Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's Tuesday & I'm all over the place

Hi, dolls!
So I figured I'd take the time to blog before I black out. You see, I have this love/hate relationship with Procrastination...we've been seeing each other for as long as I can remember and last night I pulled an all-nighter to catch up on homework that I had more than enough time to complete. Shame on me. What's worse is this isn't the first night of no sleep that I've put myself through this semester. Tuesdays are my busiest days with three 2.5 hour long classes that are all scheduled within 10 minutes of each other and 'conveniently' located nowhere near the last one - there's no time for even a water break! I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but by the time the day is over - and I'm on a self inflicted day of no sleep - I'm beyond exhausted and my brain feels like mush. Every time I create these problems for myself I say an inside promise that "it's the last time"...it never is. Procrastination is a wicked temptress. 
I drove to school at 9 am with heavy eyes, but I made it a point to put myself in a good mood to last throughout the day and through my interactions of class discussions (Tuesdays classes are very oral participation oriented and I hate dead silence in a classroom; I enjoy sharing my opinion and getting involved with the topics presented - it makes the day go by faster!). So in efforts to remedy my exhaustion and uplift my spirits a bit, I played a little old country. Ronnie Milsap to be exact. Most of his songs take me back to 2008 when I was teaching Mikey about old country western singers, and we'd listen to Ronnie Milsap holding hands while driving around Vegas with no particular destination in mind. That aimlessness was always fun, and through the images of my mind I could see clear as day the exact intersections we waited for green lights at as we sang along together and exchanged our usual "red light/stop sign kisses". This morning Ronnie Milsap put a smile on my face and made me feel like I'd fallen in love with my husband all over again, just in something so free as reliving the simple memories we've made. :)
Enough with the mushy-Mikey stuff!
I want to do my first ever little edition of what I'm going to call, "Today I thought of YOU". Well, I think of a ridiculous amount of special people in my life throughout every day so I can't always list all of you, but I promise you'll come up ;)  Today I want to write about a friend who was in my head a whole chunk of the day because not only was she the inspiration for one of my recent Fiction Workshop pieces but I believe it was this day last year that I flew out to see her in Tennessee...
Today I thought of YOU, Paige. 
I know you've got a lot going on in your life right now, but just remember that I'm always only a phone call away and I've got great ears! For those that don't know, Paige and I have quite the story for how we became friends and YES it started with drama, lol. We always joke about how our friendship is literally worth a thousand words, if not more, for how we came about. We went from total strangers communicating through Myspace (old school!) thousands of miles apart, to drunk dial buddies telephoning from Belgium to Vegas nightly, to finally meeting in person two years later during a 9 day stay at her house (who does that with someone they've only ever talked to through email or phone? I did, lol), to the best of friends that talk on the phone every week and plan regular annual visits! It's probably the friendship in my life that requires the most work, mainly because of the fact that it wasn't built in the same fashion as my other friendships...or like any friendship. We only ever get to do the girls nights on the couch with junk food, dancing all night at Cowboys, shopping trips, dinners with drinks and other girlfriend type things when we're together...when we fly to one another. So it takes a different level of dedication to make this particular friendship work, because again, it didn't start out with a solid foundation of everyday-togetherness like my other best friends. And then again that's what makes mine and Paige's friendship so special - because even though all we've ever had were phone chats and 4 visits back and forth to date, we've learned enough about the other and exchanged hundreds of stories that we feel like we're together even when we're far apart. We've made it clear that the distance that's always separated us has only made our hearts grow fonder, therefore making it a constant reminder for me in general that friendships and relationships alike take a degree of honest and wholehearted commitment in order for them to stay healthy. It's so easy to get lazy about staying in touch, but it's even easier to just send a quick message or text saying, "I'm thinking about you." 
 Here are pictures of Paige and I - one for every visit we've made thus far. I miss you, Lovebug:
*And just in case you didn't know, you can click on the pictures to make them easier to view - I say this because I just figured out you can do it, lol*
And now I'll leave you with what I wore today! It was quite chilly and I should have packed a jacket, instead I packed a PB&J sandwich. :) I really love the color of this teal/green dress. It's a sleeveless summer dress but I paired it with black tights and a thick Darling cardigan to make it more fall-esque. 
Outfit deets: Dress - Forever 21; cardigan - Darling via ModCloth tights - Target; shoes - Payless 2009  
Ignore the bags under my eyes! I will treat myself to a coma tonight. :)
I hope you all have a wonderful night and I'll be back tomorrow! 
*Bear Hugs all around*


  1. Dude. I'm crying like a child. lol. I so so so needed this today! You are the one and only relationship I have put so much effort into and want to, I know I myself have let myself slip a time but you know how to always bring me back up! Your the most special person in my life! Besides Presleigh, always know that :) Near or far!

  2. Ok. This comment made me cry. :( Happy tears. :)
    I love you dude and I will always be your friend and confidant.
    And don't worry, we all slip, but you bet your bird I'll bring you back. We family. <3

  3. I am not crying. Buttt, if I were Roni or Paige, I would be crying too. Good stuff Roni! So glad you are blogging now and sharing your writing with the whole world, rather than selfishly keeping it to yourself in your diary. Keep blogging, I look forward to it every single day.

  4. Thanks Michael KOISA! ;) hahaha

  5. Love the post Roni!!! You're such a lover lol

  6. And proud of it, Morgan! :D
    I LOVE you.


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