Thursday, December 15, 2011

Share Post: Fashion + funnies

Must have vintage:
Directed at the hubby - I will seriously DIE if I do not have this coat. Please get it or I will continue to be a wife that only cooks you a hot meal twice a year.
Adore Vintage on Etsy: 60's pea coat with bow
I love the knotted twist at the boobage area.
Adore Vintage on Etsy: 50's Orient print dress
Adore Vintage on Etsy: 50's party dress
More drooling...but it's a medium. :/
Blue Velvet Vintage: 50's pink/aqua rose dress
70's neck tie blouse (couldn't save the pic) w/awesome print. I wish this was a size small! I want this, bad. Friends, one of y'all needs to pick this up (size 8 -- M/L). The price is ridick.

60's peachy keen skirt. (" ") Gorg'!  Price = a steal! Again, it's not in my size. :(

Bakers - Buy one get one 50% off!
Thanks to my great gal pal Ashley, I stopped by Bakers while at the mall and actually found some stuff I liked! Thanks for the heads up on the sale, girl. :D
Here are the shoes that won my heart (the online photos don't do them justice, they are true to color and ever so glittery in real life!)
Pink Glitter (fave): reg. $85 sale $41.99
Black Glitter (so pretty IRL): reg. $85 sale $41.99
Gold Glitter: reg. $85 sale $59.99
I will have the pink ones (and the clutch to match) asap since they didn't have my size in the store. I am so drawn to glitter and shiny things in general. Oh, there were also pewter and multi glitter versions of the shoe here. I already have a multi-glittered-oxford-stacked-heel that I can't get enough of! I need a pink glitter shoe so she can have a friend. ;) 

Christmas present funny:
Jimmy Kimmel had parents across America pull a funny prank on their children. Watch here. It's flippin' hilarious!! I can't stop laughing at it. Also, here's the video (if you haven't seen it) of the Halloween prank he challenged parents to pull...even funnier! 

Story of my life:
Again, mainly directed at my hubby. 
[found here]

Alright, I should get some rest. I do have a final tomorrow. Wish me luck! (I shouldn't even need luck - it's a Spanish final...and I'm Mexican!! Haha. Okay, I can totally speak Spanish pretty fluently, I just get confused with all the conjugating...regardless, please send the good luck vibes.) 

Love & BIG bearhugs,


  1. Sister, the picture of the girl eating looks just like you when you were a baby!!! Lol

  2. Sister,
    I didn't even think of it, but you are so right, she does! I even looked at my childhood photos right now and she could very well be the drawn up version of me. :)

  3. I love that first coat! I am following back!

  4. Love that coat. That first dress, will help play up your "non-boobage"issue.
    Honey, as a girl with big tatas, I couldn't make that stripey shirt work. The glitter shoes are everywhere right now. I really dig them.

  5. Francesca, thanks girl! :)

    Jen, I didn't realize your 'girls' were that big. :( That top is adorbs. You could always just tape them down like Christina Ricci did in that one movie. lol j/k

    Shara, I know right! I am obsessed with these shoes and they're at a reasonable price right now. By the way, I will check out your blog tonight. :)

  6. These dresses are beautiful! Mickey better get them for you lol!

  7. That oriental dress (with the knotted breast thingamajig) is awesome. But yeah, the breast would explode out of that bad boy. I like how you try to get "friends" for your shoes. LOL!

  8. Morgan, I'll let Mikey know that YOU said he better get me everything! We'll see how it goes over.

    Khalilah, I guess I can see a positive side of not having big "girl" - I get to wear a lot of tops and dresses that some girls can't. Otherwise, I still wish I was 'blessed' with them. :)

  9. Ohh yay you went to Bakers!! I saw those there too, I like those a lot!!! AND I LOVE LOVE LOVE that coat! OMG! ..I haven't had internet for the past 3 or 4 days thanks to some craziness with the pole line outside but verizon finally came out to fix now I can go back to my sale stalking and checking out your blog!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  10. Ash,
    We got Lissi the black glitters for Christmas since Mikey had "secretly" gotten me the black glitter JC wedges! Which I love!!!
    I'm glad you got your internets back, girl! I miss you, obviously. We leave this Thursday, but like I told you we'll be back by the 29th. We better do something soon, if not, I'll see you on the 6th for your birthday night out!! WOooo! Lissi and I are beyond stoked for that.

  11. I <3 glitter shoes. I'm such a sucker for glitter shoes, too! I found glitter cowboy boots I'm talking James into letting me purchase.

  12. Linds,
    You had me at glitter cowboy. OMG Those sound amaaaazzziinnng!!! Please post a picture and tag Mikey in it (if you get them) so that I can see it, too!


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