Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why, hello there!

So here goes the introduction:
My name is Veronika but my nickname since birth is Roni. Everyone calls me Roni so you can too. :)
I've had a few friends for a while now tell me I 'need' to start a blog...I'm not sure why, but recently I've found myself with the desire for a new outlet or new atmosphere for a means of expression, other than where I normally babble on Facebook. It dawned on me that a blog can be my little creative nook every once in a while, or everyday depending on how often I feel the need to share something neat or what I deem as memorable...which will likely be a ton of things since like the title of my blog states, I'm a very nostalgic person - I actually refer to nostalgia as being like a disease to me since so often I'm plagued with these overwhelming feelings of "I remember when" or "I miss...". It's quite sad, lol, but I'm happy that I have so many beautiful images to keep going back to in my mind. My life has had its share of what I call 'shit shows' but they don't compare to the truly glorious moments I've experienced, and both the good and the bad have taught me lessons or given me something I can cherish. 
Other than documenting how I spent my days I'd like to note the outfits I wore since I'm very big into fashion and it's one of the things that friends and strangers alike are very aware that I'm passionate about. Music and movies are definitely passions of mine as well and pieces of each of those arts are muses for my style.  For example, I listened to a lot of doo-wop music growing up as a child and watched a ton of films that were set in the 50's and 60's that I developed a deep fascination for those eras and have incorporated a great deal of the fashion trends from back then into my style today. I remember always telling my mom that I was born in the wrong decade or that in my other life I was a teenager in 50's and I wore poodle skirts every day and had a boyfriend that looked just like James Dean. It was the music that just made me fall so helplessly in love with wanting to be apart of it all. Songs like "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by The Platters, "Girl on My Mind" by Buddy Holly, and "Sea of Love" by pretty much anyone that's ever covered it, were just so romantic and for me, define the purity and depth of love that the music of that time showcased. I envy the guys and gals that got to slow dance to those songs at their school dances. And movies like Shag, Cry Baby, American Graffiti, Breakfast at Tiffany's and so many others are just many more of the images that have inspired my tastes throughout these last 27 years. 
OH! I should warn the blogosphere that I'm incredibly new to this so if I make a few mistakes or don't know how to put links up or whatever, please don't be too hard on me. I'll get better - hopefully, ha! And I do hope my blog won't be terribly boring to people. For now, seeing as how I don't have any followers since I just did this on a whim in the wee hours of a Sunday night, this will be like my public/personal journal documenting my life. 
I guess I'll start with this weekend. On Friday my mother-in-law, Doranne, came up from North Carolina (I forgot to mention I'm currently residing in New Jersey -I'll update the "about me" section later) and we all met at my husband's grandpa's (we call him Pop Pops) house in Secaucus.  It was a lovely time! We celebrated Pop Pop's 80th birthday a couple months early since Doranne was in town and made a party of it with pizza, pasta and my favorite...CAKE! It was nice to see all my husband Mikey's aunts, uncles and cousins, whom I refer to all as my own family members. At one point during the evening I sat on a chair and watched all the family-togetherness ensue and it made me choke up with happiness, as this is the kind of thing I miss doing with my own family back in Texas. I'm just glad that we're living in a state where we do have family close-by and I can enjoy these moments again. 
Here is what I wore to Pop Pop's house on Friday:
*I'm a major sucker for peter pan collars! You will see these a lot on my blouses, cardigans and dresses.*
Outfit deets: Dotted with hearts blouse-Forever 21; Tulle cardi via ModCloth; Jeggings - Pac Sun 2008; shoes - Jeffrey Campbell via Solestruck
Saturday was an exceptionally beautiful day in October! I mean it was GORGEOUS! It was just one of those days where even you yourself just feel wonderful inside and out, and I know I was exuding a supreme level of happiness. :) Mikey, Doranne and I set out to our neighboring town of Montclair and enjoyed lunch at a cute and uber busy little restaurant called Raymond's. When I saw that they had a few Mexican breakfast dishes I lit up with excitement! (I'm 100% Mexican, even if I'm asked DAILY by total strangers if I'm Asian, Jewish/Asian, Black/White, Black/Asian, Romanian, Indian, Hawaiian, etc. LOL!) I ordered the migas plate and although it didn't taste quite like my mommy's, it was still satisfying.  It was nice to sit and chat with my mother-in-law over lunch and I know my husband was beyond thrilled to be sitting across a table from his mom. I adore his love and respect for his mother - it's definitely a quality every woman should seek out in their partners. After lunch we had to take Doranne back to our apartment to pick up her car so she could go back to her hotel and prep for her 35th high school reunion! Can you imagine that?! Oh dear, I can't believe next year will be my 10 year high school reunion! It went by way too fast and I'm still unsure as to whether or not I will attend...I'm leaning more towards the latter. Anywho, after we got home and Doranne left we sort of just lounged around our apartment for an hour and then I blurted out how bored I was and Mikey suggested going back to Montclair to walk around (it's such a cute town!), so we did. We went to a Halloween store, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and finally to The Office Beer, Bar and Grill where we had wings, nachos and drinks. I had my favorite Belgian Beer, Lindeman's Framboise. If you haven't tried it, DO IT. It's absolutely delicious. My girlfriends and I would go through a couple bottles every time we got together for movies and chats in Vegas. I just associate it with great memories every time I take a sip. :) 
Here's what I wore on Saturday:
*note the peter pan collar dress - told ya!*
Outfit deets: Dress - Etsy; tights & oxfords via ModCloth; bag - Melie Bianco  

And here is a picture of Mikey and I as we waited to cross Bloomfield Avenue at some point that night. 
I look like I have Bugs Bunny teeth in this picture! Lol, maybe I do...?
Well, today (Sunday...actually it's now technically Monday) has been very uneventful, but I'm not complaining. Mikey and I slept in till 3 p.m. (don't judge us) and then watched television together. Bridezillas is a guilty pleasure of mine and I actually got him to watch it today! He HATES that show. I don't blame him; the women are sometimes pretty frightful and I know I'm already a handful, although nowhere near as 'wild' as they can be. 
Other than overindulging in trash TV we did homework and ordered a bbq chicken pizza from Dominoes - YUM! 
I hope you enjoyed my very first ever blog posting (even though I know I'm really just talking to myself right now)!
Goodnight and sweet dreams. 


  1. Yay I'm following you now(stalker status)lol

  2. Lol! Now go ahead and stalk away! *Love you*

  3. Roni-Gal you know I love you to pieces! Your blog will definitely keep folks in the loop of your day to day activities. Which will be particularly interesting to me since we never really got to kick-it kick-it. I adore both of these outfits. The shoes with the skinnies in outfit 1 are so cute together and I am lightweight obsessed with the navy dress w/ the pop of color that the sunkist purse provides. Needless to say, I agree with Morgan...definitely stalk worthy. Ciao' Bella~

  4. Thanks Kha-love!
    I adore you to pieces as well! I want this to be a positive little girl-cave and a place of venting all at once. I'll definitely be posting links to all my girlfriends wonderful blog-nooks as well! Each of you is bringing something totally different to the mix and it's something we can all get use out of!
    I do hope this sort of helps those of us that aren't in the same zip code feel closer too, just knowing the little details of our daily lives.
    Oh, and my dress I got on Etsy from a Korean young lady who makes them all herself! It was only about $40 and it didn't take as long as I thought to reach my mail box. I'll try and find her link and post it here too! :) Thanks for your support Khalilah.


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