Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rainy days are the BEST days

Hello friends!
I'm on the brink of narcolepsy so I'm going to make this one quick...Well, as quick as I can make a blog post. Judging by what I've written so far, I'm only capable of short novels. Lol 
Pretty much all my friends know that rainy weather makes me absolutely happy. Where grey skies and dark clouds make most people roll their eyes and dread leaving the house, I am 100% happy to go out and be apart of it. Sure, nothing is better than getting to stay home on a wet and dreary day, relaxing on the couch with the windows open, maybe watch movies all day long, but I do love getting to run around in it. 
Mikey and I had class together today and we took some pictures in the school parking lot. :)...Then he dropped my phone and pieces went flying everywhere. I went from "yay's!" to "you clumsy little sh*t" in half a second. hahaha But no worries, the droid is alive and well.  
Here we are prior to Mikey's mega fail:
*You can't tell from here but these rain boots have little owls, trees and autumn leaves - adorable! I'm addicted to dresses with cowl necks. Especially sweater dresses -- so perfect for fall and winter. And doesn't Mikey look adorable in his purple cardigan I bought him? :)*
Outfit deets: Sweater Dress - Daffy's; Cardigan - New York & Co.; Rain boots - Nordstrom; tights - Target; Umbrella - H&M
And now I'll leave you with a little video of a song I used to listen to religiously back in 2004/2005 (when I lived in Oklahoma). I never really got into this band's (Straylight Run) other music, so I'm not sure how good or terrible it is, but this song was so significant to me and came out just when I needed it, so it felt nice to hear it today...on repeat.
Here's the link to the song/vid: (feel free to let me know if you liked it)

Goodnight guys and gals.


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