Friday, November 18, 2011

Gotta get down on Friday

"Fun fun, thinkin' bout fun..." It's so embarrassing that every Friday this song continues to haunt me. Do I hate it? I thought I did, but now I find myself singing the lyrics in my head and then quickly stopping myself as if someone might catch on to me. Damn you, Rebecca Black! 
In other news, I'm here to do a quick outfit post before I finish working on a little project for one of my next blog posts. I'm really stoked about it! 
OH, let me apologize right now for posting outfits via cell phone pictures. It annoys me and I wish I had a 'real' camera like other bloggers that do outfit posts. I have my little Sony camera, but I'm honestly too lazy to use it. I just have Mikey take my pics as soon as I get home from school, and if the sun has already gone down by the time I get home (most often the case), welp, I'm stuck taking them in our kitchen where even the best lighting in the house is still the worst. Meh. Sorry. 
Here's what I wore to school on this 'brrrr!" Friday: (First, with my cardigan buttoned + a rag-doll scarf - this is the way I "rolled" today.) 
See what I said about the lighting? My jeggings are blue, not black.
Scarf: Ruch; Headband, top: ModCloth; Wool cardigan: Free People; Jeggings: American Eagle; Shoes: Seychelles

Yesterday's blog post reminded me that I had this lovely top so I had to don it a 2nd time!

I loooove these shoes! I had been seeing them all over the internet and then finally on A Beautiful Mess the other day...I just had to have them! I couldn't decide on mustard yellow (my weakness) or whiskey, so I let Mikey make the call and he chose the whiskey -- of course he would. ;) What I love most about these beauties is that they're a combination of some of my favorite things: they're a loafer/oxford/bootie/high heel! (I'm SO tempted to get the mustard ones now! For variety of course.) They add 4 inches of height to this 5'4 girl! *No platform, so if you're not good with walking in heels these won't work for you. I strut my stuff in these like a champ today, but if they were another quarter inch they'd be no bueno [w/o the platform]. I read reviews about them beforehand and one girl said she couldn't walk 50 feet in 'em; another girl said it was like walking on tippy toes all day. So just keep that in mind if you're interested. They're called Clue by Seychelles (but you can get them cheaper at a few other sites). They're my 3rd pair of Seychelles and I must say, they are a brand worth telling friends about. 



  1. I just noticed the "subscribe by email" link underneath this comment box. I am going to click it so I can hopefully better stay up to date with my dosages of "Roni Feels Nostalgic". Anyway, I die for how you rolled your scarf. I always feel uber retarded when I wear my scarves cause I always feel like someone can instantly tell I am from AZ and nowhere near a climate that even THINKS about snow. But aren't scarves fun?

  2. Haha, it's okay. I barely noticed the "subscribe by email" link a couple weeks ago and had to click on it for all my blogs. I am so addicted to blogs, btw; I have to read them DAILY! I love my blog friends!
    Oh, and guess what? I didn't roll this scarf! It's called the rag doll scarf and pretty much what you see is the way it is naturally. It's got all sorts of yarn and patchwork sewn together, it's really neat. I'll have to take a close up shot of it next time I wear it. But I do love scarves and I'm the same way! I feel like I don't know how to tie them or wear them 228573892 different ways! Thank God for youtube scarf tutorials! LOL! Talk about back to basics. Haha, but I never had to wear scarves either living in San Antonio and Vegas. Sheesh! But hey, I bet no one can tell we're scarf newbies. :)


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