duh even tom boys mix it up with dresses every now and then. That's where we get the phrase, "My my you clean up nice." :) So that's when you can throw in the little black dresses and heels. Preferably the heels I sent you *wink wink*.
    Ahhh, yes to stripes!

  7. I'm addicted to your style! I see us going shopping together in the future.

  8. Lindsay, I think you and I would go into debt in half an bueno...or muy bueno?! hahaha We should definitely do it though.


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