Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Poodles of fun

What a wet and dreary day today...my favorite!
So, I've had this sort of unspoken agreement with myself that I would not, under any circumstances, wear jeans two days in a row this semester, but today I failed (since I wore jeans yesterday).  Sorry, me.
I still thought my casual outfit was adorbsballz.
I bought this poodle sweater from a Forever 21 in Tennessee last year, after about 10 years of not having shopped at one of their stores. I remember when I was 16 and spent my hard earned pizza-paychecks there, only to be wearing the same thing -damn near every day- as my other classmates. I hated that, so I bid Forever 21 adieu and went thrift. However, now I'm back again; and it's definitely not my go-to store (I'm a ModCloth & Ruche girl), but I'll pick up a couple pieces every now and then that have lots of potential to be remixed. Plus, the days I do wear F21 bits I don't have the problem I had in high school. Yippee.
Sorry for the bedroom pics with crap on the floor and golf clubs in the corner. I will not, however, apologize for my sweet kitty, Danzig, making an appearance. That fatty can do whatever he wants. 
Under shirt: Old Navy (really old); Jeans: American Eagle; Flats: Target
Woven Beanie (peach): Urban Outfitters
Well, now that I've waited till the night before everything is due, I better get started on some homework. 


P.s. Did anyone else watch the season finale of Sons of Anarchy tonight? I can't believe I have to wait till next year to see more of that hunk Jax Teller. Mikey, if you read this, I meant, that stupid criminal that's just sorta cool, Jax Teller. 


  1. I like the sweater, but I don't like poodles. hahah

  2. Thanks babe, and it's funny because I actually HATE poodles too! I just thought they made a cute print. haha
    Okay gotta go to escuela!

  3. @ Roni: Poodles are pretty mean dogs. But they ARE cute, LOL! This outfit is so cute. I love the hat. I also like the juxtaposition of sweet, frou-frou poodles and rough and tumble distressed jeans. I mean, is she an angel or an a*hole? That's my kind of look! BTW, Danzig is like Hello Kitty...it's THEIR world, we're just a squirrel trying to get a nut. Teehee!

  4. thats a really cute poodle sweater but whats with all the poodle hate?!?! I think they are great dogs. Oh and I plan on stealing "adorbsballz" from you..just saying.

  5. Khalilah,
    I love your angel or "a*hole" comment. I'd like to say I'm evenly dispersed between the two. But that's what I'd LIKE to think...Mikey would crap himself if anyone called me an angel. LOL! I'm always having to defend how nice I am to him and my best friends; you know the people that say they 'know' me real well. ;P

    I think I direct this hate at them because one snapped at me when I was about 5. I thought she was such a pretty, classy looking dog. Turned out she was just a stuck up bitch. haha
    Also, if you like adorbsballz, then you'll LOVE where I got it from. If you haven't seen any Jessica and Hunter videos, you HAVE to watch them! And judging from your sense of humor, I think you'll get a kick out of these two. Here's their channel, and I just checked, they put up a latest vid!: http://www.youtube.com/user/JessicaandHunter

  6. @ Roni: IKR? I had to email Chris first thing when I got in to work to apologize for my straight beeyotch-ness yesterday. I couldn't even stand myself so IDK how he does it sometimes. But, like you said, everyone is ALWAYS saying how nice and pleasant I am. He is so perplexed by that, LOL!

  7. Khalilah, I LOL'd right there, because I'm one of those people that thinks you're so sweet! But don't get me wrong, I saw some sass in you a long time ago hahaha


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