Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weekend Highlights

My weekend in pictures - I'll try not to drag this on...but I think I've warned you that I'm a rambler.
I woke up to Danzig sleeping on my back. I tried my hardest to take a backwards/over-my-head picture, since I never get to capture our cuddly moments. This is what I got.
Friday night: Beer pong at our apartment with friends.

Bowie & I (+ my onesie)
Happy Birthday, Pop Pops!
Pop Pops & Sami (sister-in-law)
Mikey & I with Aunt Honey (Pop Pops' sister)
Mikey & Jagger
I had a solo dance party tonight. My playlist had Erykah Badu, Patsy Cline, Nancy Sinatra, The Killers, Camera Obscura, George Strait, The Smiths, Neil Young, David Bowie and even an old Sean Paul song. Yeah, I'm what you call "one of those eclectic folks". Here I am...busting a move. 
And here I am typing these words...
I had a pretty solid weekend, and I got a ton of work done. I didn't waste a single minute. I love when I can say that. 
Before I go, if you really love me you'll listen to this cover of "I love how you love me" by Camera Obscura. Tell me it doesn't make your heart melt?! Her voice is amazing, and I love how it has that old time quality that I'm so crazy about. Plus, this was the song that happened to play as I ended this post. :)
Goodnight friends! I hope your weekends were filled with funFUNfun.


  1. I love your reindeer jumper!It looks like you had a lovely weekend seeing friends and family! The kitty sleeping on your back is so cute, he looks like he's looking at the camera thinking 'oh, what?' hehe. xo

  2. ROFL @ your solo dance party. I do that quite a bit when I am getting dressed to go somewhere...Club Powder Room is in full effect at my house. Pop-Pop and Aunt Honey are too stinkin' cute. BTW, they call my grandma Aunt Honey. Anyway, I like the reindeer sweater and the onesie (I have a hotpink tweety bird one with the footies and all). I always leave your blog posts with the warm and fuzzies. =o)

  3. Your cat looks like one of my old ones! His name was Salem, haha. I certainly love cuddling with my puppy when it starts getting colder out. I also love the song suggestion - thanks! xo

  4. happy b-day pop-pops!!! :)
    I really like this post! Passes to see me on my blog and if you like we can follow each other? have a wonderful day… keep in touch

  5. Sarah,
    Yeah, Danzig is the sweetest kitty...when it's bed time. He pretty much ignores everyone during the day because he hates his dog-brothers. When my husband and I go to bed, Danzig is all over me and cuddling up to my belly. We even spoon most nights! haha I always want to get pictures of those moments but as soon as I pull out my camera he makes a sound like he's annoyed and runs off for a bit. LOL!

  6. Khalilah,
    I got that awesome onesie as a Christmas present last year! I love it! It makes so much sense living in a place that gets so cold! Lol @ picturing you in your tweety onesie after you fashion-fied it (like you did your snuggie that one time!).
    Hooray for Aunt Honey's and Yay for you leaving here with happy feelings! I am happy if I can do that. :D

  7. Tori,
    Aww does Salem live with your family back home? I love that name, reminds me of that old Sabrina the Teenage Witch show, lol. I actually never watched it though. The cat looked too robotic.
    I hope you're keeping warm with your puppy these nights! And I'm glad you liked the song!! Thanks for listening, doll. xo

  8. Keep in touch with fashion,
    Thanks for stopping by! So sweet of you, and I most definitely will be stopping by yours after this. I would love to exchange followings, too. =)

  9. Hanushka,
    Thank you! I love that sweater and had completely forgotten about it. I'm sooo happy when I have on festive pieces of clothes like this one. They make me wanna dance all the time! haha
    I will be stopping by your blog and following as well. :)

  10. thanks for your visit on my blog and for your sweet comment, also I like your blog, Now I am happy to be your follower

  11. Thanks, Jeasmine! I'm happy to make a new friend.

  12. Hello! I follow your blog now. Nicole from Germany

  13. Hi, Nicole from Germany. :) Wow, I love that people from so far away can find my little blog! Thanks for following. I checked out (and followed) your blog. Even though I don't know what any of it says, unfortunately, I enjoy looking at cute and interesting pictures! Plus, I can always google translate...even though that's gotten me in trouble before. lol

  14. You are so cute, and that winter sweater is beautiful :)
    Kisses :*

  15. Thank you, Minja! I checked out your blog and I LOVE your hair!! You make me want to dye my hair bright red again.) Also, I see you have great taste in music. We will get along nicely. :)

  16. I really feel that, aside from Jen, you are my musical soul sista!!! LOL. That sounds like exactly a playlist I would have a dance party to!

  17. Rebekah,
    Hooray for playlist soul sisters!!! :)


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