Saturday, December 3, 2011

I just need to dance.

Last night was one of the best times I've had with girlfriends in New Jersey (this doesn't include the times I've had with my best friends that fly into NJ to hang out with me).  Lots of my friends that live miles upon miles away and across the country know that I've been the most loner-version of myself that I've ever been since moving here. I primarily only hung out with Mikey and Kiser (before he moved to FL) when we arrived here. Then in April of this year we started hanging out with our upstairs neighbors, the Natals (Isaac, Lissa & their 4 daughters), and have formed a wonderful friendship with them. I've made two really great girlfriends at school, Talia and Ashley, and made some great friends at Clash Bar. The only thing is that, between those of us attending school and those of us working, I don't really get to hang out with some of these people as much as I'd like...the way I've always been accustomed to when I lived in Vegas and Oklahoma. I've MISSED doing things friends do regularly, like going out for dinner & drinks, dancing, catching a movie just because, etc. Again, I'm not saying I haven't done these things with the friends I've made out here, I'm just saying that I crave to do them more often than what we've been able to manage between our busy schedules. The one thing I am very thankful for is having Lissi and Isaac right upstairs, because we don't go out a ton, but we watch a lot of movies and tv shows together on either of our couches (eating lots of junk food!), and I get to play with their girls; they are kind of like family to us now. It's really nice. :)
But back to last night. I hadn't been to a club (in Jersey) since we moved here, and I'd been itching to go out dancing. The only times I've been dancing in the last year are when I visited my family in Texas, visited Paige in Tennessee, and when Mikey and I went to Stephanie's wedding in Florida.  So I was beyond stoked when my girlfriend Ashley and I decided to set up a club night. Ashley, Talia, Lissi and I ended up going to club Bliss in Clifton, NJ. We had so much fun, so many laughs, a handful of accidents (like people falling or sitting on drinks), and all in all a night to remember. Ashley and Talia met Lissi that night and seriously, within 5 minutes we were all cackling like hens (and at the top of our lungs!). I love when you can integrate your separate groups of friends in one setting and they take on a real liking to each other.
Me, Lissi, Talia, and Ashley ~I put flowers & headbands on them all!
A toast to a wonderful night!
Talia & Ash waiting for the ATM
Jeffrey Campbell Litas in Paint & Cosmic
Haha! This was still only at the ATM!
We all agreed that "girls night" needs to happen more often!
Ashley and I are both self proclaimed shoe addicts and avid Jeffrey Campbell unofficial spokeswomen. We wore our Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots and were not surprised one bit that they did not give us one lick of discomfort or problems all.night.long. And I mean, we danced our butts off in those heels! We own several pairs of his shoes and have seen/worn the proof ourselves that his shoes are made with comfort in mind...not necessarily practicality. But that's what makes them so awesome and unique...and exactly why I'm a fan!
I actually got my Lita Paint boots yesterday after months of contemplation! I never do that! I usually just buy something if I really want it; however, I was unsure as to whether or not I would get a lot of wear out of them due to the paint look. Then I was like, "Why am I questioning the practicality of this shoe? I have SO many pairs of shoes that I don't get a lot of use out of, but I love them just the same for their quirky, one-of-a-kind look; that's what I do!" And then I saw that they were still on sale at Nordstrom and decided I needed to get them ASAP --a chance to not pay full retail for a pair of JC's, I think so! So I hauled my butt straight to the GSP (Garden State Plaza Mall) after my Spanish test. I brought them into my closet and immediately saw all the possibilities. I swear there was a heavenly glow and angels singing as I held them up to pretty dresses. ;)
Ashley and I talked about how we love girls that do video reviews on pricier shoes for shoppers that are considering making the plunge, so she convinced me to make one of my own. I made three short videos, like most of the girls in these videos do (3 scenes usually include: intro about the shoe, full view walking in them, and a closeup), and I was supposed to compress them into one video using iMovie but the camcorder files didn't open on my Mac, and I didn't feel like figuring it out. I uploaded them as 3 separates, but here is the vid where I do a close-up of the shoes, so you can get a better look at them. Note (if you watch the videos, especially my introduction): I am extremely awkward and camera shy when it's just me as the focal point of anything. I need to work on that so DON'T make fun of me, please. I already know it. 

Don't you just love them? And if they're not your style, can't you just see why I do?! They're the perfect addition to my collection of impractical, whimsical, and yet utterly lovable shoes. My oxfords and 'normal' heels have welcomed them with open arms. :)
I hope y'all are having a great Saturday night, friends! Mikey and I are about to watch a UFC fight (I think that's what it is) with Isaac and Lissi. 



  1. I can't believe you went to Bliss! I know that place... I used to go there back in the day... Wow, that makes me sound old!

    I didn't know you were a Lita girl!?!? I have yet to get a pair... maybe someday!


  2. Hey Jen,
    Yeah I've been scoping out Litas for a while (due to already having some JC's), but didn't know if they were my style either...I'm more of an oxfords and other whimsical shoes kinda gal, but I had to have these paints b/c they were different.
    And Bliss ended up being fun. I think I'd probably go back if I had another girls night.
    Speaking of girls nights, we need to get together! We don't have to go to Bliss. haha I'm not a big clubber, I just enjoy doing it every blue moon. We need to do a shopping date.

  3. Awwww I was featured in a blog post! I feel so extra special now LOL...

    Oh and to all the girls who are afraid that the Litas will be super hard to walk in or that they would be heavy because of the super high is actually the opposite they are very light and the platform makes it so comfortable. If you are going to be on your feet for a long time or doing a lot of walking in the city..these are the shoes you MUST have. They will not let you down not to mention how cute they are, Oh I just love JC <3

    ..but back to the point of my comment which I have veered so far away from lol I had sooooo much fun with you Roni we should def get together more often, I can't always get a babysitter to go out to a club but we could def do drinks, dinner, a movie, or shopping. So happy to have you as a friend!!! AND to have made a new friend in Lissi!!! And of course my Talia, not even her crashing into my car broke our friendship!!lol, Luv you all.

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  6. Ashley,
    I had such a great time!!! We should definitely remember to take advantage of simple little friend dates more often. Oh, and I'll try and remember to post our video soon! Haha, that video that we pretty much just laughed through.

  7. lol yes expect me to be bothering you in the near future....and Oh yeah I have to see that again lol we def laughed the whole way through!! hahaha.

  8. I love your coat! And I love that you put flowers and headbands on them all, LOL! I want to come out in NJ! I need to dance too! I don't have fun dancing friends here. =o(

  9. Khalilah,
    Thanks, I've had that old coat forever and I think I've mentioned before that it's definitely my go-to coat because it's so basic and easily matches with everything. Good money spent.
    Come out to NJ! I'd love it (but you already know that full well!).


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