Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday night highlights

So I know I told y'all that I do not believe in opening Christmas gifts early, but long story short, Mikey used some political wizard magic and somehow got me to agree to opening our gifts on Friday evening before we went out to my father-in-law's Christmas party. It won't ever happen again. Ever.
One of my gifts was a brand new camera, to include a tripod so I can take my own outfit pics, lol. He also got me these Jeffrey Campbell black-glitter/wine-suede wedges that were on my ModCloth wishlist forever. I am so in love with them! 
Here are a plethora (I love this word) of pictures from Friday night (using my new cam):
uber excited about my new shoez...and blogging
(loosely) curling my hurr & wearing a dress gifted to me by my girl, Khalilah - thanks babe!
Christmas party dinner for Health Care Pharmacy
my father-in-law & his darling girlfriend, Marilyn
Marilyn, Melissa, me, Liz 
Marilyn bought me a pretty red infinity loop scarf
my hunnie really loves wearing his Red Velvet tie that I got him :)
Melissa (Marilyn's daughter) and I 
Mikey and Tito (our neighbor)
velvet bow clip from American Apparel
Love me some Marilyn
Outfit pic ;) Thanks again for the dress Khalilah, I got a ton of compliments on it!
 Dancin' with my se-elf
 closeup of the new Jeffrey Campbells - welcome home, ladies
I lurve - thanks, hunnie bunnie <3
my Sony nex-5 
I need to hit the hay. 
Happy Sunday, y'all!! 



  1. Sister first off- I must have that dress you are wearing, no joke! 2nd- I absolutely love your hair the way you wore it for the Christmas party, you looked Beautiful! It looks like you guys had a great time! I love u- Nathaniel says hi, he's talking and reaching for the phone as I type this!

  2. Amazing presents!!! Love the shoes... LOVE THEM!


  3. Sister,
    Thanks! My friend Khalilah sent me that dress last year (I think) and I seriously don't know why I never took it out. It's adorable and totally flattering on the body. We had fun; the restaurant was also a club, lol, and I didn't know -at the time- how to adjust the settings on my camera so that the pictures wouldn't come out blurry when we were standing in certain areas that the lights were gettin' crunk on!
    Anywho, tell my bunny I love him too and we'll see him in 4 days!!!! I love y'all!

  4. Clara,
    Thank you! And thank you for stopping by. :)

  5. Katrina,
    Lol I love the little face at the bottom of your comment :) Thank you! I linked the shoes so if you reallly love them, you should treat yourself to a pair! They are super awesome! I wore them all night long and the only complaint I did have is that the ankle strap hits you right at your achilles tendon and feels a bit uncomfy at times, but I put a small bandaid back there and it helped. On the other hand, I wore them for a bit with pantyhose and didn't feel a thing. :)

  6. Hi Roni! You have such amazing style and I love your tattooos! Super cool. Thanks for your comment on my blog, it made my day. The comments that have been annoying me recently are the ones that say something along the lines of "I love your blog, I'm now following you!" but then you go and check your followers and notice that they aren't actually following you ... lol. What is the point of leaving a comment like that?! Anyway. You are lovely and thanks again for stopping by, yay for new bloggy friends!

  7. Kirsten,
    I'm glad to have made a new blog-friend in you! And I loved your post so much that I'm planning on linking it later on today (if I have time - we're going into NYC today and then I have a buttload of homework). If I don't get to it today, I'm definitely doing it tomorrow as one of my usual "share posts". It was absolutely everything I would have written if I just got it out through my keyboard! :) I feel like more people should hear your 'word'. LOL And yes, I've gotten that exact line that you mentioned right now in your comment. I was like, "Hmmm...robot!" It just reminds me of like...automated voice recordings...and I HATE THOSE!! Grrrr. Again, I just want followers to follow because they are 100% interested. Why wouldn't they want the same?
    Still can't sleep...going back to your blog to officially comment on all the things I loved/need in my the vintage looking turquoise vanity set. Omg, to die for! :)

  8. love the shoes, love the dress! Love the hair, how did you do it? I love loose curls! I'm so over stick-straight hair! My bangs & eyebrows need to be done so bad, it's not even funny!

    How long are you in town for?

  9. The pictures are great! Congratulations on the camera happy for you!!

  10. Jen,
    I bought this amazing clipless curling iron a while back that has been a dream for me! I have never been able to use a curling iron prior and this one is super easy, in my opinion. Next time I see you, we'll use it on your hair. I usually do really tight curls and it looks fab, but this night I went extremely loose (STS).
    I'll be in Tx for a short 7 days. :( My shortest trip ever. But of course if we don't get to see you, we'll be back soon I'm sure.

    Thanks, lovely. And I'm enjoying all your videos on your new camera, too! :D

    Thank you, hun!

  11. That's what you said in July. 6 months ago. =( =p just playing.

  12. Awww that's so cool! I love the quality of the pics from your new camera too....I wanna open up my gifts too! lol..I even wrapped up my cosmos!!! I miss them :(:(

  13. Great shoes!!! :)

  14. Jen,
    I know dude :( but you know how it was when we were in the military and on leave. You never get to see everyone you want, and family is the most important, ESPECIALLY now that Nathaniel is here. I don't want to not spend every possible moment with him. This trip just happens to be exceptionally short, which sucks, but hopefully, HOPEFULLY we can see you in the summer...if you're not in Oregon yet. Te extrano mi amor!

  15. Ash,
    Thanks babe! I am happy with the new camera...even though it confuses me sometimes. It's really not that complicated; I can just be a moron.
    I can't believe you wrapped up the cosmos!! <--Lol that we call them that, since they're really called cosmics. hahaha

  16. Fashion Christmas Tree,
    Thanks! They're truly incredible pieces of glittery art. :) Oh, and thanks for stopping by.

  17. LoL aww that's awesome though, I really need to get myself another one as well. I'll do some more research into what's best for me after the holiday rush ends. ...and lol I know but cosmos is so much more fitting hahaha.

  18. Yeah "cosmos" sounds wayyy better. :D

  19. Yeah, I know. I won't be in Oregon yet. Probably not 'til the summer 2013. =( Next summer, we're taking the kids to see Andy in Korea.

  20. That really stinks that he's going to Korea, but on the plus side at least you'll be in Texas longer, giving me more opportunities to see you before 2013.

  21. @ Roni: YAYYYY! I am so glad you put a pic up of you in the dress! It looks exactly as I thought it would on you. Very figure flattering. What's funny is that I have been trying to think of a new way to style the dress you gave ME, LOL! I want to wear it to one of Chris' shows this week (in Toledo). I am thinking leopard tights and a fedora with a bob. You know I'll definitely put up pics. Anyway, Mikey is so awesome! Tell him he'd better be glad you snatched him up and I snatched Chris up or he'd have a stalker, LOL! I am so glad you got your camera! And the shoes. And the chanel no5. He's awesome. And you're totally deserving.

  22. Khalilah,
    I am SOOO happy I wore the dress! It was like one of those moments that I wanted to smack myself when I looked in the mirror. I love it! I must have initially tried it on (when I got it in the mail) when my hair was a mess and my face was jacked because it's sooo pretty. Thank you mucho!
    How bout I am DYING to see you with leopard in your dress! Please please wear the leopard tights with it...and your sky high LB's! Of course the bob and fedora are a must. But definitely get some pics sans the fedora so we can see the cute hair!
    Hooray for our amazing hubbies that spoil us rotten (but I'll definitely pass along the msg to Mikey, haha)!! I know for me, maybe even for you, it wasn't always the case with my past relationships. Thank God I never stopped believing that good men exist. :) (Thank you for your sweet words.)


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